Medical Coding Outsourcing and CDI Improves Data Integrity

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Information about Medical Coding Outsourcing and CDI Improves Data Integrity

Published on January 10, 2018

Author: outsourcestrategies1


Slide1: Slide2: Accurate medical billing and coding and clear documentation of medical claims can ensure on-time reimbursement for physicians. According to the latest industry polls by Black Book, outsourcing medical coding, transcription, and clinical documentation improvement (CDI) efforts has evolved into a winning strategy for many healthcare organizations seeking to enhance their case mix and data integrity. The survey results appear favorable for medical coding companies as well as medical transcription companies. Slide3: The key findings of the survey that involved 1,277 respondents from 220 hospitals and 789 physician groups include: 85% clients who outsourced their computer-assisted coding (CAC) and CDI tasks experienced quality improvements and increases in their case mix index 87% hospital financial officers reported increase in case mix index as one of their main motivators for undertaking a CDI initiative 74% confirmed that outsourcing contributed to coding accuracy ratcheting up since ICD-10 implementation Slide4: Up to 70% outsourcing clients plans to extend current contracts until 2020, a sign of high satisfaction with their decision to outsource 92% of outsourcing clients expressed satisfaction with their vendor relationships and reported that outcomes exceeded their expectations Nearly 90% medium to large hospitals that outsourced CDI tasks saw reimbursement increases of at least $1.5 million Voice-to-text transcription services are also proven to be effective to reduce clinical documentation burden of healthcare providers Slide5: Within one year of adoption, 83% hospitals said that their transcription costs fell by half or more, while improving transparency of their dictation and transcription processes 90% reported that outsourcing streamlined their operations without negatively impacting clinical workflows 94% of physician groups and practice associations said that CDI is a critical area of focus to help meet the many challenges of value-based care in the outpatient setting 20% hospitals that do not have an end-to-end HIM system, CAC, CDI, or transcription solution from a single vendor are “seriously considering” doing so in 2018 Slide6: Good data governance will result in reliable data, which is crucial for making patient care decisions. A successful CDI program is possible with outsourced end-to-end medical coding services that ensure appropriate and timely reimbursements from payers. Headquarters: 8596 E. 101st Street, Suite H Tulsa, OK 74133 Main: (800) 670 2809 Fax: (877) 835-5442 E-mail: URL: CONTACT

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