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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: fsantosallan


Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the main task?: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the main task? G321 Evaluation Question 7 Preliminary Task: Preliminary Task Our preliminary task, ‘Fed-wars’ was very different and since creating it, I have learnt a lot and I am not just talking about software, I am talking about story, contingency plans, costume design, storyboards, the whole picture. With our preliminary task, it was very much that we pointed the camera anywhere and hoped to capture something good, with a storyboard and little else, except some really bad props and little to call planning. I really enjoyed creating the preliminary task and it opened me up to Final Cut. The Characters & Storyline: The Characters & Storyline Our Preliminary Task had nothing in terms of anything decent to say about a storyline, there wasn’t really one, I mean it was mostly just giving a wrong package by a dodgy guy which leads to his death and in terms of characters they were nothing more than poor ideas mixed in to create bad humor, almost like a bad character cast of Grand Theft Auto 5. The Characters & Story: The Characters & Story In our ‘An eye for an eye’ thriller, the opening and our planning shows that we put detail into choosing the age and appearance of our actor in order to conform to traditions but also to attract our audience in, therefore this shows that we were thinking about a larger range and the potential when put into production and the story was adjusted slightly a few times to ensure that it would work out if we continued to make the feature film. Our storyboard was completely changed when we failed to shoot the first time due to the lack of light and poor planning therefore, we changed our characters, setting and props to make it better. Again, this shows the extent of work I put into making the story right and work well as a thriller, as opposed to the experimentation of angles and use of props in the preliminary task. As you can see I have learnt a lot about the importance of a strong story and cast and this was also outlined in my audience research, saying that my target audience wanted a strong cast and good storyline. Final Cut and Editing: Final Cut and Editing In both our pieces we used final cut express to edit our videos, Final Cut was still fairly new to me when we started working on our preliminary tasks and so I began learning from the basics there. Editing: Editing When we began editing our preliminary task, there was little that we did, essentially it was just putting clips together and cropping them together but there was little in terms of actual adjustments of the clips, i.e. contrast and saturation. When editing ‘An eye for an eye’, I watched various tutorials online on YouTube and in class with help from Miss Webb. I really tried to improve on the editing because our clips really required a lot of attention, such as lighting was still fairly poor in our shooting location . So clearly I put a lot of time and effort into the final production and into editing so this clearly advanced since the basic editing in the preliminary task. Soundtrack: Soundtrack In our preliminary task, we simply found a clip from YouTube that was a royalty free song and just laid that over the top of our ‘Fed-Wars’ video. With our thriller opening however it was very different because we actually created a soundtrack on our own behalf using Garageband and parts of logic, although we had a lot of inspiration from World War Z and 28 Days Later soundtracks we created it on our own behalf therefore I clearly I learnt about the software creating music and in particular using loops to create a sound that is effective and in sync to the video which was the final outcome to our thriller opening. Performing, Shooting & Editing in the Preliminary Task: Performing, Shooting & Editing in the Preliminary Task When we first began shooting our preliminary task, there was very little planning that went into the task and all we had was one simple and little storyboard, this wasn’t too bad however it lead to some confusion and poor construction such as for example when it came to editing we had to flip a scene around because it went against the 180 degree rule. Speaking of editing, we had little knowledge with Final Cut and we just used very basic tweaks and just cut the clips to size and edited them all together in Final Cut. All of this obviously prepared us for the final piece and helped us to acknowledge the amount of preparation and planning that was needed in order for the project to succeed. Same applied for Final Cut and because I was mostly the one to edit the piece together, I began to learn through tutorials and on my own at home in order to use the most I could, for example the titles in LiveType and also effects such as the black and white in Final Cut. Working in a Group and my contribution: Working in a Group and my contribution As a group we worked alright, however there was little communication between us and thus we ended up filming late in comparison to other groups however we made up for this when I dedicated jobs to us all, for example I began the soundtrack at home and then requested that Tom and Lee finish it, whilst they were working together on the soundtrack (which they would call me over to ask my opinion) I began to edit the clips together and as a group we all switched from time to time, allowing us all to input our ideas. I learnt however that I probably work best on my own, given that I have the required time to complete a project, this is simply because I feel that I am more productive on my own and I don’t like to disagree with someone else’s idea. My contribution to the group was fairly high, although I don’t like to sound arrogant, I filmed the thriller opening, edited the majority of it, started the soundtrack and designed the storyboard along with creating the idea for the film and thus I believe that I created a large part of the group. Audience Feedback: Audience Feedback Our audience feedback was presented through the form of a questionnaire during the presentation of our rough cut. Examples from which can be seen on the next slide of the PowerPoint. Our feedback was extremely useful and addressed a number of issues that we since which had not noticed, for example someone noted in the questionnaire (pictured on the next slide) that our titles were ‘too small and too fast’ thus made them hard to read and so in our final construction we edited this so they were much larger and were on screen for longer, further more I reduced the blur amount on the titles. The feedback was all positive and useful, none of us in the group felt at all offended and helped improve the final cut. I believe that the audience did understand what I was trying to convey in terms of my intentions and the story. One area which was noted also was the eye appearing in the opening and it was misunderstood and in order to fix this, we made the clip shorter and made it appear to be an outsiders eye as opposed to the characters eye, which a few thought it was. Strengths and Weaknesses of the opening.: Strengths and Weaknesses of the opening. Strengths Weaknesses Our film challenged various conventions (i.e. the farm) I believe we were the only group which used ‘medias res’ where we began our opening to be set in the middle of the plot, alike Kill Bill. We used suitable mise -en-scene around the shooting location for the plot. A few good effects during editing (slow motion, black and white) We made our own appropriate titles using Live Type Didn’t use many shooting locations for opening. A few confusing areas such as the eye appearing in the hole in the door. Not a great quality definition final cut. Costume design may have not been very appropriate. Soundtrack was a bit patchy at areas and the sound varied at points. Suspense wasn’t created as much as we had hoped it would. Black and White effect makes areas very dark in the opening.

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