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Published on July 21, 2009

Author: GingerMoreno



This is a short PPT about the process of repression experienced by the Venezuelan media.

Med ia In Venezue Repress la ion

personality • “How sad he lets himself  “The Devil is right at become the puppy dog of home.” (referring to the empire.” (referring to George W. Bush) Vicente Fox) His worst enemy: the press

press  After realizing that it was not on his side, in 1999 he creates the daily newspaper El Correo del Presidente  In 2000, Chavez launches the TV program De Frente con el Presidente, and the radio program Aló Presidente

you're out”  Any foreigner, journalist, or other, who criticized him, the armed forces, or the country itself, would be escorted to the airport and expelled from Venezuela for interfering in domestic politics

limitless”  The National Assembly approved the Law of Contents in 2002  Meanwhile, a bomb is detonated in the newspaper Asi es la Noticia, after 3 of its journalists and Director showed a video that linked Chavez’s government with FARC

government"  On April 11th, without presenting any document signed by Chavez to confirm it, the media proclaimed his resignation  Two days later, he returns to power  This behavior is supposed to be the origin of Chavez’s hate for the Venezuelan media

“One thing is to criticize, the other is to be a conspirator”  In 2007, the government closed RCTV using military force.  Nowadays, Globovisión faces lawsuits, administrative sanctions and other types of obstacles that intend to silence it.

Facts  The government controls 85% of all television stations, 3000 community radio stations, and 100 Web sites, according to a study directed by Adolfo Herrera, dean of the School of Communications at the Central University of Venezuela.  Chavez holds the world record of the largest TV and radio exposure: more than 80,000 minutes between 1999 and 2006.

Conclusions  The government cannot repress media, but media cannot take for granted unlimited liberties  Along with freedom of press is the responsibility of presenting authentic and provable facts to back up the published information

Conclusions  Exceeded limits of free press  Vice-Admiral Ramirez Perez during the 2002 coup: "We had a deadly weapon: the media.”  How is it that the media that alleges for a free press and the defense of its rights can serve as a weapon to destabilize an entire country?

Conclusions  Nevertheless, the press will always need to be free, otherwise, how could we be free ourselves if we don’t have the liberty to choose, discern, and judge what we see, hear or read? The answer remains in us and how do we perceive the concept of a fair free press.

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