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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: ManishJaiswal12


1.The following are the monthly salaries (in Rs.)of 30 employees in firm: 140 139 126 114 100 88 62 77 99 103 108 129 144 148 134 63 69 148 132 118 142 116 123 104 95 80 85 106 123 133 The firm gave bonus of Rs. 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 for individuals in the respective salary groups: ‘exceeding Rs 60 but not exceeding Rs 75’ ; ‘exceeding Rs.75 but not exceedingRs.90’; and so on upto ‘exceeding Rs.135 but not exceeding Rs.150’.Find the average bonus paid worker. 2. The G.M. of 4 observations is 47, and the G.M. OF 6 others is 40. Find the G.M.of all the 10 observations. 3. The geometric mean of six numbers is 75. If the geometric mean of four of them is 67,what is the geometric mean of the other two ? 4. An aeroplane flies around a square the sides of which measure 100 Kms. each. The aeroplane covers at a speed of 100Kms.per hour the first side, at 200 Kms.per hour the second side, at 300 Kms. per hour the third side, and at 400Kms. perhour the fourth side.Use the correct mean to find the average speed round the square. 5. The G.M.,H.M. and of three observations are 3.63,3.27 and 4 respectively.Find the observations. 6.Using a suitable formula calculate the median value from the following data: Midvalue 115 125 135 145 155 165 175 185 195 Total Frequency 6 25 48 72 116 60 38 22 3 390 7. In a group of 1000 wage earns the monthly wages of 4% are below Rs.60 and those of 15% are under Rs. 62.50. 15% earned Rs95 and over, and 5% got Rs.100 and over.Find the median wage. 8. Find out the missing frequencies of the following data, given that A.M. IS 67.45 inches. Height (inches) No. of students 60-62 5 63-65 18 66-68 f 69-71 72-74 8 Total 100

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