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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: melinaaa15


Hip Hop Front Cover Research The layout of this magazine is conventional. It doesn't look over crowded but still grabs an audience's attention by the features. For example the colour scheme, the black and red together contrast well, it makes the front cover look very bold and it stands out well. The font of writing is also bold and its all the same font but just different size. This makes it clear for the reader to understand and looks professional. The hip hop magazine XXL layout there front page like this, by not making it to over crowded and busy because it’s aimed at a specific target audience and one of the main features on the cover is the artists modelling for it. By putting Kendrick Lamar on the front page, a world wide known hip hop artists, it implies that the magazines main topics will be mostly on Rap/Hip hop music and Kendrick's success on being a young Hip hop artist. Features Other recognisable Hip hop artists mentioned on the front cover. ‘Bold’ letters, which may mean it will be one of the main features throughout the magazine Masterhead Bold and eye catching. Out lined by a red colour, appeals to consumers because it’s very hard to miss Features Different features the magazine will include. Headlines- These are displayed on the front of a magazine cover and usually followed n with a small bit of text underneath. Barcode Barcode is displayed in the bottom right hand corner. All magazines must legally display a barcode, somewhere on the front/back cover of magazine. Page Layout Some white spaces are kept, shows how the layout of the magazine is not to ‘overcrowded’. Clean and professional Artist modelling Kendrick Lamar, well known Hip hop artists on the front cover, indicates what kind of things will be featured inside the magazine

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