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Published on March 30, 2014

Author: ytcrane


Mechanical engineering: Mechanical engineering How to extend the life of mechanical engineering : How to extend the life of mechanical engineering ( 1 ) To reduce the impact of mechanical impurities   Mechanical impurities generally refers to some metal shavings, wear products , such as dust, soil and other non-metallic materials and construction machinery in the course of self-generated . Once these impurities machinery inside , between the mating surfaces of machinery arrived , the harm is great, not only block out the relative motion , accelerated wear of parts, and will scratch the mating surfaces , destroy the lubricant film , the parts temperature rise high oil deterioration. According to the determination , when the lubrication of mechanical impurities to 0.15 percent , the first piston ring wear on the engine speed is 2.5 times larger than normal ; while rolling into the shaft with the impurity particles , its life will be reducer by 80 % -90 % So . for work in the harsh environment, conditions for complex engineering machinery spaces , one should use high-quality, supporting parts and lubricants , greases , blocking harmful impurities source ; Second, we must do the work site of mechanical protection work to ensure appropriate agencies can work to prevent all kinds of impurities into the machinery inside . Mechanical failure , try to repair a regular place for repairs. When on-site repair , but also to make protective measures to prevent on-site repair of replacement parts before entering the machinery contaminated dust and other impurities .   ( 2 ) Reducer the temperature of the   In operation, the temperature of each component has its own normal range. As the cooling water temperature is generally 80-90 ℃ , the hydraulic oil temperature of the hydraulic drive system is 30-60 ℃ , below or above this range will accelerate wear of components , causing deterioration of the lubricating oil , causing changes in material properties and the like. Tests showed that the various construction machinery and main drive gear bearings operating in the lubricating operation -5 ℃ 3 ℃ than the lubricant , the wear to be increased 10-12 times . But when the temperature is too high , will accelerate deterioration of oil , as the oil temperature exceeds 55-60 ℃ , the oil is increased by 5 ℃ , 25 ton crane for sale oil oxidation rate will be doubled . For this reason, in the course of construction machinery , carried out to prevent overload of a low temperature , to ensure the normal operation of the low-speed pre-heating phase , so that the mechanical reach the required temperature before traveling or working , not because there was not a problem while ignoring its important role ; Second to prevent mechanical operation at high temperatures , mechanical running regular checks on the value of various thermometers and found the problem immediately shut down for inspection , found fault immediately removed. For reasons not find the absolutely treated and still can not make the machinery work sick . In the usual work, pay attention to check the working conditions of the cooling system . For water-cooled machines, must be checked daily before work , add cool water ; for air-cooled machines, but also regularly clean the dust on the air cooling system to ensure the smooth flow of cooling air duct . You know how much knowledge of the gantry crane? : You know how much knowledge of the gantry crane? Gantry cranes are part of a lifting device, commonly known as the gantry crane. This class crane mainly through the device will extract items filed, then move horizontally to the destination after lowering. Gantry crane is a do loop, intermittent exercise equipment, mainly by the main circuit, control circuit, lighting signal circuit and the like.   Construction units to buy gantry cranes, should be combined with the construction situation of enterprises: the frequency of a combination of factors, utilization, etc. from the weight to be considered. In addition to considering technical parameters, but also the need to conduct market research to understand the manufacturer's credibility and technical level.   Time span gantry cranes usually buy the technical requirements, often starting weight of less than 50 tons, span needs no special lifting equipment to within 35 meters. If you need a larger lifting heavy objects, the need to use a larger span, double girder gantry crane .   When buying gantry crane delivery, user acceptance should be out of the box, check whether the information is complete, supporting parts for damage, are complete and so on.  

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