Measurement of Attitude.

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Information about Measurement of Attitude.

Published on March 14, 2014

Author: vipinsubash



Understanding Buyers #1. An understanding of Buyers are very crucial since buyers are not just a statistical element but they are intelligent beings capable of choosing for themselves. #2.Statical data only puts light on figures but cannot highlight the cause of that figures.

Attitude ?

An enduring disposition to consistently respond in a given manner to various aspects of the world, composed of affective, cognitive, and behavioral components.

Hypothetical Constructs

Variables that are not directly observable but are measurable through indirect indicators, such as verbal expression or overt behavior.

Importance of Measuring Attitudes ?

Techniques for Measuring Attitudes

A measurement task that requires respondents to rank order a small number of stores, brands, or objects on the basis of overall preference or some characteristic of the stimulus. Ranking

A measurement task that requires respondents to estimate the magnitude of a characteristic or quality that a brand, store, or object possesses. Rating

A measurement task that presents a respondent with several objects or product concepts and requires the respondent to arrange the objects into piles or classify the product concepts. Sorting

A measurement task that identifies preferences by requiring respondents to choose between two or more alternatives Choice

Attitude Rating Scales

A rating scale that consists of several response categories, often providing respondents with alternatives to indicate positions on a continuum. Category scale

A measure of attitudes designed to allow respondents to rate how strongly they agree or disagree with carefully constructed statements, ranging from very positive to very negative attitudes toward some object. Likert scale

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