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Information about Medical Identity Theft
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Published on February 19, 2014

Author: trasiephan



A presentation on the severity of the growing trends in Personal Health Information and Identity Theft. This presentation discuss how individual can prevent and protect themselves and if a Victim, how to get help.

+ T YPES OF ID THEFT Financial Character & Criminal Social Security & IRS Driver’s License Minor Children Medical

+ Stealing Credit Cards is a lot easier than it use to be

+ ONLY 17% OF IDENTITY THEFT IS FINANCIAL 17% Financial 83% Medical Character & Criminal Minor Children SSN & IRS Driver’s License

+ Social Security Theft

Medical Identity Theft “Medical identity theft is quickly becoming a national healthcare issue with life-threatening consequences; and is now the fastest-growing fraud. Medical identity theft is on the rise, and tainting the entire healthcare ecosystem.” Medical Identity Theft Alliance 2013 Survey on Medical Identity Theft

+ SERIOUSLY? DOES THIS REALLY HAPPEN? so that our children can enjoy the same resources and beauty that we have for generations.

# of Victims in Millions MEDICAL ID THEFT VICTIMS 19% Increase from 2011 to 2012 2 1.85 M 1.5 1 1.43 M 1.49 M 2010 2011 Year 0.5 0 2012 Source: Medical Identity Fraud Alliance

+ KEY FINDINGS • 19% increase in medical id theft victims over one year, 2011 - 2012 • Medical ID theft can put victim’s lives at risk • Victims lose trust in their healthcare providers • Individuals lack awareness of the seriousness of the crime. 50% do not take steps to protect themselves • Resolution of the crime is time consuming. Can take over 1 year and 48% say the crime is still not resolved

KEY FINDINGS • 56% of people do not check their medical records for accuracy • Reviews of EoB can protect individuals • Sharing of personal ID to obtain medical services is prevalant. • Many cases of medical id theft are preventable. 28% of cases used without consent.

+ The 2012 study reported that 51% of the victims lost trust and confidence in their healthcare provider as a result of being a victim of medical identity theft.

+ THE REMEDY FOR THIS GROWING PROBLEM   Protection Protection:  Restoration  Always review EoBs even if there is no payment Reports from Medical Information Bureau  Prevention Prevention: Have important medical history information with you and on your person at all times and give that to your next of kin Keep accurate account of your services Do not do business with FREE service providers, it’s too good to be true.    Restoration  Identity Theft Shield provided by Kroll Fraud Solutions

+ Kroll Fraud Solutions     Kroll is the world’s leading risk consulting company. Headquartered in New York, Founded in 1972 by Jules Kroll Operates in 65 cities and 33 countries with over 3800 employees Kroll maintains a superior expertise in monitoring credit and restoring the lives of identity theft victims.

+ University of Texas at Austin Center for Identity Medical Idenity Fraud Alliance

+ Trasie Phan 619-252-8348

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