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Information about Medical Assistant: Tips for a Virtual Interview | Sushant University

Published on September 27, 2020

Author: ansaluniversity77


slide 1: MEDICAL ASSISTANT: TIPS FOR A VIRTUAL INTERVIEW The current crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people work and execute their professional responsibilities. Even as work from home has become the new norm organizations are also adopting safer and more effective methods of recruitment. In this context the option of conducting virtual interviews has gained much popularity among employers who are looking forward to hiring professionals for different job positions including the post of a medical assistant. A majority of candidates applying for these positions are trained about the key aspects of preparing for a face-to-face interview during their Public Health Masters program. However when it comes to acing a virtual interview most candidates feel utterly confused and perplexed. This problem can be eradicated by following the below-discussed tips to prepare for a virtual interview and emerge successful in the same. Practice Using Online Interaction Tools There have been instances of candidates having little or no experience of using various online tools that come in handy during the virtual interview. Learning the proper use of these tools and practicing them until the candidates are able to use them seamlessly is required to maximize the outcome of virtual interviews. This enables the candidates to thoroughly focus on the actual interaction they are having with the interviewer rather than feeling constantly stressed about putting the connectivity tools to right use. Do Proper Research About The Company The candidates should conduct a proper research about the company before appearing for the virtual interview. They should have a proper understanding of the achievements of the company its business objectives mission statement and the background of the key players who manage the organization. Moreover the candidates should possess basic information about the role and responsibilities associated with the post they are applying for. This assures the recruiting executives about the enthusiasm of the candidates with respect to the said position and enhances their chances of selection. Dress For The Occasion An interview being conducted virtually does not provide the candidates with an excuse to dress in a sloppy manner. It is extremely important for the candidates who are applying for the post of ‘medical assistant’ to dress appropriately for the virtual interaction. They should choose an attire that presents the best aspect of their personality keeping their surroundings in mind. It is advisable to select a decent formal attire that they would normally wear for a face-to-face interview. Keep All Important Documents Handy slide 2: Candidates should make sure that they keep all their important documents within reach so that they can be viewed by the interviewers when-so-ever required. It is even better to have a digital copy of these documents saved on one’s phone or laptop so that they can be mailed to the interviewers without any delay. These small steps go a long way when it comes to sending out a positive message to the interviewers about the candidate’s sincerity. These documents should include one’s qualification certificates that encompass the Master of Public Health course degree experience records certificates of any additional skills achievements etc. that might be relevant to the job position. Pay Attention To Smaller Details Another important thing that the candidates need to reconsider is their physical surroundings during the virtual interview. Candidates should make sure that they choose a quiet area in their home which is well-organized and clutter-free. They should choose a place where they are least likely to be disturbed and where an assurance of uninterrupted internet connectivity dwells. It is always advisable to have a plain background during the interview session and if that is not possible the candidates should keep the background décor to a minimum. This can help in creating a good impression on the interviewers. Be Honest And Alert The candidates need to make sure that they provide responses to all the queries in an honest manner. It is quite common for the interviewers to look out for any signs of dishonesty or falsehood in the answers provided by the candidates. This is just another reason that makes it essential for the candidates to be constantly active and alert during the entire interview. Moreover it is extremely important for the candidates to use the right body language hence fidgeting during the interaction is accompanied by a mammoth ‘NO’. They should maintain a straight body posture and be sure to have proper eye-contact with the interviewers in order to assure them of their confidence and integrity. If you register the above pointers to your memory then you’ll surely emerge out as a sure-shot success during job interviews. Original Source:

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