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Published on February 23, 2009

Author: GoSpeed


Slide 1: SGB New Media Rights only the Beginning Slide 2: Speedway is entering a new era – New Media Licensing Rights……Bringing New Revenue…New Opportunities The change that has swept through the Worlds top flight sports due to the introduction of New Media Age Digital Technology with its unequalled ability to generate new, unimaginable levels of ‘sustainable’ revenue, is truly amazing. Only recently has its full impact, both financially and technologically, been felt in the sport of Speedway, and it’s only the tip of the iceberg As SGB’s Media Rights Licensee. GoSpeed Ltd, have, and will continue to, develop a Media Rights Licensing Strategy on behalf of the BSPA that will launch SGB and the wider sport of Speedway, onto the Stage of World’s Sporting Elite. To do this takes, a team of dedicated and experienced individuals and support companies that allow us [GoSpeed] to manage, develop and police these new revenue streams enabling us future-proof Speedway’s new revenue streams. ….and with it, the need for New levels of Media Rights Licensing expertise! Slide 3: MEDIA LICENSING MEANS Policing Yesterday Managing Today Planning Tomorrow Slide 4: Current GoSpeed Licensing Team BIRD & BIRD: Based in the City, Bird & Bird are one of the World’s Leading Media Rights Specialists and will be acting for the BSPA thru GoSpeed Ltd as the Media Rights Licensee SROC: Sports Rights Owners Consortium that thru the introduction by GoSpeed the BSPA will soon be members of allowing SGB [and all its members] to benefit from a share of payments made by both new and existing Betting Operations that have been exploiting sports across the board and the globe without having a license to do so. [These payments simply would not have been made if the BSPA [SGB Brand] were not members TLL: A leading UK Sports Merchandising Agency that has been engaged by GoSpeed to identify and advise on both short and long-term revenue opportunities for SGB [see later slides] Fraser Dalglish: Specialist consultant in the fields of New Media Licensing and the developing X-Digital Media Platform Licensing and Software sectors. Fraser also specializes in indentifying investment opportunities and engineering meetings between interested parties to the negotiation table Influx Marketing: Media License Rights Marketing support activity specialist working in the area of digital marketing such as the Web, Mobile Phones and Data Capture Programs. Influx work is vital now if we are to secure the many deals that we are currently negotiating and their skill sets could be utilised by the BSPA and membership to develop targeted and effective sponsorship programs both at local as well as national level. ……and that’s only a few! Slide 5: THE TEAMS THE RIDERS THE MANAGERS THE TRACKS THE LEAGUES SGB Elite League SGB Premier League SGB National League SO WHAT IS IT THAT WE ARE SELLING…? Speedway Racing Thru the week EVERY WEEK Monday – Sunday..? WORLD CUP TEAMS SGB World Cup Team SGB Under 21 World Cup Team SPECIALIST PACKAGES Super 7EVENS events ….BRAND EQUITY & BRAND VALUE …….in the NEW LOOK SGB More than that… We’re selling…………. Slide 9: NATIONAL Slide 10: GoSpeed’s SGB Brand Development Strategy 2008/2010 thru 2015 2010 New Media ‘Multi’ Digital Platform Licensing Deals to cover the following: Digital TV Rights - IBTV IPTV Consul Game Platform Licenses [Multiple License Types] PC Game Licenses for interactive as well as Management Games Mobile – SMS – WAP – Mobile TV – Mobile Game Platforms Radio – DAB TV – DAB Internet Licences Internet Video - Specialist Webcasts/Feeds [Delayed-Real Time] Specialist Event Licenses Remote Gaming & Betting Licenses Merchandise Sub Licensing Digital Imaging Licenses Slide 11: TV New Media Rights - Only the beginning Licensing Agreement Schedule Category Value Time Frame Merchandising £ 2008 – 10 Affiliate Marketing Licenses £ 2010 Onwards Digital Merchandising £ 2-3 3–5 yrs Game Consul [multiple Licenses] £ 5 – 10 Years PC – MAC Game Platform Licenses £ 5 – 10 Years Interactive ‘Rider’ Games as well as Managerial Games Mobile Applications & Game Platform Licenses £ 2010 IPTV £ 2010 Digital TV - IBTV [Interactive Broadband] £ 2010/11 Digital Syndication [all platforms] £ Ongoing Sponsorship ‘Digital’ Enhanced Options £ Annual Digital Gaming & Gambling £ 5Years Slide 12: SGB Licensing Deals Currently Being Negotiated Merchandising Ongoing discussion with Corgi-Scaletrix Football Mania in stadium merchandise Current deal under deiscusion is on a set fee per stadium per annum Revenue share of Web sales – links from all SGB Site to Football Manias E-Commerce Site Revenue share of all relevant ‘Team’ products sold at Major High St SuperChains such as ASDA & Tesco’ Speedway Game - Console Platform Top 3 Global Game Developer/Publisher PC – MAC Platform Top 3 Game Develop Top 2 Game Publisher The Development House is SI Games [confidential information] The Publisher is SEGA Games [confidential information] [This offers the potential of a 1st class Speedway Management game being developed that will, through the publishers efforts (supported by SGB’s Digital Marketing Framework and its Partners) secure a UK customer dbase very quickly .It also offers s the sports leading publication Speedway Star the opportunity of looking at developing and integrating their current management game] The bottom line is that by signing up a deal like this it ‘guarantees’ an immediate and annual licensee fee revenue in the tens of thousands plus revenue share. Slide 13: SPEEDWAY is ready to burst onto the World Sporting Stage Slide 14: SGB Speedway branded games will be developed by a World Leading Game Publisher and will be launch in 2010 The Games will be for best selling Digital Game Consol Platforms including X-Box, Wii Nintendo DS, The Mobile Phone Platform and PC As a result of projected game sales, the SGB Brand and Speedway globally will see interest in the sport increase 10 fold with TV audiences and Stadium attendances growing year-on-year following hot on the heels of other sports [with less of an international footprint] that have achieved high game consul sales, SGB speedway – Play it…Live it Slide 15: Sponsorship ‘Digital-Touchpoints’ Mobile Magazines & Race Day Programs Internet – Team Web Sites, Webzines Stadium Promotions Press Direct Mail Digital TV Digital Game Users SGB Slide 16: SGB Fan Universe Databases – Digital Data Capture - Digital Marketing Models DIGITAL [Web – E Mail] E-Zine 1st SGB UK Fan Broadcast due Nov/Dec 2008 High Volume e-mail broadcasts to SGB UK & Oversees Fan Universe Database target 50,000 + WEB SITE – AFFILATE MARKETING [FOOTBALLMANIA] Access to ‘ALL’ SGB 34 Team Web Sites for any potential Sponsor or Affiliate Marketing Programs All sites to have StatCounter Data that sponsors and strategic merchandising partners have access to (see affiliate mkt slide) MOBILE MARKETING SOLUTIONS – Double up as Data Capture SGB Mobile Phone Dbase 30,000 qualified mobile numbers target by end of 2010 Mobile Competitions as well ‘Text-Casts’ can be sent to the entire SGB Mobile Fan Universe in a matter of minutes Existing Mobile Services can be Branded by Sponsors [Weather Alert] SpeedwayGB Shifts into Digital Data Capture Slide 17: SpeedwayGB Shifts into Digital Currencies Affiliate Marketing – SGB Team Web Sites 34 Web Sites each with independent visitor statistics Elite league Teams Web sites generate between 3,000 – 10,000 unique visitors every day Stat- Counter showing ‘actual’ visits to a web site on a daily basis. Target to have all SGB Web Sites deploying Stat-Counter Slide 18: SpeedwayGB Shifts into Digital Currencies = Targets The Numbers are Growing – Since July 2008 SGB Fan Universe Mobile Phone Dbase Count Now almost 3000 SGB E-Mail Fan Universe Dbase count Now 2700+ What’s Possible Swindon Robins Mobile Dbase 1433 [Influx Mkt] BSPA 2958 [Influx Mkt] Unique E-Mail Addresses 2865 SGB UK Fan Universe [Projections 2010] E-Mail 50,000 Mobile 30,000 SGB have agreed a number of joint promotions with Speedway Star to take place during the new 2009 to optimize data collection opportunities that will would benefit both organisations. Slide 19: New Media Licensing – Associations & Group Memberships SROC Sports Media Licensing Network Digital Media Owners Group Sports Licensing Lobbying Groups IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT EVERY MEMBER UDERSTANDS THE IMPORTANCE AS WE DEVELOP OUR MEDIA LICENSING RIGHT S STRATEGY OF DEPLOYING AND MAINTAINING AN EFFECTIVEMEDIA LICENSING RIGHTS POLICING POLICY THAT IS BACKED UP WITH THE CORRECT LEVEL OF LEGAL CLOUT AND EXPERIENCE. THAT’S WHY WE’VE ENGAGED THE SERVICES OF THE CITY LEGAL FIRM BIRD & BIRD. Slide 20: SROC – Sports Rights Owners Coalition – SGB now members Slide 21: GoSpeed’s SGB Investment Strategy – The Big One Growing New Media Licensing Revenue Identification of International Primary Investment Partner Drafting Investment Plans Expanding the Sport The Global Model The 10 – 25 Year Plan Slide 22: Future-Proofing NM License Revenue Specialist ‘Best-in-Field’ Consultancy Through Association (SROC) Up-2-Date Digital Media Licensing Sector Specific Reports Ongoing Digital Technology Knowledge Updates New Media Licensing Laws UK and International License Policing Licensing Infringement Procedures Slide 23: International Finance Group Investment 2010 207 808 1700 Slide 24: New Stadiums - Slide 25: SGB - TALK IT UP – REV IT UP - IT’S OUR FUTURE

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