Media forms and conventions

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Information about Media forms and conventions

Published on March 15, 2014

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Media forms and conventions

 Form can be explained in relation to the shape or skeleton of a text and in this way is often linked to the narrative  Stories have forms  Forms of soap operas: continuous, multi-stranded storylines, individual episodes frequently ending with a cliffhanger  Micro elements of text: mise-en-scene, editing, cinematography and sound

 What are the forms of: Action films? Horror films? Chick flicks? What usually happens in the story structure??

 Distinctive look of the media text  Ex: individual style of a particular director  Distinctive use of mise-en-scene, lighting, music, camera angles, movement, framing, editing.

 Tim Burton style (charlie and the chocolate factory, corpse bride, etc)

 Alfred Hitchcock (vertigo, psycho, etc)

 Steven Speilberg (Jurassic park, jaws, etc)

 A category of artistic, musical, or literary composition characterized by a particular style, form, or content  In media terminology it can be judged by the codes, conventions, mise-en-scene and the style of the media content  Texts from different mediums may belong to the same genre (e.g. aTV programme like Dr Who and a comic book like The Incredible Hulk can both be categorized as Science Fiction.)

 Genre does not rely simply on what's in a media text but also on the way it is put together (constructed).This can be important, for example, when distinguishing between a horror movie and a thriller, which can deal with similar subject matter, and look the same — lots of action set at night — but belong to separate genres (a horror film takes the audience into a supernatural place, where a thriller sticks to reality).

 The characteristic ‘ingredients’ of a particular genre and the elements which make it recognizable can be defined as ‘conventions’.  The provide a common link to a group of films/drama/etc.  Ex: soap operas will contain rolling storylines, recognizable characters and consistent settings.They tackle social issues and have series of episodes. Horror: females confronting the evil

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