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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: DSCxReaper



Argus II Retinal Prosthesis SystemThis ultra-futuristic machine works as a screen where the images can be projected, it’s used for people who suffers the RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa) that is a disease that impedes the patient to perceive shapes and movement. It’s installed surgically in and on the eye. Basically what it does is to “Un-blind” people. It was created by Second Sight Medical Products.

Robots Helping Perform SurgeriesThis insanely system is used for 18+ hours surgeries. It’s operated by some computers that are programed with the “steps” that the surgery requires. It’s important to take into account that it’s not possible to replace the human doctor, but this “three” can save the life of the patient in case of an emergency. It was invented by a group of scientists the Duke University in North Carolina.

The iLimb Bionic HandThis invention has revolutionized the way that handicapped people manage their dayto-day life, invented by David Gow, it’s one of the most amazing inventions of prosthesis that the world had ever seen. Every single part of the finger and the palm works by its own, having an internal motor for each one of them. It rehabilitates completely the way that the patient can grab different shapes, for example coffee mug handles using only three or two fingers.

‘Elekta Axesse’This incredible machine is used for cancer treatment, it was created by Elekta Enterprises. It’s one of the most effective treatments for different types of cancer, also it gives a 3D image of the area that’s been treated so the doctor can constantly check the progress of the treatment. It provides a comfortable patient positioning system that helps the patient to handle the treatment. It could be also used for some “cancer treatment” surgery.

EyeWriterThe EyeWriter makes use of low-cost eye-tracking glasses equipped with open-source software. Thus it allows people with one of neuromuscular syndromes to communicate with others by writing or drawing on the screen by tracking their eye movement and converting it to lines on a display.

Berkeley Bionics eLEGS ExoskeletonDeveloped to help people suffering from paraplegia, the exoskeleton from Berkeley Bionics, dubbed eLEGS, is one of the most impressive inventions of the 21st century. The exoskeleton for paraplegics is an easy to wear, artificially intelligent, bionic mechanism that could be used not only by patients in hospitals, but also at home, allowing users to stand, walk and even climb stairs. The device can be adjusted to fit patients that are between 5'2" and 6'4" and weight maximum 220 pounds. More on eLEGS can be found here.

Bionic Contact LensThe bionic eye is the work of researchers from the University of Washington in Seattle. They managed to mix for the first time an elastic contact lens with an imprinted electronic circuit. The invention allows the wearers to see the world by superimposing computerized pictures onto their natural view. According to the researchers, the bionic contact lens could be used by drivers and pilots, providing routes and information on weather or the vehicle.

Bio-Artificial LiverThe idea to develop a new bio-artificial liver came to Dr. Kenneth Matsumura. He decided to come up with a totally new approach in creating an artificial liver. Matsumura thought of building a device that makes use of liver cells collected from animals rather than developing an apparatus with a myriad of tools to carry out each of the liver's functions. The device is called "bio-artificial" due to the fact that it is made of both biological and manufactured component parts. The blood of the user circulates through the device and a unique synthetic membrane parts it from the animal cells. It would be interesting to note that the membrane plays an important role in the device - it prevents the rejection of the cells, while permitting the cells to detoxify the user's blood just like a natural liver.

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