Mechanism of action of hormones

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Published on March 27, 2014

Author: mprasadnaidu




Hormone mechanism of action M.Prasad Naidu MSc Medical Biochemistry, Ph.D.Research Scholar

Classification based on mechanism of action • Group 1 : bind to intracellular receptors. eg; Androgens , calcitriol, estrogens , glucocorticoids progestrins thyroid hormones

• Group II: Bind to cell surface receptors . A. Second messenger cAMP ACTH, ADH, hCG, CRH,FSH, LH, PTH. B. cGMP as second messenger. ANF (atrial natriuretic factor) Nitric oxide (NO).

• C. Calcium / phosphatidyl inositols as second messenger GnRH, TRH, PDGF, Substance P. • D. Second messenger is a Kinase /phosphatase cascade Insulin, GH, prolactin , insulin like growth factors(IGF-1,IGF-2).

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