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Published on August 13, 2019

Author: arvindvk


slide 1: Introduction to TypeScript Why Use TypeScript l Basic Types l Classes and Interfaces l Type De finitions l Compiling TypeScript l MEAN STACK CURRICULUM Node.js Node Version ManagerNVM Getting started with Node.js l Node Package Manager l Modules l Asynchronous Programming l Callbacks l Events l Streams l Getting Started with Angular Installing Angular CLI l Modules Why use Modules l NgModule l Declarations l Providers l Imports l Bootstrapping l The Core Module l Shared Modules l Angular Architecture overview Creating first Angular application l l Components Introduction to Components l Component Architecture Patterns l Decorator Metadata l State Behaviour l Inputs and Outputs l Templates Inline vs External l Template Expressions l Data Bindings l ngIf else and ngFor l Built-in Structural Directives l Built-in Attribute Directives l slide 2: Custom Directives Types of Directive l Create your own Structural Directive l Create your own Attribute Directive l Pipes Built-in Pipes l Custom Pipes l Services Introduction to Services l Building a Service l Dependency Injection Introduction to Dependency Injection l Injectors Providers l Registering Providers l Lifecycle Hooks Component LifeCycle l Using ngOnInit l All lifecycle Hooks l Routing The Component Router l De fining Routes l Navigation l Route Params l Child Routes l Advanced Routing Route Guards l Template-driven Forms Introduction to forms l Template-driven forms l Validation l Asynchronous Operations Introduction to Async l Promises l Observables l HTTP Request / Response l Testing Introduction to Testing l Unit Testing l E2E Testing l Third –Party NPM Package Social Login Authentication l Cookies and Local Storage l Angular File Upload l Angular Pagination l Angular Shopping Cart l slide 3: Express.js MVC Pattern l Introduction to Express l Routing l HTTP Interaction l Handling Form Data l Handling Query Parameters l Cookies and Sessions l User Authentication l Error Handling l Creating and Consuming RESTful Services l Using Templates l MongoDB Understanding NoSQLMongoDB l Finding Documents l Update Insert and Upsert l Indexing l Data Modeling l Aggregation l Implementing Mangoose l Deploying Node application on server Loading Balancing using PM-2 Use of Ngrok utility for creating HTTP tunnel Use of NodeMon utility MINI PROJECT Covering All the Concepts Partners : Ph. : 0120-4345190-91-92 to 97 Mb. :09899909738 09899913475 GREATER NOIDA NOIDA A-43 A-52 Sector-16 Noida - 201301 U.P . INDIA Ph. : 0120-4646464 Mb. : 09871055180 GHAZIABAD 1 Anand Industrial Estate Near ITS College Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad U.P . Ph.: 0120-4835400...98-99 Mb. : 09810831363 / 9818106660 : 08802288258 - 59-60 GURGAON 1808/2 2nd floor old DLF Near Honda Showroom Sec.-14 Gurgaon Haryana Ph. : 0124-4219095-96-97-98 Mb. : 09873477222-333 SCO-32 1st Floor Sec.-16 Faridabad HARYANA Ph. : 0129-4150605-09 Mb. : 09811612707 FARIDABAD Java F 205 Neelkanth Plaza Alpha 1 commercial Belt Opposite to Alpha Metro Station Greater Noida

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