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Published on April 7, 2008

Author: Renzo


Curriculum Co-Development in Public and Ecosystem Health An East African Network:  Curriculum Co-Development in Public and Ecosystem Health An East African Network Dr. Mbaabu Mathiu, University of Nairobi; Dr. Jeffrey K. Griffiths, Tufts University Objectives:  Objectives Develop and implement novel, interdisciplinary internet-based curricula linking an international group of Universities with focus in East Africa Benefits – mutually improved curricula, and improved international public health practice (capacity building) Project directly addresses MDGs 4, 5, 6 – will increase skills and knowledge through education Partners Include::  Partners Include: Kenya Educational Network (KENET) – provides internet backbone to > 60 Kenyan higher education institutions, including University of Nairobi, Kenya Methodist University, Kenya Wildlife Service Makerere University’s Institute of Public Health in Kampala Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences (MUCHS) in Dar es Salaam Tufts University (public health) in Boston Conceptual Framework Network of Sharing:  Conceptual Framework Network of Sharing MUCHS in TANZANIA TUFTS USA KENET linked KENYA MAKERERE UGANDA EAST AFRICAN UNIVERSITIES South-South North-South-South YOUR INSTITUTION? Mechanisms of Learning:  Mechanisms of Learning LEARN “ABOUT” ISSUES IN OTHER PLACES LEARN IN OTHER PLACES Read a book $ Do to a lecture Travel there $$$ Use the internet ($) Try to understand issues the way they are seen by others via mentored discourse LEARN “WITH” PEOPLE IN OTHER PLACES Knowledge is socially constructed “Higher Knowledge” Requires::  “Higher Knowledge” Requires: Context: An academic course at our schools Access to materials that may reflect a different point of view: Usual routes: read the literature (texts), videos, courses and experiences; we can now also use the internet to share content The opportunity to integrate these ideas: Occurs through formal and informal discussion; travel (not available to many, $$$); alternatively, through a CCD course that includes shared, mentored discussion. Slide7:  Course at University A Related Course at Univ. B Related Course at Univ. C Topic 1 Topic 2 Virtual Forums: Mentored discussions Shared Topics /Courses Slide8:  Instructors comparing courses & deciding on topics to be shared (Naivasha, Kenya 2005) Bring Faculty Together to Learn Course Software:  Bring Faculty Together to Learn Course Software Dar es Salaam, July 2006 Slide10:  SNAPSHOT OF CCD COURSE ORIGINAL CCD COURSE POLITICAL SCIENCE (Blackboard software has no library function) Slide11:  TUSK, Tufts University Science Knowledgebase, with logos adapted by Muhimbili University College of Health Sciences, Dar es Salaam Slide12:  TUFTS (USA) CONTENT MUHIMBILI (TANZANIA) CONTENT JOINTLY DEVELOPED CASE STUDIES KENYAN, UGANDAN EXAMPLES Innovative elements in CCD:  Innovative elements in CCD Mentored “virtual forums” – scholarly discussion without being in the same place. Symmetrical reciprocity – based on learning from one another, collaboration without any one institution dominating the discussions. Development of digital libraries designed for shared use (TUSK is a digital library system as well as course software). Innovative elements in CCD:  Flexibility: Amount and depth of shared content; timing of delivery and discussions Global Capacity Building: Professionals able to incorporate local, regional, international knowledge to solve public health problems. The socially constructed knowledge builds Communities of Knowledge which are the basis for Communities of Practice Innovative elements in CCD CCD REQUIREMENTS (CHALLENGES):  CCD REQUIREMENTS (CHALLENGES) HUMAN CAPACITY – Attitudes, skills TECHNOLOGY – infrastructure, internet backbone, LANs, facilities for students faculty INSTITUTIONAL – Administrative silos, and rigid academic programs that can be territorial PEDAGOGICAL – traditional teaching methods Accomplishments:  Accomplishments Four training workshops: Three in Kenya: 1/2004, 8/2005, 7/2006, and one in Tanzania 7/06 Identification of courses / topics to be shared Resolution of multiple infrastructure problems – servers, computers, wireless setups Student, faculty and IT personnel exchanges Winnowing through software systems; TUSK chosen, servers installed in Nairobi, Dar, and Kampala. Devised ways to help “computer-phobic” faculty to load materials into the system (using students) Hosting student discussions. Slide18:  NEEDS ASSESSMENT PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION FINAL INTEGRATION ACROSS SITES COMPLETED NEXT STEPS NEEDS ASSESSMENT PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION ADOPTION OF SOFTWARE INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS FACULTY TRAINING PEDAGOGY TESTED TOPICS SHARED BETWEEN 2 COURSES Funding Acknowledgements :  Funding Acknowledgements 5-year NIH-funded project funded by NIH (‘Innovative Curricula in Water & International Health’) Builds on prior funding by the Association Liaison Office (funded by USAID) Linked 3-year NIH project which may add South African and Indian sites (‘Framework in Global Health’)

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