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Information about Medical coordinator qrc - التوصيف الوظيفي لمنسق طبي
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Published on June 12, 2014

Author: IrshadIslah



مطلوب منسق طبي حاصل على شهادة في الطب أو في إدارة المشاريع مع خبرة، وذلك لإدارة مكتب بعثة الهلال الأحمر القطري في الشمال. الرجاء إرسال السيرة الذاتية على الإيميل التالي:

Medical Coordinator Project Title: The Medical Program for the provision of secondary health care for Syrian refugees in Lebanon Location: North Lebanon Type of appointment: contract Overview The Medical Coordinator in close collaboration with the Head of Delegation will assume functions related to assessment, planning, management and monitoring of the health services offered to the Syrian refugees in the North of Lebanon. In collaboration with the team under his/her supervision in North, he/she will oversee the implementation and management of hospital services, controlling the expenditure and submitting monthly reporting on the situation, utilization of services. The position requires knowledge of medical disciplines, hospitalization services, and compliance reporting preparation and analysis. Critical to the position is strong interpersonal skills, and effective communication both verbal and written. The ability to lead a team, plans and prioritize workloads in order to meet deadlines is vital. Main responsibilities - Assesses the general health situation of the Syrian refugees in the North of Lebanon. - Represent QRC in North and attend meetings of concern to the mission. - Supervises and directs the medical activities covered by QRC in the North. - Conducts supervisory visits to contracted hospitals to ensure the smooth delivery of the services according the agreements. - Communicates with the team in the North on daily basis to ensure the proper delivery of the services. - Alerts the Head of the delegation when facing or forecasting problems related to the delivery of the medical services, financial issues, or any other matters. - Ensures clear and transparent contacts with the International and local NGOs, community leaders and other partners/actors. - Receives the complaints from the hospitals, NGOs, Community leaders or refugees and work with the team and HOD when necessary on solving them - Ensures regular follow up and communication with the Financial Auditor in North and the Financial and Administrative controller in Beirut. - Builds up the capacity of the team in the North. - Provides qualitative and quantitative reports on the status of hospitalization and the utilization of service on monthly basis and when needed. - Other duties as may be assigned. - Academic and professional requirements - A Medical Degree with proved experience in administrative and managerial knowledge. - Proved ability on report writing and analysis and proficiency in English language. - Proficiency in computer applications used for the project

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