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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: RhysWalsh




By Rhys Walsh

From looking at my preliminary and my pre production I have realised that I have adapted to be able to change with my camera shots, for example, in my preliminary, in close ups, me and my group generally would accidentally cut out half of the actors head, now we know you shouldn’t do that, so we now know how to film correctly in certain camera shots.

 Now that me and my group have filmed our pre production, I have learnt many editing techniques, for example, one of the main editing techniques that me and my group used in this film was slow motion, we used this editing technique when there was a close up on a character. For example, at the beginning of the opening sequence, there are four close ups of all the main characters in the film. We used the slow motion as this allowed the titles to come up on the screen. We made the slow motion the right speed so it was slow enough to read the text but no too fast at the same time. By learning these editing techniques, this has allowed me to be able to film my films better and to also know what I'm doing when I'm filming it.

  Whilst filming my pre production with my group, I have learnt how to use many filming techniques, these being 180 degree rule, shot reverse shot and match on action. In our film we used the 180 degree rule to show the characters arriving at a scene in the film, we used this technique as it can show the characters coming in and it can help to focus on the characters. We didn’t use the shot reverse shot in our pre production as we didn’t have any conversations, but we did use it in our preliminary, we did this as the characters in our preliminary had a conversation, in the future I will try to use the shot reverse shot a bit more in my filming as it can make the film look better.

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