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Published on February 6, 2008

Author: Rainero


Iditarod Report:  Iditarod Report Cory Meadows 3rd period Mrs. Galloway’s Class Due 3-15-01 The Iditarod:  The Iditarod An outbreak of the disease diphtheria loomed over the small town of Nome, Alaska in 1925. A medicine was needed to immunize the townspeople but it was in short supply. Bad weather in the area kept airplanes from Fairbanks on the ground. The medicine was instead rushed from Nenana to Nome, about 675 miles, by dog teams. The medicine was relayed the distance in just 127.5 hours. The Iditarod continued:  The Iditarod continued The Iditarod Sled Dog Race is run to honor the historic medicine run. The race begins in Anchorage during the first weekend in March. From the first 20-day run in 1973, the times have fallen to under 10 days. After the first musher reaches the burl arch in Nome, mushers continue to flow in both day and night for a week and a half. The After Race Celebration:  The After Race Celebration At the end of the race, Nome becomes quite a center of activity. Scheduled activities include a potluck dinner, several crafts shows, the race awards ceremonies including an opportunity to meet the mushers, and an Alaskan sized basketball tournament (over 50 teams attend the competition). There is also the Ice Golf Classic and a darts tournament. My Mushers:  My Mushers Dee Dee Jonrowe Willow, Alaska Dee Dee Jonrowe was born in Germany in 1953 while her dad was in the service. She went to school in Virginia and in 1971 the military brought their family to Alaska. Mushers continued:  Mushers continued She began mushing in 1979 and became interested in the Iditarod after her mother shared her interest in the race while Dee Dee lived in Bethel. Dee Dee has won many awards during her racing career including the Alaska Airlines Leonhard Seppala Humanitarian Award. She is a member of Big Lake Baptist Church, Valley Women's Running Club and P.R.I.D.E. Mushers continued:  Mushers continued Juan Alcina Willow, Alaska Juan Alcina was born in Malaga, Spain, in 1964. He was an aircraft mechanic for 10 years in the Spanish Air  Force. Juan began mushing in 1990 in the Pyrenees and moved to Alaska in 1991 with plans to eventually run "The Last Great Race." Mushers continued:  Mushers continued Juan's been an aircraft mechanic at the Anchorage International Airport for the last four years. He is a member of Club Slid and says he enjoys spending time with his family and the dogs. Maureen and Juan have a son, Javier, age 5, and the newest member of their family, Neal, 1. Mushers continued:  Mushers continued Ron Koczaja Kwethluk, AK Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Ron Koczaja, 29, attended college at the State University of New York at Buffalo and graduated with a degree in biology with a minor in education. Mushers continued:  Mushers continued Ron spent summers in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he got into climbing and mountaineering. After college, he decided to come to Alaska because of all the huge mountains. Mushers continued:  Mushers continued Ironically, he ended up with a job in Kasigluk, a village located in the middle of the huge flat Kuskokwim delta – no mountains or hills in sight. He began running in 1995 with dogs that belonged to Cauline Ferguson and “got hooked.” After a year, he got his own dogs and began running with Yukon Quest musher, Andrew Lesh. After three years of mushing in the howling wind and on glare ice and barren tundra, he moved to Kwethluk for the trees, mountains and all around better trail conditions. He said he decided to run the Iditarod after he entered the Kuskokwim 300 with the goal of “just finishing” and ended up “placing fairly respectably and ahead of some Iditarod mushers.” Ron is single. He says his hobbies are camping and traveling. Ending:  Ending At the beginning the route was used for getting medicine to a town and as a mail route.Now it just run for fun. No matter how the course has changed over the years it’s still beautiful, and is still the “last great race on earth”.

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