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Published on December 5, 2007

Author: ozturk


Gareth Davies:  Gareth Davies Gareth Davies has been working in the TEFL industry for 10 years. He has taught in the Czech republic, Portugal and the United Kingdom. He was awarded the Cambridge RSA DELTA in 2001. Gareth has been involved in teacher training since 2001 and joined Prague Schools as head of TEFL in 2002. Recently Gareth has been involved in designing and delivering a training course for senior teachers and state school teachers for OUP and also delivers in service training at a number of schools in Prague.   TÉMA: Homework (assignments that students will enjoy doing) Students never do their homework. This session will look at why they don't do it and suggest ways to make students realise how important homework is. We will then explore  how we as teachers can make homework fun, relevant and challenging for the students so that it can become an integral part of their language learning process.   Mgr. Lenka Dvořáková:  Mgr. Lenka Dvořáková 1988 – 1994 Přírodovědecká fakulta Univerzity Karlovy, Praha 1991 – 1993 Filozofická fakulta Univerzity Karlovy, Praha, pedagogika a psychologie pro učitele 1991 – 2002 samostatná lektorka angličtiny 2002 – dosud Jazyková škola Sokolov, majitelka a ředitelka, metodické vedení a školení lektorů TÉMA: Student jako materiál / Student as a resource Have you ever experienced a lesson that just „happened“? A lesson that took off after you decided to surrender your carefully prepared lesson plan because a really good discussion cropped up? And how many times did you see your lesson fail after you had spent hours preparing it? Teaching – and learning - should take place in the here-and-now. Yet too many lessons are being hi-jacked by materials overload and the students are buried under a weight of coursebooks, exercise books, photocopies and board games – you name it. However, the coursebook author has never met your students, doesn´t know their interests, beliefs and desires. Teaching should be driven by the content that is provided by the people in the room, it should centre on the local and relevant concerns. There are many arguments in favour of coursebooks. Without it, you may feel naked. Abandoned. Vulnerable. This workshop will give you not only the courage, but also the confidence to leave the books closed - for a few minutes, for a lesson, for the whole course. We will explore avenues for exploitation of the learning opportunities that arise naturally in the course of the lesson and look into ways to facilitate learning as it unfolds in front of your eyes. Slide3:  James Gault James Gault started teaching English in The Czech Republic in 1997 after a long career in business in the UK. Since then he has been a teacher of English, Business English and Business Skills, a course developer, a teacher trainer and an author, and has given presentations at many conferences all over the Czech Republic and in Hungary. His particular interest is teaching communication skills in English and he is the author of New Headway Talking Points published by OUP. TÉMA: Dynamics in the classroom (how to conduct group activities) There is something wonderful and satisfying in seeing a classroom full of students work successfully in groups. The students are learning, they are enjoying themselves and they are having a memorable experience that will really support their learning process. In this workshop session, you will learn and practise proven techniques for planning, setting up and carrying through group activities where your students will really learn and have fun at the same time.   Mgr. Lenka Literová:  Mgr. Lenka Literová 1997 - 2003 Univerzita Hradec Králové, pedagogická fakulta, Aj a Nj pro 2.stupeň ZŠ 2000 - Konferenční agentura Praha – lektor všeobecné a obchodní Aj 2005 - NIDV – lektor v programech JARO, JAME, MEJA, hlavní lektor středočeského kraje pro projekt Jazyky Hrou, organizování metodických seminářů pro učitele Aj 2006 - Členka AMATE TÉMA: Pětiminutové aktivity / Five - minute activities A database of warmers and fillers is an absolute necessity for each teacher of a foreign language. In this seminar you will obtain ideas how to use or even create your own 5-minute activities to make your lessons with adult students more interesting and fun. Gramatika / Grammar Teachers usually know the grammar of a foreign language well. Although we are able to explain the grammar, it is mostly not the most exciting part of our lesson. In this seminar, we will try to present different grammar aspects in various ways that will make our students enjoy learning it. Mgr. Ondřej Matuška:  Mgr. Ondřej Matuška 1990 – 1996 FF MU Brno, obor anglický jazyk a literatura 1994 – 1998 učitel Státní jazykové školy v Brně 1997 – 1998 vedoucí anglické sekce Státní jazykové školy v Brně 1996 – 1998 autor Státní základní jazykové zkoušky z angličtiny 1999 – zástupce anglického nakladatelství Macmillan Education TÉMA: Smysluplné aktivity k rozvoji učení / Meaningful speaking activities ‘I don’t know what to say’ is the usual way students react to speaking exercises.Properly designed activities help to avoid such situations.The talk will explain simple principles which an activity should adhere to so that students feel a strong need to express themselves – the key motivating element. These principles can be transferred onto teaching grammar as well as vocabulary. Practical examples are taken from Inside Out, a new coursebook for young adults and adults. Mgr. Hana Musílková:  Mgr. Hana Musílková 1994-1995 The British Intl School of Prague Učitelka 1998-2002 Gymnázium Na Zatlance Učitelka angličtiny 2002-2003 Progress Language Institute Metodička, Koordinátor kurzů 2003-2004 LCS Intl a.s. Koordinátor mez. vztahů 2004- Gymnázium Na Zatlance Učitelka angličtiny 2004- Oxford University Press Lektor školitel TÉMA: LAUGHING MATTERS Humour as such is „unteachable“. If we try to explain a joke, it usualy goes stale. What we can teach is the language of humour. After all, most humorous stuff is deeply embedded in language. We can use the language to make humour accessible for students and, conversely, use humour to make the language accessible. In my opinion, humour is on of the best vehicles for language teaching and its motivational value cannot be overestimated! But let´s not forget that only happy teachers can make happy students! Games make all of us laugh. We all like to laugh. If we find something funny, it is often memorable as it strikes a resonant chord within us. Laughter raises blood pressure just long enough to increase oxygen and blood supply to tissues. It alters the breathing cycle so that more oxygen is inhaled and carbon dioxyde exhaled. Muscles throughout the body tense and relax during laughter in exactly same way as with stress reduction techniquies such as yoga. Well, we are not going to have a yoga class but hopefully we´ll end our seminar feeling as if we´ve just had one. If you have half as much fun as I had while preparing this seminar, I have achieved the goal of laughter. Enjoy yourself! Naomi Moir:  Naomi Moir Naomi Moir has been working in EFL for the past 10 years. Currently she is working as a freelance teacher trainer, predominately in the Czech Republic but also around Europe and further afield. Naomi has run training courses, training days and presented at conferences on a variety of areas connected with teaching English to younger learners and adults. TÉMA: Teaching Notorious Beginners What’s special about teaching beginners? What are their particular needs? Why are they notorious’? Do beginners in English actually exist at all? These questions and more will be addressed in this session, along with practical ideas for use in the classroom. Alternative Methods in the Teaching of Foreign Languages Many students have been learning for a long time, they probably feel like they’ve seen/heard all the techniques/ideas etc before. Maybe you are feeling like you’ve run out of ideas. Or maybe you just want to try something new, to experiment a little. What’s out there to liven/brighten your teaching? This session will take a look at some new and not so new (but maybe forgotten) ways to add something different to your classes Mgr. Jana Spáčilová:  Mgr. Jana Spáčilová Vystudovala anglický jazyk a literaturu na FF MU v Brně, 3 roky pracovala jako učitelka AJ na základní a střední škole. Dva roky působila jako lektorka na soukromé jazykové škole a tři roky jako koordinátorka bakalářských programů na soukromé vysoké škole University of New York in Prague. Od roku 2004 pracuje jako zástupce nakladatelství Oxford University Press v Praze. TÉMA: Exploiting Pop Songs in Class This session will give teachers some easy-to-use ways of exploiting pop songs in the classroom, especially for listening comprehension. It will focus mainly on choosing and writing the best task for a particular song and will suggest several alternatives to the (much used) gap fill. Mgr. Olga Staňková:  Mgr. Olga Staňková od 1996 - manažer Cambridge University Press pro ČR a Slovensko vystudovala pedagogickou fakultu pracovala jako překladatelka z angličtiny, francouzštiny a ruštiny vyučovala cizí jazyky na ZŠ a SŠ v České republice a v zahraničí TÉMA: Komunikativní přístup / Communicative approach - Time to meet "face2face„ How can we help students acquire the core language, skills and strategies they need to communicate successfully in today's Busy world? How can we help them build confidence to achieve the competencies they need?Face2face, the major new general English course for young adults and adults from Cambridge University Press, prepares students for real world communication by placing a strong emphasis on listening and speaking skills, while maintaining the important balance of grammar and vocabulary. Informed by the Cambridge Corpora and compatible with the Common European Framework of References for Languages, the course includes fully- interactive language summaries and each student's book comes with a free state-of-the-art CD-ROM.  The talk will highlight the key pedagogical principles underlying the course and include a demonstration of the CD-ROM to show you how face2face is up2date and easy2teach and will help your students learn2listen and give them confidence2speak The presentation will be based on practical demonstrations of games that you can use in your classes. Each teacher attending this presentation will also get a workbook including examples of games, together with instructions how to play them, and materials needed for them.  Lucie Trávničková:  Lucie Trávničková 2007 – doposud Agentura Tailored English Courses, s.r.o. – Senior Teacher, Teacher Trainer 2004 – 2007 Pearson Longman – Senior Teacher Representative 1998 – 2004 Caledonian School – Senior Teacher 1993-1996 Pedagogická Fakulta, ZČU Plzeň – učitelství angličtiny TÉMA: Using Internet in foreign language class What is the Internet? source of materials – let’s dig together in the well of resources path of communication – we will search in the different ways we or/and our students can use English in reality We are going to explore the treasure the Internet is for us teachers and try our the materials in the seminar as we will have the access to the Internet. The outcome will be materials and tips that will be ready for you to take straight into your lessons. Mgr. Naděžda Vojtková:  Mgr. Naděžda Vojtková vystudovala Filosofickou fakultu Masarykovy university v Brně pracovala jako učitelka anglického jazyka na základní, střední a vysoké škole je lektorkou dalšího vzdělávání učitelů angličtiny, absolvovala kurzy Britské rady v současné době vyučuje metodiku angličtiny na PdF MU je členkou AMATE (Asociace metodiků), IATEFL a MSSUA TÉMA: Hodina bez přípravy / Lessons from Nothing Have you ever experienced the following surprises? You have just arrived from a holiday and learned that your colleague has fallen ill and you have to substitute in his class. You only know that this is an intermediate group and you can find out which coursebook they use, however, you do not have time for the lesson preparation. Your regular room where you have a tape recorder, flipchart and desks is occupied today and you have to teach in a room where there is sofa and a few armchairs but no other equipment. You spend hours preparing cards and slips of paper with sentences but whenever you want to use them, you find out that half of them are missing. Whoops! You have covered everything that was on your lesson plan and you still have ten minutes to go. I do not intend to discourage teachers from planning their lessons but I would like to provide some ideas how to cope with the unexpected surprises.The workshop will offer a set of activities which require minimum or no preparation for the sessions. We will consider the following situations: a teacher has to substitute in his or her colleague´s group a teacher has to teach in difficult conditions (eg. rooms without basic equipment) a teacher uses learners´ potential for activity preparation a teacher wants to fill in the extra time out of school activities and projects Shaun Wilden:  Shaun Wilden Shaun Wilden has been involved in English language teaching for 16 years, teaching predominately in Greece and the Czech Republic. Amongst other things for the last six years, he has worked as a teacher trainer on Cambridge CELTA, ICELT and DELTA courses as well as tutoring courses in teaching 1-2-1 English and Young Learners both face-to-face and online. Since going freelance in 2006 he also has co-written and delivered methodology courses for Oxford University Press and presented at conferences throughout Europe. TÉMA: Learning to listen (activities developing listening skills) This workshop looks at listening skills and the sub skills that are used by listeners. After identifying these subskills, the workshop will go on to explore the problems students have with listening in English and look at ways for the teacher to best exploit coursebook listenings. The workshop will also look at ways of extending coursebook listening to give the students further practice. Finally the workshop will address authentic and live listenings showing how they can be used, how to set them up and how to make them effective for the students.

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