Medical Models for Virtual Patients in Virtual Worlds

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Information about Medical Models for Virtual Patients in Virtual Worlds
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Published on July 8, 2009

Author: parvatidev



Virtual patients are an integral part of virtual medical environments. Here we describe how we simulate the pathophysiology of our virtual patients. These physiology models are available for licensing as plug-in software.

PRODUCT BRIEF N° 2 WINTER 2009 Medical Models Representations of Human Physiology at Work Dynamic Changes in Vital Signs Backstory: Patient # 12. A 42 year Vital Signs to near normal values as seen old female suffered an open fracture of in the next graph: the upper arm in a bomb blast. She is 250 Compression bandage bleeding copiously, and will probably lose Transfuse IV Nacl Dolbutamide PATIENTS ALIVE 200 Trendelenberg Send to 2500ml in 30 minutes from a lacerated surgery Response of Model brachial artery. The Vital Signs illustrate 150 #1 the decaying functions from normal 100 VIRTUAL PATIENTS levels, if untreated: 50 For making ‘best use’ of Virtual 250 Worlds for medical education, Sa02% 0 1:42 1:45 1:50 1:55 2:00 2:05 2:10 2:15 2:20 2:25 200 PR Time in Minutes simulating medical environments RR BP-S Note the starting position is the same for Response of model as closely as possible is essential. 150 all of the functions, and they proceed in Virtual patients are an integral 100 the same trajectory until interventions are part of virtual medical facilities. 50 introduced. These are to: 0 1. apply a pressure dressing, 1:42 1:45 1:50 1:55 2:00 2:05 2:10 2:15 2:20 2:25 2. begin fluid replacement, #2 Time in minutes 3. lower the head of the patient by VIRTUAL WORLDS One can recognize the heart rate (red tilting the bed, Serious Virtual Worlds afford curve) increasing to 200 beats/minute, 4. administer a vaso-active drug, spaces, medical–surgical tools, when fibrillation occurs, and cardiac 5. transfuse blood. and virtual patients for learning arrest soon thereafter; the mean arterial When the vital signs are stabilized, the blood pressure (green curve) decreases to how to conduct initial profession- person can safely go to surgery for repair zero; the blood oxygenation (blue curve) al interactions. These worlds may of the vessel and the arm. decreases from 98%, and the respiratory be a clinic’s patient examination rate (yellow curve) increases, from 14 breaths/minute, up to 40. This set of Medical Models Work room, an emergency department time-dependent values is determined by These graphs demonstrate how the or a field surgical tent. medical model for this virtual patient rules interrelating these functions: Loss of blood reflects her patho-physiology before, #3 during, and after appropriate diagnosis ⇒ reduced blood volume SAVING HUMAN LIVES and treatment. ⇒ reduced blood pressure The Hippocratic Oath to which In the first illustration, the model ⇒ increased heart rate. Reduced determines the fate of the patient – physicians subscribe is ‘doing no blood volume also fibrillation and death in about 35 harm’, and doing one’s utmost to ⇒ reduced blood oxygenation minutes. The second illustration relieve pain and suffering of ⇒ increased respiratory rate demonstrates that the model recognizes patients in their charge. timely interventions, and the restored Effect of Treatment vital signs after treatment – this patient Prompt diagnosis, and administration of had surgery, and went home in 36 hrs. #4 appropriate remedial care, can restore the MEDICAL MODELS Serious Virtual Worlds for teaching and practicing patient care are complete only when patient avatars have dynamic patho-physiological models. INNOVATION IN LEARNING, INC. SERIOUS VIRTUAL WORLDS WITH DYNAMIC MEDICAL MODELS

PRODUCT BRIEF N° 2 WINTER 2009 About Innovation in Our Products and Services RECENT NEWS Learning Inc. • Virtual patients IIL is a member of winning teams • Virtual 3D medical spaces Innovation in Learning, Inc., is a for contracts to deliver a • Medical scenarios of crises and of California-based corporation organized commercial strength mass chronic conditions for teaching using for designing, developing, and casualty training system for virtual patients commercializing leading-edge learning medics on the front line, and to • Patient education using virtual medical technologies for the healthcare market, to create a health sciences virtual environments meet the training and capacity building organization operating over a • Virtual patients for marketing support needs of health care institutions and high performance optical • Virtual anatomy in 3D models enterprises anywhere in the world. network. • Virtual anatomy dissection collections Our Approach • Internet tools for collaborative learning • High bandwidth network access to IIL members have participated as Our approach is to build key hosted collections and simulations advisors to develop the strategic technologies and content collections for • Training workshops in teaching with plan for Internet2, to create a medical learning, and to customize them simulations and virtual patients feasibility study for a South Asia through collaboration with our clients network, to organize and and our network of medical experts Our Management implement surgical teaching around the world. We use cutting edge The principals in Innovation in events across the Pacific using simulation, virtual reality, games and 3D Learning bring many decades of high resolution multi-point technologies to create immersive medical experience in designing, implementing videoconference, and to create a experiences. Through our collaboration and evaluating technology-enabled new training tool for with international medical leaders, we learning as leaders and members of the cardiopulmonary resuscitation bring state-of-the-art knowledge to our SUMMIT lab at Stanford University, (CPR) using physical manikins that learners. California. Parvati Dev, PhD, President, can drive signals into virtual Immersive Learning Experiences has over 30 years of university and worlds to control avatars and Our three-dimensional virtual corporate experience linking medicine vital sign monitors in the virtual clinics, emergency departments, and city and technology to create solutions for environment. scenes are online virtual spaces that surgical planning, medical imaging and replicate familiar medical environments. health care education. Wm. LeRoy CONTACT US: Learners move and explore, interact with Heinrichs, MD, PhD., Executive Medical Innovation in Learning Inc. team members or other personnel, and Officer, completed a first career as an 12600 Roble Ladera Rd manage medically relevant encounters gynecologic surgeon and endocrine Los Altos Hills, CA 94022 with virtual patients. researcher before turning to simulation as With surgical and medical an essential new mode of learning for 650-208-8142 simulations, they hone existing skills and surgeons. Products developed by them, at practice new ones. For those learning the the SUMMIT lab in Stanford University, structure of the human body and its include the Curriculum Web for delivery pathologies, they view richly detailed of all content for the medical school views of the human body. Through high courses, numerous web and CD-based performance networks, they collaborate rich media courses, technical with peers. Exploration, learning, patient development of hardware and software management, and team exercises are all for surgical and virtual patient capabilities of the products that we offer. simulations, and the application of game technology to innovations in learning. INNOVATION IN LEARNING, INC. SERIOUS VIRTUAL WORLDS WITH DYNAMIC MEDICAL MODELS

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