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Published on June 28, 2008

Author: growthmirror


Slide 1: Learning to Listen… Slide 2: Spelling of Listen is not “LISEN”…. There is a silent “T” Slide 3: Have you ever wondered, that there are two words for what we use our ears for ? Slide 4: “Hear” & “listen” Most of the time we HEAR. Rarely we LISTEN. Slide 5: I wondered, what is to “listen”.. Its this silent “T” , that makes all the difference… Its this silent “T” , That taught me to listen. Slide 6: If you wish to listen, keep ‘T’ silent…. T is for ‘Talking’ , Do not talk while some one is talking. Hear him first fully… keep your talking silent, if you wish to listen… Slide 7: T is for ‘Thoughts’ , Do not get lost in your thoughts while you hear. What is told, may be heard differently because of your thoughts….keep your thoughts silent if you wish to listen… If you wish to listen, keep ‘T’ silent…. Slide 8: T is for ‘Training’ , Do not ‘judge’ while you hear based on your ‘conditioning’ (trained Mindset)..Silence your personal views and beliefs – keep your training silent if you wish to listen… If you wish to listen, keep ‘T’ silent…. Slide 9: Its this silent “T” , that makes all the difference … Its this silent “T” , That Tells us how to listen. Slide 10: Thank you for listening. For more training presentations, log on

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