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Published on May 27, 2018

Author: jhonipoul11

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slide 1: Microsoft MB6-896 Distribution and Trade in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations slide 2: Validate your MB6-896 Exam learning and preparation with our most updated MB6-896 dumps. Dumpspdf.com has experienced IT experts who gather and approve a huge range of Microsoft MB6-896 Questions Answers for Microsoft Other Certification seekers. Practicing our 100 updated MB6-896 Practice Tests is a guaranteed way towards your success in Microsoft MB6-896 Exam. Get huge discount. MB6-896 Dumps Questions MB6-896 Real Exam Dumps slide 3: You don’t need to take any stress about your MB6-896 Dumps Questions. We will provide you some demo questions and answers of MB6-896 Exam Dumps here. MB6-896 Dumps Questions MB6-896 Real Exam Dumps slide 4: Question NO 1 You have two warehouses that are positioned next to each other on the same city block. Transfer orders are generated automatically according to a master plan for moving inventory between warehouses. You need ensure that the system supports the movement of inventory from one warehouse to the other. What should you configure A. Movement journals B. A quarantine warehouse C. Inventory adjustment journals D. A transit warehouse Answer: D https://www.dumpspdf.com/MB6-896.html slide 5: Question NO 2 You are setting up a new customer in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. You need to assign the customer to a customer group. Which three pieces of information should you include in the customer group Each correct answer presents part of the solution. A. credit limit B. default tax group C. terms of payment D. price group E. default write off reason Answer: BCD https://www.dumpspdf.com/MB6-896.html slide 6: Question NO 3 You are the accounts receivable manager at Contoso. Ltd. You must configure commission calculations based on information provided from the sales team and upper management. You need to configure the groups for commission calculations. Which three types of groups should you configure Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A. Item discount groups B. Customer groups for commission C. Item groups D. Sales groups E. Price tolerance groups Answer: BCD https://www.dumpspdf.com/MB6-896.html slide 7: Question NO 4 You need to set up boxing logic to support the packaging requirements for a specific product. Which two fields need to be populated with values Each correct answer presents part of the solution. A. Weight limit B. Gross weight C. Net weight D. Tare weight E. Maximum utilization Answer: CD https://www.dumpspdf.com/MB6-896.html slide 8: Question NO 5 You need to enable the purchase order PO process to initiate for a vendor when the vendor accepts a PO. Which option should you choose A. Active PO is auto-confirmed B. Not active C. Pending D. Active PO is not auto-confirmed Answer: A https://www.dumpspdf.com/MB6-896.html slide 9: Question NO 6 You work with a vendor who supplies you with apparel and sporting goods products. You negotiate a new purchase agreement with the vendor. The agreement terms you have arranged with the vendor are for a three percent discount on apparel and sporting goods products when the order exceeds 50000.00. Which commitment type should you use A. Product quantity B. Product value C. Product category value D. Value Answer: C https://www.dumpspdf.com/MB6-896.html slide 10: Question NO 7 You need to set up new journals to bring in open inventory balances during system setup. Which two types of journals could you create Each correct answer is a complete solution. A. movement B. inventory adjustment C. counting D. item arrival Answer: BC https://www.dumpspdf.com/MB6-896.html slide 11: Question NO 8 You create a sales quotation for a new prospect. The prospect agrees to the terms of the quotation. You attempt to confirm the quotation. The Confirm option for the quotation is not enabled. You need to confirm the quote. What should you do A. Save the quotation. B. Convert the prospect to a customer. C. Accept the quotation. D. Change the status of the quotation. Answer: B https://www.dumpspdf.com/MB6-896.html slide 12: Question NO 9 You observe that the small boxes of a specific product are not selling well compared to the large boxes of the same product. You need to know how many of the small boxes of the product you have on hand and where the boxes are located. Which report should you use A. Location label B. On-hand inventory C. Inventory by inventory dimension aging D. Physical inventory by inventory dimension Answer: D https://www.dumpspdf.com/MB6-896.html slide 13: Question NO 10 You are creating auto charges. Which three statements are true Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A. You can define auto charges for category hierarchies. B. You can define auto charges for specific vendors. C. You can define auto charges for specific categories. D. You can define auto charges for specific items. E. You can define auto charges for specific delivery modes. Answer: BDE https://www.dumpspdf.com/MB6-896.html slide 14: Why Choose US Offering Effective PDF Tests Training to Individuals and Companies 100 Money Back Guarantee on All Dumps Special Student Discount Available Printable and Searchable PDF Braindumps User Interactive Exams Software Get Free Live Updates Exams Software MB6-896 Dumps Questions MB6-896 Real Exam Dumps slide 15: MB6-896 Dumps Questions MB6-896 Real Exam Dumps slide 16: Thanks For Watching Dumpspdf provides you guaranteed success in MB6-896 Real Exam Dumps as we have latest MB6-896 braindumps. Click Here following link to download MB6-896 Dumps PDF. Good luck MB6-896 Dumps Questions MB6-896 Real Exam Dumps

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