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Published on March 9, 2014

Author: asmediae13


Unlike most magazines of this decade, I have decided to solely dedicate my magazine to teenagers based on the fact that music has now become a part of everyday life for teenagers and that they identify strongly with it, no matter what the genre. Also, rock appears to be the most popular for the youth and many have favourites ranging from hard rock like Disturbed and Three Days Grace to more softer ones such as Linkin Park or Arctic Monkeys. An example of this is shown in the contents page of my magazine. The two lower images are of teenagers instead of adults in order to make a better connection to my intended audience.

My audience would most likely consist of middle class teens, most likely educated in public schools, sixth form, college and university. Some of them might have part-time jobs such as working in standard retail shops or big brand stores. Many would also be regular attendees at concerts, music festivals and gigs featuring their favourite bands. Finally, many would also have their own sets of merchandise such as posters, mugs, t-shirts, key-rings, cutouts, signed photos and of course, CDs.

Based on research from the website Media UK, in July 2013-December 2013, 1,021,000 people have listened to rock music each week and at least 32% of them were female. This shows how far rock has expanded over the years, not only appealing to different age groups but also to different genders. My magazine contents page also features two female “rockers” as to attract more members of the female demographic. I feel that this could ultimately boost popularity for my magazine and attract potential

As stated before, while the majority of “rockers” are of White, due to the fact that rock originated in the western society, my magazine isn’t going to be targeted at a solely white audience. I plan to target a variety of different rockers, regardless if their ethnic background as many rockers that I have come across appear to mixed including Afro-Caribbean and Asians, showing that not only has rock spread to different genders but to different races as well.

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