Measuring Performance for Unit Based Services Projects

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Information about Measuring Performance for Unit Based Services Projects

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: Changepoint



John Rosevear, Business Analysis Director at Dell discusses what it takes to be successful in a unit based business including:
- The Best Approach
- Benefits & Value
- Lessons Learned

Measuring Performance for Unit Based Services John Rosevear Business Analysis Director

Dell today “Technology has always been about enabling human potential.” -Michael Dell 2 Services

Dell Services Global Reach and Growing Dell Services presence globally #1 in online support response time (TBR) #1 in Healthcare IT worldwide (Gartner) • More than 1 billion people connect on Dell cloud solutions • Dell services help companies reduce TCO by up to 10X • Dell helps companies deploy Windows 7 almost 80% faster while cutting deployment costs by 55% 7 Outsourcing Excellence Awards (Outsourcing Center/Forbes) Support : • 111M systems • 100+ languages Manage: • 2.5M clients • 6.2M systems/ mailboxes managed via SaaS Monitor: • 13B security events daily for 3,000 customers Process: • Approximately 65 M health insurance claims annually 43,000 team members | 100+ countries | 48 tech support centers | 5 global command centers 3 Confidential 10/12/2012 Services

What are Unit Based Services? 4 Confidential 10/12/2012 Services

Unit Based Services… • …are Repeatable, Consistently Deliverable Elements of Service – Desktop Installation – Storage installation – Single day workshop – Unit of consultant time • …can be Combined as Building Blocks to Deliver an Experience Tailored to the Customer’s Needs Desktop – Build complex projects from familiar and well understood units Security Analysis Network Cloud 5 Confidential 10/12/2012 Services

What is Success in a Unit Based business? • Consistent, Repeatable Delivery Excellence – Good customer experience – they know what they are getting, wherever they are – Well understood costs – good for the business – Confidence for customer facing teams – know what they are marketing/selling/delivering/supporting 6 Confidential 10/12/2012 Services

Our Approach 7 Confidential 10/12/2012 Services

Single Delivery Framework • Single instance of Project Delivery Software Order – Integrated with Deliver › › › › People Management Order Management, Accounting Billing Invoice • Standard Processes – Tailored to the needs of the business segments – Focused on repeatable delivery 8 Confidential 10/12/2012 Services

Timely Reporting to Enable Action – Data quality › Data entry metrics – – – – Baselined projects Unsubmitted time Unapproved time … › Performance dashboards – Projects running over schedule – Projects running over budget – Projects below margin targets – Backed by Leadership Review and Support 9 Confidential 10/12/2012 Services

Benefits and Value 10 Confidential 10/12/2012 Services

Customer Benefits • Clarity of scope and delivery • Speed of response • Consistency of delivery • Repeatability • Lower Cost 11 Confidential 10/12/2012 Services

Dell Benefits • • • • • Clarity of scope and delivery Speed of response Consistency of delivery Repeatability Lower cost • Simpler processes • Flexible scaling to fit customers › SMB to LE Order Deliver • Ability to absorb growth – Integration of new products/acquisitions – Scale from 5,000 to 30,000 users 12 Confidential 10/12/2012 Invoice Services

We can compare performance to identify best practice and pre-empt problem areas 13 Confidential 10/12/2012 Services

Improved Customer Experiences 14 Confidential 10/12/2012 Services

Our Learning 15 Confidential 10/12/2012 Services

Cultural Changes need Encouragement • System of record is no longer the project manager’s spreadsheet. – Changepoint is our reference • Users expect the system to be accurate and reliable and enter data accordingly – Improved Data Quality March 2010 16 Confidential 10/12/2012 October 2010 Services

Senior Management attention makes a huge difference 17 Confidential 10/12/2012 Services

Simple metrics can be very effective if they drive the correct behaviours • “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” – Lord Kelvin • “In God we trust, all others bring data” – W. Edwards Deming 18 Confidential 10/12/2012 Services

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