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Published on May 31, 2014

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History taking based on DD Haemato Anaemia- pallor, lethargy, family hx of thalassemia Cvs 1. Hypovolemia-blood donation, bleeding/menorrhagia, excessive sweating/ diarrhoea/ vomiting 2. Postural hypotension- black out or feel dizzy when stand up quickly 3. Hypertension 4. Arrhythmia/ ihd- chest pain, palpitation, syncope Endocrine 1. Hypoglycaemia –tx of dm with insulin or oral hypoglycemic agent *Loc, sweating, weakness, confusion before LOC 2. Hyperglycaemia –dm Cns 1. Incr ICP- headache, vomit, altered conscious level, ocular palsy 2. SOL- headache, vomit/nausea, weakness/ataxia/disturb in gait, deficit in speech/vision 3. Vestibular problem- ringing in the ears(tinnitus), progressive deafness respi Hypoxia-

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