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Information about Mediatalo Toimelias Ltd Russian Internet marketing

Published on March 15, 2014

Author: toimelias



Mediatalo Toimelias Ltd is Finnish company dedicated to Russian Internet marketing and e-business.

Mediatalo Toimelias Ltd Company presentation 15.3.2014 Mediatalo Toimelias Ltd 1

+ Mediatalo Toimelias Ltd We are the experts of digital marketing in Russia! Our team wants to be the best in Finland at: 1. Putting Russian customers together with trade and tourism on the Internet 2. Increasing sales of our client companies with the help of the Internet 3. Using new distribution and marketing channels in trade and tourism areas in Russia Founded: 2011 Number of employees: 10 Business ID: 2433000-4 Owners: Teemu Hakolahti and Mika Tonder 15.3.2014 2

+ Our team 15.3.2014 3 Teemu Hakolahti CEO Tourism and E-business specialist, Russian marketing Mika Tonder CFO Tourism and product specialist, Russian marketing Stiina Ylänen Key Account Manager Project management, customer relationship management Timo Pellinen Sales manager Project management, sales and Internet marketing Victoria Veselova Marketing Specialist, Team Leader Russian marketing specialist, concept creation Renata Bitkulova Marketing Secretary Marketing projects, content production Timo Fennander IT specialist, Team Leader Technology specialist, SEO Alina Eremenko Marketing Secretary Marketing projects, content production, SEO Katja Tyrisevä Account Manager Online payment specialist, Web shops

+ Internet services Online services Marketing activities Our specialities 15.3.2014 4 • Content production services • Concept creation • Content quality • Social media • E-commerce and sales • Customer service • Support & after-sales services • Search Engine Optimization • Marketing campaigns • Social media campaigns We help to manage the distribution chain, from prospects through current customers to repeat buyers.

+ Our services • VKontakte and Social Media in Russia • Tools for concept creation for businesses • Top news description and update • Planning and Implementing Marketing Campaigns • Keyword marketing campaigns in Yandex and • Banner and display ads, VKontakte advertising • Optimization to Russian Search Engines • Technical analyses and reports for IT managers • Changes in content optimization for search engines • Content Creation and Maintenance in the Russian language • Content and concept creation for websites and social media pages • Maintenance of social media tools and websites • Roadmap to Russia • E-marketing strategy and action plan creation for specific customer needs • Payment services in Russia • Preparation of necessary agreements, documentation and fund repatriation • Coordination between the client and PSP, being in contact with Russian authorities 15.3.2014 5

+ 15.3.2014 6 Our clients

+ Case: Linnanmäki Linnanmäki is an amusement park in Helsinki, Finland ( ). Toimelias has been developing e-marketing and social media strategies and carrying out e-marketing campaigns for Linnanmäki since the year 2012. Marketing strategies created and implemented by Toimelias have increased the number of visitors to Linnanmäkin’s Russian Internet channels by 43 % during the summer season 2012, in comparison to the year 2011. Tero Sjöberg, Marketing Manager 15.3.2014 7 Roadmap Social media Marketing campaigns

+ Case: Vuokatti Vuokatti is the center of tourism life, sports and fitness activities in Sotkamo, Finland ( ). Toimelias is responsible for developing and carrying out Internet marketing activities in Russia for Vuokatti. Toimelias has built the following Russian strategies: website visibility improvement, sales growth, marketing development on the Internet and in social media. The amount of Vuokatti’s Russian customers has risen by more than 10 %, comparing to the previous year. Juha Tanskanen, CEO 15.3.2014 8 Roadmap Social media Marketing campaigns

+ Case: goSaimaa Ltd goSaimaa Ltd is a corporation founded by the local cities, municipalities and travel companies in South Karelia, Finland, in order to boost tourism in this region ( Toimelias creates Russian Internet marketing strategies and action plans for goSaimaa. goSaimaa’s VKontakte group has more than 7 500 followers, and there are more than 20 000 visitors on the website every month! The work of Toimelias has always been pragmatic, independent and prompt. They are capable of keeping fast pace in spite of the variety of tasks and challenges faced. What is more, the firm’s contact persons are really good at listening to the customer. Suvi Ahola, Project Manager 15.3.2014 9 Roadmap Social media Marketing campaings Blog marketing

+ Take the first step! Are you interested in the Russian market and Internet marketing there, but Russian channels are neglected in your current marketing mix? Trust the experts who will handle upcoming challenges for you! 15.3.2014 10

+ Contact us! Mediatalo Toimelias Ltd Laserkatu 6 53850 Lappeenranta Finland Teemu Hakolahti Tel. +358 50 355 1370 15.3.2014 11

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