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Published on December 28, 2016

Author: AndrewSwinkunas


1. National Geographic Traveler & By: Andy Swinkunas Where will you go next?

2. The Unseen Potential The personal accounts of those in National Geographic Traveler magazine experience cultures different from a persons own and show exploration to places around the globe which really provides our readers with the inspiration to travel and have an open mindset to exploring. We have recorded a high concentration of our readers when asked the question “When traveling, comfort and service are worth paying for” responded Definitely Agree. According to a 2015 Airbnb Summer Travel Report, It was reported that millions of guests had the chance to have a unique, local travel experience in communities all around the world thanks to their Airbnb stay. While also meeting and being exposed to community members they never would have encountered if they stayed in traditional accommodations. Why we would partner to begin with

3. Demographics of Users Align As a publication that attracts a younger and more affluent reader base the appeal that Airbnb brings to guests is a new spin on something conventional like temporary accommodations while traveling. If we were able to present readers the awareness about what goals Airbnb has as a company, it would most likely appeal to the reader base we have considering the travelers who use Airbnb are on average 35 years old, and 54% of the guests were women and 46% were men. This break down of repeat guests of Airbnb aligns with the demographics of are subscribed readers of NG magazine. Over half (~52%) are between the ages of 18- 44, 54% are men, and 46% are women.

4. The Breakdown and Advantages of Partnership With the Quality of National Geographic Travelers the research we have conducted proves that measures and standards we hold for the type of content at we present in our magazine issues is held with high regards. It is reported from frequent readers that: • Nearly one-third of all readers believe advertising to be more credible just because it is in National Geographic Traveler • 79% visited web sites mentioned in the magazine • 71% save their issue for future reference • 78% do not read any other major travel title • 29% are more likely to purchase a product just because it appeared in the magazine

5. Advertising is a Strength of Ours As a National Magazine we know that variations occur across geographical lines and that is why issues and advertisement can be included in the National Copy, an East of the Mississippi River Edition, and a West of the Mississippi River Edition. A worthy mention also is that since the arrival of the Pope, the DNC and other national events. Philadelphia is Airbnb’s fastest growing market in the entire country, and across hundreds of Airbnb host destinations around the world. Our Magazine

6. Print Advertisement The value to having print advertisements in our magazines is a measureable stat  29% are more likely to purchase a product just because it appeared in the magazine  Nearly one-third of all readers believe advertising to be more credible just because it is in National Geographic Traveler

7. Facebook Sponsored Posts The Facebook page would be a great why to expose the Airbnb company to potential guests. Sponsored advertisements have nice detail and would be supported by travel topics discussed in the current issue of the magazine. National Geographic alone has nearly 42 million likes! National Geographic Magazine has 22 million likes! Creating an entirely separate Traveler page will be mutual beneficial to both of us and is likely to follow current liking trends. Mock examples*

8. Website Banner Ads The rebranded logo and contrast of colors with the darker background of our webpage makes your brand and ad considerably more noticeable. Below is some of the statistics about site traffic

9. Audience Reception Two Strategic Ideas to get Customer Interaction • Potential campaign would allow for an “advergame” to be in the side margins of an article about traveling world wide. • Being interactive while revealing Airbnb host cities will be a fun and simple way to explore lodging options. Interactive Promotional Through several sponsored posts on Facebook offering a discount with a National Geographic code will attract more apprehensive users who may want to use Airbnb service but have not yet tried to book a stay YET. .

10. Contact Information . Andy Swinkunas National Sales Representative Phone:224-595-9354 E-Mail: LinkedIn: swinkunas-50203711b

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