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Published on January 13, 2009

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e-business : e-business Overview : Overview Introduction to e-Business e-Business examples Practical applications of e-Business Questions and answers e-Business changes the world : e-Business changes the world Food for thought Slide 4: What is “Electronic Business”? Slide 5: Who Founded the Internet? Definitions : Definitions e-business is fast : 4 years 13 years 16 years 38 years 0 10 20 30 40 Years WWW PC TV Radio Internet 50 Mil. 50 Mil. 50 Mil. 50 Mil. e-business is fast The electronic business hype : The electronic business hype Source: Garten Group IPO-Initial Public offering Slide 9: Recent Steps in Business Evolution Technology is Changing Business Business is Changing Technology Slide 10: Elements of e-business Cost saving rationale : Cost saving rationale Possible situation for a company with regards to e-Business : Possible situation for a company with regards to e-Business EVA Strategy Products Systems Internet / Intranet / EDI Company Current information, value and product supply chain : Current information, value and product supply chain EVA Strategy Products Systems Internet / Intranet / EDI Company 1st Step to e-Business : 1st Step to e-Business Products Systems Internet / Intranet / EDI Company Supplier Customer The Future information, value and product supply chain : The Future information, value and product supply chain Company Supplier Customer E-Business model : E-Business model Company Supplier Customer Info Billing Goods Logistics Provider Inter- net CRM Consequences for a company : Consequences for a company Company RelationshipConsultingConfiguration Info Providing Services SolutionsLeasingRental Benefits : Acceleration Communication process wins speed Drastic reduction of transmission time Better availability Actuality Information can be gained real-time Ubiquility e-Business applications are permanent and available anywhere Individuality / Interactivity e-Business is individual sable and interactively applicable Benefits Benefits : Quality Prevention from transmission mistakes (human interface) leads to qualitative improvement of communication Working Cost Inquiries and payments are seized by machine or through user („The cheapest worker is the customer“) Image e-Business can serve as progressive and future-oriented corporative strategy Experiences-/Competitive Prominence Quick entering into e-Business cannot be caught up by competitors (Amazon) Benefits Internal Applications Area for e-Business : Sales (Marketing & Sales) Purchasing Logistics, Material & Production Knowledge Management Personnel Management Research & Development Finance and Accounting Management of staff Internal Applications Area for e-Business General application areas : Web based payment (Vending over the net) Outsourced IT(ASP) Remote control and commissioning Sharing of information amongst all utility companies Remote training Make any information available to anyone, anywhere at anytime Call centres and sales data bases can be centralised General application areas Outsource of non core activities Centralised Purchasing Real time remote energy management(Overload switch geysers on/off) Slide 22: Potential of e-Business for Customers and Suppliers Customer Siemens Advantage for the Customer Simplification of inquiry and ordering process Reduction of order handling and delivery times Ability to receive quotations - 7 days/24 hours Customized products and services Common platform to find the best economic solution More efficient use of existing resources (manpower & time) Time saving for better customer care Immediate availability of information on status of inquiry/ order Individualized customer care through better understanding of our customers Advantage for Suppliers E-Business helps the customer and Siemens to jointly reduce costs while improving customer service Procurement (buy side market places) : Procurement (buy side market places) Centralised procurement Easy across the web Better buying power Professional procurement Economies of scale Procurement world wide Co-opetition All utilities could participate Utility market place Suppliers Utilities Slide 24: Value added services - in the marketplace Commodity product ordering Link to Siemens Buy Side Marketplace Regional press/news items Discussion boards Chat rooms Non-competitive links to other portals New from Siemens for Utilities column FAQs (e-related / utility related) E-Learning tools Personal bookmarks/comments Event calendar Exhibition room ... ... Co-Operation Procurement E-Learning Information Management Community Value added services Services and Portal functions Portal functions Prototype Important aspects of e-Business : Important aspects of e-Business Customer’s will still be fundamental in the future. The focus for the future will be on cost reduction and effectiveness through improvements in manufacturing mix criteria.

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