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Published on March 9, 2014

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second version of media evaluation 1

Media Evaluation By Mark Leonard

Front Cover Conventions • Music magazines tend to follow a list of conventions. From these music magazines you can see that they all have a large centralised image. • The names of the mags seem to be positioned in the top left corner or in the centre. They don’t appear to be in the top right corner of the cover. • The covers have text that surrounds the cover image or go over it. • Some of the mags don’t just tell readers about music. Some tell readers about the latest “celebrity gossip” and “fashions”. • Most front covers follow a grid system.

Banner The front cover looses it’s grid system look, to be replaced with a more geological look, as rocks are commonly dipped in the earth. This can represent a double meaning in the name. People in the picture giving a direct mode of address Grid system towards the bottom. My Front Cover Pug, giving an incentive.

Contents Conventions • Some contents pages have the name of the magazines name at the top of the page. The page numbers and names are usually in columns. • Some list the name of this page (Contents) at the top of the page, either next to the image or the repeated title. • Near the top or bottom of the page, the contents page will have the date and/or the issue number. • There may be an image related to the main article or a less important article.

My Contents page Date and issue number Images related to articles Contents of the magazine. In columns

Double Page Spread Conventions • Double page spreads consist usually of 300-400 words, a large image/several small images, changes in text size and vibrant colour schemes. • When the image is a large singular image. It the image will usually be of an artists face or the whole band together. • The articles usually have a headline/title and a stand first before the main text. The text is usually in columns.

Double page spread conventions Stand first Title 300-400 words Picture of the whole band. Image is direct mode of address

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