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Information about MBBS Admission in Russia

Published on September 22, 2018

Author: Mohitdigitalimc

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slide 1: Study MBBS in Russia | GECeducationAbroad Introduction: ​A primary destination for Study MBBS in abroad is Russia. MBBS in Russia for Indian students is very popular and cost of medical study in Russia is also low as compared to the quality of MBBS from Russia. Check: ​mbbs in Russia Geographical Location: Russia or Russian Federation extended across the Northern Asia and Eastern Europe. The nation with largest surface area of land mass in the world with eleven time-zones with the borders sharing with Asian neighbour’s like China Mongolia North Korea Kazakhstan shares borders with European countries like Norway Finland Estonia Latvia Lithuania Poland Belarus Ukraine Georgia Azerbaijan shares maritime borders with Japan and USA Alaska. Within Russia from north to south the range of The Ural Mountains divides Russian Europe and Russian Asia. Due to its largest reserve of mineral and natural energy resources Russia is the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the world. Weather Condition: ​Considering the size a generic term to describe the climatic condition of Russia is not possible. Grossly Russia has warm to dry-hot summer and extremely freezing winter. The European part is less chilling than the Asian part. In European Plateau i.e western side of Ural Mountains the winter temperature may be -30oC with heavy snowfall. December January and February are winter months. March April May are slide 2: spring months. June July and August are summer months. September October November is autumn months. In September – October students may expect rains with cold of 8-10oC daytime temperature. Know More: ​ mbbs admission in ​russia Popular Academic Cities: ​Asian part and Siberia are very cold and not suitable for Indian students. The popular medical schools of Russia are also in EU part. The most popular cities are the capital Moscow and St Petersburg Volgograd Kazan etc are also hosts eminent medical schools. Crimea of Ukraine is another place which is now under the Russian Federal and popular for Crimea Medical University. Due to the critical weather condition it is better to be restricted to these cities in Russia. Education System: ​Russia has very strong education system. Literacy rate of Russia is 99.7. There are 5 types of higher education institutions: Universitet University Academia Academy Institut Institute Technicheskiy Universitet Technical University and Konservatoria Conservatory. International students have the option to choose the Russian Medium or English Medium for Russian medium one has to take a foundation year. All the universities follow the same term time. They start in September 1st term ends in January 2nd term is from February to June. Check: ​mbbs in russia fees Recognition: ​In 2014 Russia was the 6th most popular country for study abroad which includes Medicine Engineering Maritime and Science. MCI approved list of medical universities includes top-ranked Russian MBBS colleges. Actually the highest number of medical universities of Russia is listed by MCI among all other countries. The value of MBBS degree from Russia in India is well accepted by Indian Medical colleges and hospitals provided one clears the MCI screening test named as Foreign Medical Graduates Examination. Russian medical degree is valid in Europe too and they are considered as First degree in medicine slide 3: Eligibility: ​Eligibility for MBBS in Russia is a student should be more than 17 years old at the time of admission has passed 12th science with Physics Chemistry and Biology with 50 and above. IELTS TOEFL etc are not required for admission to Russian medical universities. Read More: ​mbbs in Russia for Indian students

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