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Published on February 17, 2009

Author: MJBoyd

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 1: DESIGNPORTFOLIO MICHAELJ. BOYD REGISTEREDPROFESSIONAL ENGINEER•INVENTOR THE SOLUTION TO YOUR INNOVATIVE DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENTNEEDS . . . © Michael J. Boyd 2/17/2K9 All Rights Reserved Slide 2: Compressed Air Cannon /Pumpkin Launcher HOME Kamikaze (Divine Wind)2K8 Project: Compressed Air Cannon Features/Materials: Air Chamber - 500 Gallon Propane Tank Barrel – 10” D Schedule 40 PVC Pipe w/ breach loading capability Pressure Release Mechanism - 6” D Butterfly Valve Hydraulic cylinders for horizontal and vertical directional control Tank Cradle - 80/20 extruded aluminum frame w/ plasma-cut, diamond plate side panels, mounted on Komatsu excavator bearing Sculpture: Dragon Boat head and tail w/ custom aluminum rectangular tubing mounts Body - Plywood w/ dragon boat paddle ribs on back Range Capability: Approximately ½ mile (16 lb. bowling ball at 120± psi.) Slide 3: PUMPKIN LAUNCHERS ASSORTED CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN DETAIL PHOTOS Breach Loading (added 2002) Conceptual Plan – 2004 500 Gallon Tank / Cradle (added 2004) Barrel Sculpture - 2008 Boat Trailer Mount - 2006 Hydraulics (added 2007) Flatbed Truck Mount (2007+) Bearing Kamikaze (Divine Wind) HOME Slide 4: PUMPKIN LAUNCHER DESIGN CHRONOLOGY 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 Human-Powered Air Compressor Human-Powered Air Compressor 2005 2007 2006 2008 Video Clips (coming soon) ;-) Jack-O-Launch1999 - 2K8 1999: SPLAT! Slingshot (pulled tug-of-war style) Grand Champion, Jack-O-Launch 2000: The Bare Witch Project Hybrid Slingshot / Catapult Division Champion, Jack-O-Launch 2001: Pumpkin Ona bin Laden Air Cannon (single 80-gallon tank) Grand Champion, Jack-O-Launch 2002: Smashing Pumpkins Air Cannon (twin 80-gallon tanks) Grand Champion, Jack-O-Launch 2003: Savages in Kilts Air Cannon (twin 80-gallon tanks) Grand Champion, Jack-O-Launch 2004: The Ecdysiast Samurai Air Cannon (500-gallon tank/utility trailer) Grand Champion, Jack-O-Launch 2005: Aurora or Bust! Air Cannon (500-gallon tank/utility trailer) Division Champion, Jack-O-Launch 2006: Tasty Unendangered Species Air Cannon (500-gallon tank / 42’ boat trailer) Division Champion, Jack-O-Launch 2007: Bodyguard Arachnids Air Cannon (500-gallon tank/flatbed truck) Division Champion, Jack-O-Launch 2008: Drac-O-Launch Air Cannon (500-gallon tank/flatbed truck) Division Runner-Up, Jack-O-Launch HOME Slide 5: HUMAN POWERED VEHICLE /KINETICS SCULPTURE CHALLENGE DraCOnetics 2K8 Kinetics* Sculpture Challenge Human-Powered Vehicle *Kinetics is a 4+ mile obstacle course race, around which human-powered sculptures are propelled over land, water, mud, and a variety of obstacles. Teams are judged not only on race performance, but also on the engineering design and aesthetic appeal of their sculptures, costumes, and team spirit. Features/Materials: Tandem tricycle configuration, allowing full utilization of bicycle gears on land 1:1 gearbox in original place of rear wheel, providing power transfer to carbon fiber propeller on water Modular design using extruded (80/20) aluminum frame ?& custom-milled clamping brackets, allowing assembly/disassembly with no alteration of the bicycle Custom pontoons and rudders on special hinge mechanisms, allowing retraction when on land Sculpture: Dragon Boat head and tail w/ custom aluminum rectangular tubing mount Body - sheet styrofoam (insulation) on a plywood Pool noodles and dragon boat paddles accent the design HOME Slide 6: HUMAN POWERED VEHICLE CONSTRUCTION CHRONOLOGY DraCOnetics 2K8 HOME Slide 7: KINETICS HUMAN-POWERED VEHICLE DESIGN CHRONOLOGY (Click on a photo below to see additional images) 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2001 Kinetics Sculpture Challenge1995 - 2K1 1995: Chiquita’s Folly Fantastic Finish Award 1996: Chiquita’s Revenge 1997: Tickle My Elmo Perseverance Award 1998: Kineticians in Black Working for a Living Award 1999: whY K2 What’s in a Name Award 2000: If You Have a Buzz . . . I’ve Got a Woody! Best Bribes Award 2001: H. K. Potter School for Wayward Sorcerers 3rd Place - Engineering HOME Slide 8: 2003 2002 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2008 KINETICS HUMAN-POWERED VEHICLE DESIGN CHRONOLOGY (Click on a photo below to see additional images) 25 Years of Kinetics Video Short Kinetics Sculpture Challenge2K2 - 2K8 2002: Middle-Age Errant Ninjas & their Turtle 3rd Place - Engineering 2003: Savages in Kilts 2nd Place - Style 2004: The Ecdysiast Samurai 2nd Place - Overall 1st Place – Style 3rd Place - Costumes King Tut Master Builder’s Award 2005: Granby or Bust! 3rd Place - Overall 1st Place - Style 2nd Place - Engineering 3rd Place - Sculpture 2006: Flamers Eating Tasty Unendangered Species What’s in a Name Award 2007: Bodyguard Arachnids Critic’s Choice Award 2008: DraCOnetics The Wizard’s Cup Award (Second Award) ??? HOME Slide 9: 1998 - Cataraft Frame / Roleez Wheels 1999 - Pedal Power - Hobie Mirage Drive System & New TIG - Welded Aluminum Frame (pivoting wheel attachments using Wing ladder hinges) 2001 - Modified Frame / Flame-Thrower! ;-) 2002 - New TIG - Welded Aluminum Frame, Motorcycle Wheels, and Custom Designed Variable-Pitch Paddle Wheel 2003 - New Custom Fiberglass / Styrofoam Pontoons Variable-Pitch Paddle Wheel Video (coming soon) ;-) HUMAN POWERED VEHICLES ASSORTED CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN DETAIL PHOTOS Kinetics Crafts1998 - 2K3 HOME Slide 10: HUMAN POWERED VEHICLES ASSORTED CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN DETAIL PHOTOS - Twin Tandem Bicycles; 27” Carbon Fiber Water Propeller; 80/20 Extruded Aluminum Frame w/ Custom-Milled Mounting Brackets - Screw-Jack to raise and lower Propeller; PVC / Pool Noodle Sculpture; Custom Fiberglass / Styrofoam Rudders 2006 - Improved Gearbox / Lower Unit System; Custom-Painted Pontoons, Rudders & Sculptural Elements 2007 - Custom Aluminum Pontoons w/ specially designed Mounting Brackets; Lower Unit from small Outboard Engine; 17” Carbon Fiber Water Propeller - Tandem Bicycle to Tricycle Conversion; full use of bicycle gearing on both land and water Kinetics Crafts2K4 - 2K8 HOME Slide 11: FIRE BREATHING DRAGON / PYROTECHNIC DISPLAY VEHICLES Scorch(Flame Thrower) Project: Propane Burner Pyrotechnic Display Apparatus Features/Materials: Twin-valve burner (propane vapor) with integrated igniter / pilot light and electronic sensor/switching system for safety and control Various regulators and tank capacities used depending on specific display environment and related factors This mechanism has been used as part of a fixed display, and has also been mounted on a variety of mobile platforms including a go-kart, a variety of custom human-powered vehicles, a grocery cart and a flatbed truck Sculpture: Custom fiberglass/styrofoam dragon head w/ articulating lower jaw Range Capability: Shoots flames approximately 15 feet HOME Slide 12: MISCELLANEOUS DESIGN / DISPLAY CONFIGURATIONS Kinetics Sculpture Challenge Parade 2001 Red Bull Soap Box Races 2002 The Cheshire Cat Brewpub Arvada, Colorado Halloween, 2004 Halloween, 2005 (Arvada / Westminster) Halloween, 2006 (Olde Town Arvada) Trunk or Treat (RMAE) 2008 Video Clips (coming soon) ;-) Scorch Displays & Events Kinetics Sculpture Challenge - 2001 Mounted on amphibious human-powered vehicle. Displayed/operated per authorization of the Chief Fire Marshall, City of Boulder. Jack-O-Launch Competition - 2001 Mounted on human-powered air compressor. Displayed/operated with permission of the City of Aurora. Red Bull Soap Box Races - 2002 Mounted on go-kart frame. Displayed and operated pursuant to a Pyrotechnic Event Permit issued by the Denver Fire Prevention Bureau. The Cheshire Cat - Halloween, 2004 Fixed display on the balcony of the Cheshire Cat Brewpub building (to entertain patrons and onlookers in the parking lot and adjacent street). Arvada/Westminster - Halloween, 2005 Mobile display, mounted on 4-seat human- powered vehicle. Used on trick-or-treat excursion through local neighborhoods. Olde Town Arvada - Halloween, 2006 Mobile display, mounted on shopping cart. A great crowd-pleaser for patrons of the local establishments! Trunk or Treat - 2007 & 2008 Displayed in conjunction w/ air cannon at annual Halloween event for students at Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen. HOME Slide 13: Rack mounted on a trailer hitch for a parade demonstration MECHANICAL DESIGN ADJUSTABLE BOARD / TILE HOLDER Adjustable Rack w/ Board Holder (mounted on inclined I-Beam) Rack w/ Roofing Tile Holder Design in use at a recent Upper Dan Black Belt testing Video Clip – Hand Break Video Clip – Foot Break MiscellaneousDesign Projects Project: Adjustable TaeKwon-Do Board/Tile Holding Device Features/Materials: Frame constructed of 80/20 extruded aluminum material w/ the breaker attached to a sliding track mechanism, allowing quick, easy height adjustments Modular assembly lends itself to a number of configurations, and can be used to position a wide variety of tile or board holders May be mounted in a fixed location on a vertical or inclined surface, or on a mobile platform Design Advantages: Eliminates the need for two people to manually hold the board breaker in place against a wall, allowing solo breaking practice sessions, and lessening view obstructions at testings Provides a more secure point of attachment for board/tile holders, increasing the likelihood that breaking attempts will be successful HOME Slide 14: The Finished Product! ;-) The Inspiration (Renaissance Festival display) WOODWORKING TREE QUILT RACK The Plan Construction - Pre-Finish Fitting Construction – Gluing of Finished Pieces MiscellaneousDesign Projects Project: Tree Quilt Rack Features/Materials: Custom design, based on photograph of a wall decoration displayed at a local Renaissance Festival. This image was modified using PhotoShop in order to arrive at the final design Solid oak construction, featuring ¾” thick laminated side panels, a matching base plate, and three 1-1/4” oak rods Side panel design elements were cut out using a RotoZip spiral saw; edges were rounded using a Router w/ a “rounding over” bit The rack was assembled using ¼” wood dowels in matching holes, and the fastened using woodworker’s glue After sanding and assembly, the Tree Quilt Rack was finished via multiple hand-rubbed coats of Watco Danish Oil Finish HOME Slide 15: Marine Battery (in green box) TENT MISTING SYSTEM 12V RV Pump (on blue barrel) Hose with Misting Nozzles (along support under leading edge of tent) Barrel for Misting Water Supply and to secure Tent MiscellaneousDesign Projects Project: Tent Misting System The Challenge: Keeping your Cool! The Colorado Dragon Boat Festival is a two-day event, held in Denver at Sloan’s Lake Park in late July, when temperatures often hover near 100°F. Teams may erect tents, but no stakes are allowed to be driven into the ground. Features/Materials: Large tent - staying out of the sun is critical. Since no stakes are allowed, large (55 gallon) plastic water barrels are used to secure the tent. Custom misting system - water is pumped from one of the water barrels using a 12 volt DC water pump (made for RVs). Power is supplied via a 12V marine battery. The water is pumped into a hose assembly that includes 10± fine misting nozzles (purchased from a local greenhouse facility). When operating, the misting system reduces temperatures in the tent by an estimated 10° to 15° F. HOME Slide 16: The Wizard’s Cup SELECT SMALL DESIGN PROJECTS Trailer Hitch Step Design / Costruction Drawings – Evaporative Cooler Pedestal Evaporative Cooler Installation on Pedestal The step comes in very handy for loading pumpkins! ;-) MiscellaneousDesign Projects Evaporative Cooler Pedestal (1996) This project required installation of a 14,500± cfm evaporative cooler in a residential setting. No commercial pedestals were available for a unit this large, so a custom aluminum, TIG-welded assembly was designed, constructed and installed (see photos at right). Trailer Hitch Step (2008) A step, cut from diamond plate steel, is mounted on a trailer hitch insert to provide an easier route onto a flatbed truck. The diamond plate was slotted to fit snugly around the insert, and includes a hole to allow it to be bolted in place using the trailer hitch ball assembly. “Wizard’s Cup” Trophy (2003) This custom trophy was designed in honor of years of service of The Great Kinetics Wizard. Materials include an athletic supporter cup, inline skate wheels, brass tubing, a wood base, and a pewter Wizard figure. HOME Slide 17: BUILDING DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS Conceptual Sketch Preliminary Plans (Partial – Work in Progress) MiscellaneousDesign Projects Project: Conceptual Design Carr Street Tower Addition Key Design Features: Two-story custom octagonal office addition with spiral staircase Rooftop deck/gazebo and lighthouse tower Location: Wheat Ridge, Colorado Proposed Construction Date: TBD (2009 - 2010±) Design Software: ArchiCAD v. 11.0 Mac (Graphisoft) HOME Slide 18: SELECT BUILDING DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS Amsbaugh Residence Construction 1980± Baker Cabin (1976) Planning / Construction of 1200 s.f. log cabin / loft Matching 14’ x 16’ storage shed added in 1980 Mr. Mud Art Studio Addition Construction 1984 Speedy’s Towing Commercial Garage Planning / Construction 1985± James & Jackie Boyd Residence Construction, Well Permitting and Design of Individual Sewage Disposal System (1987-88) Fredrick & Terry Sidell Residence Preliminary Planning, Well Permitting, Building Permit Application and Design of Individual Sewage Disposal System (1995) 20’ x 24’ Storage Shed added in 1997 MiscellaneousDesign Projects HOME Slide 19: SELECT LAND DEVELOPMENT PLANNING PROJECTS Red Top Valley Estates Subdivision – 9 Lots (pending) (click image above to see larger, multi-layer composite planning map) Sidell Subdivision Exemption (1995) Fisher Estate Outright Exemption (2002) Fisher Subdivision Exemption (1986) Engel Subdivision Exemption (1995) AA- Ranch Subdivision Exemption (1988) MiscellaneousDesign Projects Red Top Valley Estates Subdivision Preliminary Plat / Water Rights Plan for Augmentation applications pending (9 Lots / 61.752± acres) Fisher Estate Outright Exemption Final Plat approved August, 2002 One parcel / 2.676± acres Sidell Subdivision Exemption Final Plat approved December, 1995 One parcel / 3.715± acres Engel Subdivision Exemption Final Plat approved May, 1995 Three tracts / 36.02± acres AA- Ranch Subdivision Exemption Final Plat approved August, 1988 Three parcels / 9.56± acres Fisher Subdivision Exemption Final Plat approved October, 1986 Four tracts / 40.59± acres HOME Slide 20: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 MiscellaneousDesign Projects DRAGON BOAT TRAILER CONVERSION The Mission: The Constraints: Photographic Chronology: • Earliest Departure - morning of May 10, 2K7 • Trailer pickup - by 5:00 PM that afternoon (5/10) • Page Lumber Yard closing time - 6:00 PM • Dragon Boat pickup (Phoenix) – no later than 6:00 PM on May 11, 2K7 Pick up a 42’ boat trailer in Page, AZ; convert it to a flatbed on-site; drive to Phoenix to pick up two Dragon Boats; return w/ them to Denver - ASAP! 5/9 @ 4:01 PM Tools gathered for early departure on 5/10 5/10 @ 3:37 PM Trailer pickup - Page, AZ 5/10 @ 5:44 PM Conversion planned and lumber purchased and loaded - just in time! 4) 5/10 @ 7:01 PM Suitable construction site (vacant, lighted parking lot) found and lumber unloaded 5/10 @ 8:24 PM Early framing progress (Note: no electricity was available, so battery power tools were used - charging one battery in car w/ inverter while using another) 6) 5/10 @ 11:59 PM Framing nearly complete 7) 5/11 @ 3:11 AM Houston, we have a flatbed! 5/11 @ 9:05 AM A few winks caught, and ready for departure 5/11 @ 6:00 PM Phoenix! Dragon boats loaded and ready for trip home. 10) 5/13 @ 11:02 AM Arrived home 5/12; headed for Standley Lake 11) 5/13 @ 11:46 AM Parked at Standley Lake ;-) HOME Slide 21: CUSTOM AUTOMOBILE RESTORATION & BODY WORK Show-Condition Datsun 240 ZG Mercury Capri Restoration MiscellaneousDesign Projects Datsun 240 ZG • Custom Fiberglass Nose • Show-Quality Custom Paint Job • Interior Detailing w/ Blue Velvet fabric • Restored after retrieval from Grand Lake Mercury Capri Interior and Exterior Restoration Sandblasted to bare metal Extensive auto body work Sunroof Installation Custom Paint Job Before (Being towed from Grand Lake) After Restoration HOME Slide 22: VIDEO EDITING & DVD PRODUCTION Video Contest Entry Honorable Mention (click to view) Assorted Video / DVD Projects (sample DVDs available upon request) MiscellaneousDesign Projects Project: Miscellaneous Video Editing & DVD Production Projects Video Editing Software: Final Cut Studio Compressor Music / Soundtrack Editing Software: Soundtrack Pro DVD Production Software: DVD Studio Pro Miscellaneous Software: Adobe Illustrator CS Adobe Photoshop CS Quark Xpress DiskLabel HOME Slide 23: T-SHIRT DESIGNS MaestasTaeKwon-Do Dungeonless Dragons Official Team Competition T-Shirts Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, 2K8 Kinetics Sculpture Challenge 2K1 Winner of KBCO Radio T-Shirt Design Contest Official Kinetics Competitor T-Shirt was based on this design Original Conceptual Design submitted Final T-Shirt Design MiscellaneousDesign Projects HOME Slide 24: ELECTROLUMINISCENT WIRE & LED COSTUME CREATIONS Feather Hat Kinetics Sculpture Challenge, 2K3 (photo of lighted version not available) Note: Electroluminescent wire and/or LEDs have been used in a number of other applications to decorate Kinetics Sculpture vehicles / costumes, pumpkin launchers, tents, vehicles, and various articles of clothing Flame Hat Kinetics Sculpture Challenge & Kinetics Ball, 2K6 Flashing Santa Hat Christmas, 2K8 Sinister Welding Helmet Kinetics, 2K5 & Halloween 2K8 Decorative / Flashing Hat Collage MiscellaneousDesign Projects HOME Slide 25: LOGO DESIGNS Dragonboat Racing Association of Colorado (2008) Preliminary Conceptual Design Final Design, compliments of Justin Watada North Jefferson TaeKwon-Do, Inc. (2006) Trinity TaeKwon-Do (1999) Savages in Kilts (2003) SPLAT! Jack-O-Launch (1999) Personal Design (2003) MiscellaneousDesign Projects HOME Slide 26: DESKTOP PUBLISHING RESUME DESIGN 2008 MiscellaneousDesign Projects HOME Slide 27: DESKTOP PUBLISHING BROCHURES / INVITATIONS / FLYERS (Click on an icon below to see a larger image) Double A Bar Ranch - Real Estate Promotional Materials Folder Stroh Ranch / Creekside Recreation Center - Real Estate Brochure 11293 Hillcrest Road - Real Estate Flyer Fold-Out Halloween Housewarming Party Invitation Superbowl Party Invitation Kinetics Sculpture Challenge - Team Brochures (select years) 1998 2001 2005 2007 MiscellaneousDesign Projects HOME Slide 28: PATENTS PENDING Please check back - more content is coming soon! ;-) APPLICATIONS FOR TWO DESIGN PATENTS ARE CURRENTLY PENDING. INFORMATION CONCERNING THESE PATENT APPLICATIONS WILL BE POSTED AS SOON AS THERE IS NO LONGER A NEED FOR THIS INFORMATION TO REMAIN CONFIDENTIAL! MiscellaneousDesign Projects HOME Slide 29: Barbara Daniel Memorial Project Visual Impact Analysis – Real Estate Appraisal Project GRAPHICS DESIGN MISCELLANEOUS PHOTOSHOP PROJECTS Scanned Portrait Angel (Digital Photo) Final Image for Memorial Pamphlet Historic View from Property – “Before” proposed Highway Construction Anticipated View from Property – “After” proposed Highway Construction Spoctoberfest – Spock in Leiderhosen Image for Kinetics Brochure (note Men in Black critters in foreground) Before - Tesla Image After - Tesla “Family Model MiscellaneousDesign Projects HOME Slide 30: Kinetics / Jack-O-Launch Business Card Designs Personal Business Card Designs GRAPHICS / DESKTOP PUBLISHING BUSINESS CARD DESIGNS MiscellaneousDesign Projects HOME Slide 31: GRAPHICS / DESKTOP PUBLISHING CHRISTMAS CARDS 1984 - 2008 (Click on a card icon below to see larger image) 1984 (pub. Club Mac News 1/85) 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1993 (Solution) 1996 2000 2008 Note: Holiday DVDs were produced in 2K5 and 2K6. Copies are available upon request. ;-) MISCELLANEOUSDESIGN PROJECTS HOME Slide 32: RETURN CHRISTMAS CARD 1984 NAUGHTY OR NICE? (published in Club Mac News, January, 1985, page 46) MiscellaneousDesign Projects Slide 33: RETURN CHRISTMAS CARD 1986 BOUGHT MYSELF PRESENTS . . . MiscellaneousDesign Projects Slide 34: RETURN CHRISTMAS CARD 1987 BETTER LIVING / MODERN TECHNOLOGY MiscellaneousDesign Projects Slide 35: RETURN CHRISTMAS CARD 1988 HIDDEN MEANING MiscellaneousDesign Projects Slide 36: RETURN CHRISTMAS CARD 1989 HOLIDAY PUZZLE MiscellaneousDesign Projects Slide 37: RETURN CHRISTMAS CARD 1990 HAPPY 1991 MiscellaneousDesign Projects Slide 38: RETURN CHRISTMAS CARD 1991 WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS MiscellaneousDesign Projects Slide 39: RETURN CHRISTMAS CARD 1992 SS CLAUS MiscellaneousDesign Projects Slide 40: RETURN CHRISTMAS CARD 1993 LATE AGAIN MiscellaneousDesign Projects SOLUTION Slide 41: RETURN CHRISTMAS CARD 1996 THE FIRST NO-EL? MiscellaneousDesign Projects Slide 42: RETURN CHRISTMAS CARD 2000 CHRISTMAS CARD COLLAGE MiscellaneousDesign Projects Slide 43: RETURN CHRISTMAS CARD 2008 YEAR IN REVIEW PHOTO COLLAGE MiscellaneousDesign Projects Slide 44: RETURN HUMAN POWERED VEHICLE CHIQUITA’S FOLLY Kinetics Sculpture Challenge1995 Slide 45: RETURN HUMAN POWERED VEHICLE CHIQUITA’S REVENGE Kinetics Sculpture Challenge1996 Slide 46: RETURN HUMAN POWERED VEHICLE TICKLE MY ELMO Kinetics Sculpture Challenge1997 Slide 47: RETURN HUMAN POWERED VEHICLE KINETICIANS IN BLACK Kinetics Sculpture Challenge1998 Slide 48: RETURN HUMAN POWERED VEHICLE WHY K2 Kinetics Sculpture Challenge1999 Slide 49: RETURN HUMAN POWERED VEHICLE IF YOU HAVE A BUZZ . . . I’VE GOT A WOODY Kinetics Sculpture Challenge2K Slide 50: RETURN HUMAN POWERED VEHICLE H. K. POTTER SCHOOL FOR WAYWARD SORCERERS Kinetics Sculpture Challenge2K1 Slide 51: RETURN HUMAN POWERED VEHICLE MIDDLE-AGE ERRANT NINJAS & THEIR TURTLE Kinetics Sculpture Challenge2K2 Slide 52: RETURN HUMAN POWERED VEHICLE SAVAGES IN KILTS (SIK) Kinetics Sculpture Challenge2K3 Slide 53: RETURN HUMAN POWERED VEHICLE THE ECDYSIAST SAMURAI Kinetics Sculpture Challenge2K4 Slide 54: RETURN HUMAN POWERED VEHICLE GRANBY OR BUST! Kinetics Sculpture Challenge2K5 Slide 55: RETURN HUMAN POWERED VEHICLE FLAMERS EATING TASTY UNENDANGERED SPECIES Kinetics Sculpture Challenge2K6 Slide 56: RETURN HUMAN POWERED VEHICLE BODYGUARD ARACHNIDS Kinetics Sculpture Challenge2K7 Slide 57: RETURN HUMAN POWERED VEHICLE DRACONETICS Kinetics Sculpture Challenge2K8 Slide 58: RETURN RED TOP VALLEY ESTATES SUBDIVISION MULTI-LAYERED COMPOSITEPLANNINGMAP Red Top Valley Estates Subdivision Composite Planning Map Survey Base Map USGS Topographic Map Aerial Photography Preliminary Plat Layout Note: This map is comprised of nine distinct PhotoShop layers, including USGS Topographic Mapping, Aerial Photography, a Survey Base Map, and the proposed Preliminary Plat lot layout, along with specific layers for lot lines, roads, wells, and other pertinent features. Each layer can be visible or hidden, and visible layers can be varied in their opacity, as needed to maximize the utility of the map in any chosen display configuration. MiscellaneousDesign Projects Slide 59: RETURN DESKTOP PUBLISHING BROCHURES / INVITATIONS / FLYERS Stroh Ranch / Creekside Recreation Center Real Estate Promotional Brochure MiscellaneousDesign Projects Slide 60: RETURN DESKTOP PUBLISHING BROCHURES / INVITATIONS / FLYERS MiscellaneousDesign Projects 11923 Hillcrest Road Real Estate Flyer Slide 61: RETURN DESKTOP PUBLISHING BROCHURES / INVITATIONS / FLYERS MiscellaneousDesign Projects Double A Bar Ranch Real Estate Promotional Materials Folder Slide 62: RETURN DESKTOP PUBLISHING BROCHURES / INVITATIONS / FLYERS MiscellaneousDesign Projects Superbowl Party Invitation Slide 63: RETURN DESKTOP PUBLISHING BROCHURES / INVITATIONS / FLYERS MiscellaneousDesign Projects Fold-Out Halloween Housewarming Party Invitation Slide 64: RETURN DESKTOP PUBLISHING BROCHURES / INVITATIONS / FLYERS MiscellaneousDesign Projects Kinetics Sculpture Challenge Team Brochure - 1998 Slide 65: RETURN DESKTOP PUBLISHING BROCHURES / INVITATIONS / FLYERS MiscellaneousDesign Projects Kinetics Sculpture Challenge Team Brochure - 2001 Slide 66: RETURN DESKTOP PUBLISHING BROCHURES / INVITATIONS / FLYERS MiscellaneousDesign Projects Kinetics Sculpture Challenge Team Brochure - 2005 Slide 67: RETURN DESKTOP PUBLISHING BROCHURES / INVITATIONS / FLYERS MiscellaneousDesign Projects Kinetics Sculpture Challenge Team Brochure - 2007 Slide 68: RETURN VIDEO EDITING / DVD PRODUCTION KINETICS VIDEO CLIP MiscellaneousDesign Projects 25 Years of Kinetics Short Video Clip (click on video image to play / on-line viewers click icon at right) Video link for online viewers Slide 69: RETURN MiscellaneousDesign Projects Adjustable Board / Tile Holder in Use Hand Break – 3 Tiles (click on video image to play / on-line viewers click icon at right) VIDEO EDITING / DVD PRODUCTION TAEKWON-DO VIDEO CLIP Video link for online viewers Slide 70: RETURN MiscellaneousDesign Projects Adjustable Board / Tile Holder in Use Foot Break – 5 Boards (click on video image to play / on-line viewers click icon at right) VIDEO EDITING / DVD PRODUCTION TAEKWON-DO VIDEO CLIP Video link for online viewers Slide 71: RETURN MiscellaneousDesign Projects 25 Years of Kinetics Short Video Clip (click on video image to play / on-line viewers click icon at right) VIDEO EDITING / DVD PRODUCTION KINETICS VIDEO CLIP Video link for online viewers

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