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Published on May 5, 2014

Author: vjcoolguy

Source: Media Monitoring - An overview Verbinden Communication

• The process of tracking the output and reach of print, online and broadcast media for commercial purpose with the intent to understand what is being spoken about the company/product • With Media Monitoring, one has real-time access to the information and the Measurement tools to turn that information into actionable Media Intelligence • Aggregating information from traditional and social media, compiling it, providing insights based on real time news • Measuring the brand presence, share of voice and the sentiments using tools which is further refined by human analysts Media Monitoring- About

History of Media Monitoring • Beginning: Media Monitoring started in 1880s as press clipping services by Frank Burrelle after he overheard two businessmen lamenting over the difficulty of keeping up with the news in the papers • Big Corporations: According to GE, Kodak and other organizations in the 1970s, the human readers typically missed 30 to 40% of articles containing clients' key words, largely because the readers were quickly scanning the articles for multiple clients' keywords, not actually reading the articles word for word Genesis of Media Monitoring

Flow of Media- In The U.S. Source (Company/Individual) Press Release (PR Newswires, Business Wires, PR Web) Global Wires (AP, Reuters, Bloomberg) Regional Newspapers (Chicago Tribune) National Newspapers (WSJ, NYT, USA Today) Regional Wires (AFP, AAP, PTI) Local Newspapers (Boston Globe) Trade Sites (The Pink Sheet, NEJM, JAMA, Forbes) Audience Why Bangalore?

Why Bangalore? Ballooning Millions Population (Millions) Growth Rate (%) Bangalore City 9.59 46.68 Chennai 4.7 7.65 Mumbai 12.4 4.2 Hyderabad 4 4.5 Delhi 16.8 20.96 Kolkata 4.5 -1.74 R&D Hub: Numerous public sector industries like BHEL, BEL ,HAL ,ITI ,HMT ,ADE ,NAL and defence organizations were located in the city long before software companies made there forays Karnataka has 187 Engineering colleges which operates under the affiliation of VTU. Cosmopolitan Population: Bangalore has the most cosmopolitan population in the country at 80% with the local population constituting only 20%.Moreover the growth rate in population compared to other cities of India has been the highest. The primary reason for this been the influx of people from outside the city.

Cost of Living Comparison Between Bangalore and Gurgaon Indexes Difference Consumer Prices in Gurgaon are 17.20% higher than in Bangalore Consumer Prices Including Rent in Gurgaon are 21.33% higher than in Bangalore Rent Prices in Gurgaon are 36.84% higher than in Bangalore Restaurant Prices in Gurgaon are 64.05% higher than in Bangalore Groceries Prices in Gurgaon are 14.36% higher than in Bangalore

Tools Used:  Factiva  Lexis Nexis  Radian 6  Critical Mention Monitoring the Media- Verbinden Way Media Monitoring (English) • Online and Print Media Monitoring- Real time monitoring of all the available media outlets globally to provide most relevant articles • Broadcast Media Monitoring- Unfolding all the coverage appearing on broadcast media with completely edited and organized clips Media Measurement • ROI Calculation- Understanding your impact and reach and establishing a metrics to calculate ad value • Product analysis and data measurement, auditing

• Daily real time monitoring reports with executive summaries • Weekly Monitoring reports • Event and Crisis monitoring • Reputation tracking and measurement • Complete media analysis and measurement • Sentiment and share of voice analysis • ROI and AD value measurement Our Offerings and Expertise

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