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Published on April 3, 2008

Author: Maurizio


Slide1:  Highlights Children’s Programs 2001 Events News from Nigeria News about Members Nigerian Community Association Others Summer Picnic The 2001 Umunna Family Picnic is now set for July 21 at the Broad Ripple Park on East 62nd Street. It starts at 2PM and ends at 7PM. The children’s program committee will coordinate the food and drinks. Planning logistics, directions to the park and other details will be made available at our June meeting. Key events include meeting, sharing the picnic meal, children recognition, and rehearsal by both the men and women cultural music groups Issue 14 Page 1 New Member’s Corner We are pleased to welcome these new members at our last meeting. News about Members Congratulations to Ogechi Adaka for passing the Nursing Board and earning the title RN. Congratulations to Ijeoma Naze for completing her undergraduate degree in Accounting and Information Systems from University of Indianapolis. Potential Member’s Corner We are pleased to welcome these potential members at our last meeting. We look forward to having them join us officially. 1. Ike Ozoigbo & Chioma Ude Future Meeting Topics 1. Welcoming new members 2. News from members 3. 2001 Events 4. Children’s Programs About Umunna Cultural Association Umunna Cultural Association of Indianapolis is an association of Igbos from Nigeria residing in Indianapolis, Indiana and surrounding communities. The Umunna Monthly News is the official monthly newsletter of the association. See the last page for contact information. Children’s Programs The committee will develop the criteria used in selecting the final candidates for the achievement awards. Application forms will be available at the May meeting. Those interested are required to submit their completed application form with supporting documents at the June meeting. The committee will review the applications and make their final selections around mid-July. The presentation of these awards will take place during the Umunna 2001 picnic in July. Men’s Masquerade Group The group performed on Saturday, May 19 at the Auntie Mame’s Child Development Center in Indianapolis. The performance was free and in line with our objectives to promote our cultural heritage - “Focus on the Igboland” to all in Indianapolis. Cultural Music Group We practice on 3rd Saturday of every month starting in February, 2001 Time is 6 PM and location is the Oruche’s residence. All members are welcome. May Thanks The Anyanwu Family will host our May monthly meeting. We thank them for their hospitality. Happy May Birthdays 1. Chigbo, Jr. Ndubisi 2. Adaeze Ndubisi 3. Endy Obianozie 4. Allen Obianozie 5. Uchenna Ndubisi 6. Michael Onuorah 7. Okenna Oruche Umunna 2001 Events Cultural Party The 2001 Umunna Cultural Party is now set for September 15 at the India Community Center on 4420 West 56th Street. It starts at 6PM and ends at 12 Midnight. The ticket is priced at $20 per person and will be distributed at our May meeting. Each member is expected by the general membership to sell a minimum of 10 tickets and remit a minimum of $200 to the association. The Students’ Corner 2000/2001 School Year College: No news High School (Grades 9-12): No news Middle School (Grades 6-8): Elementary School (Grades K-5): No news Umunna dedicates the month of MAY in honor of all women especially those who are our members Happy Mothers Day !!! Slide2:  Issue 14 Page 2 4/24 - Ten years after minimum academic standards were laid down for all undergraduate programmes, Nigerian universities are to overhaul their curricula in order to make them more relevant and to ensure quality control in university education in the country. Minister of Education Prof. Babalola Borishade who said this in Abuja yesterday while addressing education experts at the Stakeholders Conference on Curriculum Review For University Education in Nigeria, charged participants at the conference to take into consideration new findings and developments around the world. "It is necessary to review the documents and develop new ones principally because knowledge in all areas of academic development has been accumulating, a lot of research has been done, new discoveries have been made and information technology has made great impact in all fields of human endeavour" he said. 4/27 - The Federal Government has planned an increase of the nation's oil reserves to 40 billion barrels by the year 2010. Disclosing this in Lagos was the Group Managing Director of NNPC, Mr. J.E. Gaius-Obaseki during the commissioning of the Chevron Visualisation Centre. Mr. Obaseki stressed the need for domesticating technology where possible as it will go a long way to encouraging local participation in the oil industry and technology transfer. 4/27 - World leaders at the on-going African Summit on HIV/AIDS in Abuja were moved to tears yesterday as persons living with HIV brushed aside the shame and stigma of the disease to declare that they were sure of surviving and living life in full, but implored the leaders to do something about the scourge. A spokesman for People Living With HIV (PLWH), Mr. Muhammad Farouk, a former military officer with the Intelligence Unit of the Nigerian Army, told the august gathering comprising former presidents Bill Clinton of the United States and Jerry Rawlings of Ghana as well as Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Kofi Annan and African presidents and heads of states that: "Yes, we have AIDS, but we also have hopes that you will do something about the disease.” Farouk, said: "We have come a long way living with the disease --- paths of deprivation, denial and discrimination. 4/28 - The European Union has expressed support for UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan's appeal for the creation of a world AIDS control fund, an EU statement said in Brussels Friday. Annan made the appeal at the African Summit on AIDS, tuberculosis and Malaria that ended Friday in Abuja, Nigeria. The EU, however, suggested that a special programme be launched for the prevention of the disease. Cognisant with the very high prices of Anti-AIDS drugs, the statement urged pharmaceutical laboratories to moderate their prices to the affordability of developing countries. It, therefore, appealed to governments, pharmaceutical companies and civil society to negotiate and agree on a special scheme of drug pricing in favour of poor countries. Mark your calendars -- 2001 Picnic on July 21 .. 2001 Cultural Party on September 15 News from Nigeria 4/24 - The World Health Organisation (WHO) has donated 80 four-wheel drive vehicles, 200 motor cycles and 60 outboard engines worth more than 6.8 million dollars to Nigeria as part of its programme of technical assistance to the West African country. (115 naira=1USD). The WHO Regional Director for Africa, Ebrahim Samba, handed over the items to the Nigerian government in Abuja Monday. Samba, in Nigeria to attend the current African AIDS Summit, said the gesture was in appreciation of the country's contribution to the global efforts to eradicate polio and control river blindness and other communicable diseases such as malaria. "Nigeria accounts for 25 percent of Africa's population and any efforts at disease control by the country deserves to be supported," Samba said. Receiving the donation, Nigeria's Health Minister, Alphonsus Nwosu, thanked the world body for its contribution to improving the health situation in Nigeria. He pledged to personally ensure that all items donated by WHO were used for the intended purposes. 4/24 - Who controls Nigeria's resources? Supreme Court begins hearing in federal government versus 36 states that will settle the issue once and for all. The Supreme Court sitting in Abuja last Monday began hearing in the case brought by the federal government seeking the correct interpretation of section 162 of the 1999 Constitution which deals with the administration of public revenue. The suit pitches the 17 southern state governments against the federal government especially on the issue of resource control and revenue sharing. Bola Ige, attorney-general of the federation and minister of justice, believes that the matter before the court is a simple one and that it ought not to create so much hoopla. But if he felt that Nigeria's 36 federating states share his optimism, he was wrong. He did not bargain for what he saw at the premises of the Supreme Court, April 9. He had come to the court with sixteen lawyers including Musa Elayo, the new minister of state in the ministry and Abdullahi Ibrahim, SAN, a former attorney-general. Also on his side were Rotimi Williams, SAN, a constitutional lawyer and his son, Tokunbo. Victor Attah, the Akwa Ibom State governor and his Delta State counterpart, James Onanefe Ibori, were in court with truckloads of demonstrators and a battery of lawyers. Slide3:  Issue 14 Page 3 More News from Nigeria 4/30 - In a sharp blow to renewed efforts by African leaders to confront the HIV/AIDS pandemic headlong, a church in Nigeria has ordered compulsory HIV/AIDS test for its members willing to be married in the church. The Baptist church, one of the largest denominations in Nigeria, at the weekend ordered its ministers nation-wide to demand a certificate of HIV/AIDS test from would-be couples before they are joined in holy matrimony. The 88th national session of the Nigerian Baptist Convention took the decision during deliberations in Ilorin, capital of Nigeria's central Kwara State. Though some churches in the country have made such tests mandatory for would-be couples, they have not made public pronouncements to that effect. Whereas the UN promotes confidential voluntary testing and counselling, it is against compulsory testing. 'Global Patterns on Terrorism’ annual report The US State Department's annual report 'Global Patterns on Terrorism', includes Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebels from Sierra Leone and youths from impoverished ethnic groups in the southern oil producing Delta region of Nigeria on its list. It says the RUF used "guerilla, criminal, and terror tactics" in its fight against the Sierra Leonean government. In Nigeria, it says, armed youths continued to kidnap local and foreign aid workers in an attempt to acquire a greater share of Nigeria's oil wealth. 5/2 - The convergence of 35 world leaders including former United States President, Bill Clinton, United Nation's Secretary General, Mr. Kofi Annan, the Libyan Leader, Colonel Muammar, Gaddafi and the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) Secretary General, Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim to deliberate on the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Africa is a demonstration of the seriousness the problem has assumed. At the last count over 80 million people have succumbed to the scourge. The social and economic impact of the problem has certainly overwhelmed Africa's resources. The statistics are even more frightening. 24.5 million out of a global total of 34.5 million people infected with the HIV/AIDS are in Africa alone. This means that Africa bears 70 percent of the global HIV/AIDS burden. In other words Africa has only 10 percent of world population but has 70 percent of those infested. In a layman's language this translates to seven out of every ten persons with HIV/AIDS is an African. Despite efforts in the past to contain it, the pandemic has spread in Nigeria at an alarming rate.It ranks second in the sub-Sahara Africa for the number of HIV infected adults. The overall HIV prevalence in Nigeria is 5.4 percent. Youths within the 20-24 age range have a rate of over 4.2 to 9.7 percent. The distribution varies from one geopolitical zone to the other. 5/1 - Members of the Bakassi Boys, the security outfit of Anambra State government must henceforth sign an undertaking on their activities in the state to prevent them from being used for political motives. Governor Chinwoke Mbadinuju last week reconstituted the supervising committee of the outfit following controversy over its being used for ulterior political motives by some politicians. A member of the new committee, Mr. Emeka Asonya said the committee would ensure that Bakassi Boys were called to order and operate within the law that established the outfit under which they operate. Asonya, the president of the newly formed Joint Onitsha Traders Union (J.O.T.U.) and who is representing traders in the security committee said in Onitsha that the Bakassi Boys must be made to operate with instructions from the committee to avoid any ugly situation. 5/4 -Prices of basic staple foods like garri, rice, beans and bread have risen to unprecedented heights in Lagos in the past few weeks, forcing consumers to adopt austerity measures. Other commodities whose prices have gone up in the market include: Yam, Egg, Fish, Beef, Palm Oil Groundnut Oil, Salt and Plantain. And in response to these high prices, the Masses Movement of Nigeria, led by the estranged wife of President Olusegun Obasanjo, Moji, has given the government a 21- day ultimatum to find solution to these high prices or its members would take to the streets. P.M. News investigations revealed that the prices of these major foodstuffs have increased by as much as 200 percent. Worst hit is Garri, commonest staple food found in most poor homes which price has risen by as much as 500 percent. Most consumers now stretch their meagre incomes to buy bits of these foodstuffs for their families. An average worker earning N5500 a month can hardly afford most of these foodstuffs at their current prices. A market survey carried out by P.M. News at major markets in Lagos, including Mushin, Tejuosho, Ketu, Mile 12, Oshodi, and Ikeja (Alade) markets shows that prices of the commodities have risen beyond the reach of the average consumer. At Tejuosho market, Yaba, a bag of garri now costs N2400. It was sold for N900 last December. The 4-litre paint jar, which formerly sold for N70 at the market, is now sold at N180 and N240, depending on the grade. A milk cup of garri is now N10, instead of N5 for which it previously sold. A bag of beans, the commonest source of protein for the low income earners, is now sold at N6500, from the previous N5500. A Derica cup, which previously sold for N40 is now N50, while the milk cup, formerly N10 is now N15. Also, a bottle of palm oil at the market is now sold for N80, instead of N60. Tidbits For those who struggle when big numbers are used in Igbo, your relief is here at last 100 - Nari 1,000 - Puku 1,000,000 - Nde 1,000,000,000 - Njeri Slide4:  Issue 14 Page 4 More News from Nigeria 5/3 -The Central Bank of Nigeria has in a manner that smacks of defeatism confessed that it has run short of ideas on how to revive our ailing economy, particularly the distressed Naira. Chief Joseph Sanusi, the governor of the apex bank, declared that there was no magic the CBN could perform on the value of the Naira. He noted that no matter what the bank does, the Naira could not be strong unless the economy was strong. This admission of failure lights a red signal that the ship of the nation's economy is heading for the rocks. Nigeria Community Association News Summary of April 28th meeting A down-sized symposium will take place in conjunction with Nigerian independence party. The date is not set since we are still searching for the ideal facility. We are still waiting for a response from the Consulate staff. Meeting Venue: Indianapolis Public Library (Auditorium)inside the Glendale Mall located at 62nd and Keystone Monthly meetings take place on the last Saturday of every month. Please contact Felix Madus with any questions or concerns. 293-1621 The Igbo Alphabet Extract from the book "Igbo Mbu," by Ekeoma Mmadufo. There are 36 letters in the Igbo alphabet -- 8 vowels (Udaume), 19 consonants (Mgbochiume), and 9 blends (Udamkpi). The 8 Vowels (Udaume) A - like a in `awe’ E - like a in `ate' I - like e in `eat’ I = like e in `be' and has the stress . O - like o in `sonnet’ O - like o in `oat' and has the stress . U- like o in `do’ U - like u in `attitude’ . The 19 Consonants (Mgbochiume) B D F G H J K L M N _ N - like ñ or `ny’ P R S T V W Y Z The 9 Blends (Udamkpi) GB GH KP SH CH GW KW NW 5/3 -The move by Anambra State government to stop the lingering fuel scarcity in the state is said to have hit the rock as the marketers have closed their filling stations sequel to alleged establishment of a monitoring team to deal with those that sell above the pump price. According to The Post Express investigation's the monitoring team composed of members of the State Petroleum Dealers Association of Nigeria, (PDAN). Speaking on the scarcity the state chairman of PDAN, Chief Larry Ezeani, attributed the scarcity to the introduction of the monitoring team and appealed to members to open their filling stations for the public to purchase fuel. "Any filling station that is completely vacated means that there is fuel in that filling station and government should come to the rescue of the masses by dealing with such a dealer, somebody has to be stationed at the filling station to help the task force when it visits such a filling station," he said. 5/3 -Nigeria's government has ordered the importation of beans from Burkina Faso to flood the local market with the commodity and forced down its rising price, according to a government spokesman. Information Minister Jerry Gana said in Abuja that the President gave the order shortly on arrival from his weekend trip to Burkina Faso, where he was reportedly overwhelmed by the abundance of the commodity. Gana said the high cost of foodstuffs dominated Wednesday's meeting of the Federal Executive Council in the Abuja. Spiralling prices of foodstuffs, blamed largely on the falling value of the naira, have dominated discussions across the country. 5/7 -The Nigerian government is facing scathing criticism over its reported plan to import beans from Burkina Faso, and seems confused on how to handle the ensuing controversy. However, following a groundswell of opposition to the planned importation, faceless government officials have risen to the defence of the President, saying he never gave any directive to that effect. Press reports Sunday quoted an unnamed presidential aide as saying that Obasanjo only "diplomatically" acceded to Campaore's request, that Nigeria should buy something from his country to meet part of the bilateral agreement between the two countries. But at a hearing by the Senate, which last week condemned the planned import, the Agriculture Minister backed Gana's statement that the directive came directly from the President. Amid the claims and counter-claims, those opposed to the planned import have been lampooning the government for ever contemplating such a move, at a time the country was struggling to revive its agricultural sector, the mainstay of the country's economy before the discovery of oil. The issue has meanwhile dominated discussions on the airwaves, with several callers into a radio phone-in programme in Lagos Friday condemning the plan. "Mark my words, by 2003, this government will import toothpick from Ghana, fish from Gabon, vegetable from Republic of Benin, and stockfish from Madagascar," a popular newspaper columnist Reuben Abati satirised. Slide5:  Issue 14 Page 5 More News from Nigeria 5/6-Nigeria's federal government is to introduce a new measure under its re-packaged Poverty Eradication Programme (PEP) to reduce the high graduate unemployment, the privately-owned Comet newspaper reported Sunday. The newspaper said the government had directed the National Poverty Eradication Council to float a new scheme that will give unemployed graduates temporary reprieve. The scheme tagged "Mandatory Attachment Programme" will recruit and deploy unemployed graduates to public and private companies relevant to their fields of qualification for two years and pay each of them 10,000 naira per month. After the mandatory attachment, it is expected that the graduates would either be employed by the companies or be able to develop a business plan that could attract a bank loan. MAP is a component of the Youth Employment Scheme (YES), which replaced the much-criticised and ineffective PEP, which gulped 10 billion naira. It will be carried out simultaneously with the Capacity Acquisition Programme (CAP), expected to focus on non-skilled school leavers across the country. Participants in CAP will be paid 3,500 naira each for the six months it will take them to learn a vocation of their choice. Both programmes are expected to start in June. The government plans to spend 25 billion naira between June and December this year on the poverty eradication programmes. Graduates of Nigeria's numerous tertiary institutions are hard hit by the unemployment problem in the country, especially as industries and companies that could absorb them have been closing down as a fallout of the depressed economy. Many roam the streets in search of work for years after their mandatory one-year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), during which each of them is paid 7,500 naira per month. Indy Community Calendar 2001 World Police & Fire Games - Friday, June 8, 2001 until Sat. June 16. 10,000 professional law enforcement and fire service personnel from 50 countries will meet in Indianapolis to compete in over 350 Olympic-style and special events. All the events are free except the opening ceremony. For details, call 327-2001 or visit Indy Jazz & Roots Fair - Sat. & Sun. July 14/15 from11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. at the Military Park and IUPUI Library Lawn. Tickets: A two-day pass to the Jazz & Roots Fair will be sold for $24 up until July 2. Otherwise, daily tickets are $14 in advance, $18 day of concert; children 12 and younger free. 5/9 - Obasanjo’s visit to the White House from May 10, the first by an African leader, is expected to lay the foundation for future African policy by the new administration, it was gathered that the decision by President Bush to have Obasanjo as his first guest from Africa was informed by the recognition of Nigeria as a leader in championing issues germane to the well-being of the continent. It was also learnt that the Bush administration has over the past three months of its existence been working behind the scene on some of the African issues but has deferred taking any concrete steps on them until it has heard from Africa. 5/7 -The Nigerian Government has urged the country's junior doctors to give it more time to meet their demands rather than embark on another nation-wide strike. The National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) has issued a 28-day ultimatum, expiring 28 May, to the Federal Government to implement the agreement it reached with the doctors last December, when they called off their three-month strike. Under the agreement, the government is to issue a circular authorising payment of five percent of the doctors' basic salary as call duty allowance and to pay their outstanding salaries, withheld while they were on strike. Health Minister Alphonsus Nwosu said he had already acted on the doctors' demands and appealed for time to implement it. "I ask for a period of grace...My action has been completed and I have sent it to Mr. President (Olusegun Obasanjo) and he has acceded to my request," the Minister said. "The circular shall be issued by the Salary and Wages Commission and the employer of labour of all hospital staff which is the Board of that Hospital," he said. Umunna Upcoming Events May 19 - Men’s cultural masquerade group at Auntie Mame’s May Fest May 27 monthly meeting June 16 - Men’s cultural masquerade & women’s cultural dance practice June 24 monthly meeting July 21 - Umunna 2001 Family Picnic, Children’s Day & Monthly Meeting September 15 - Umunna 2001 Cultural Party 5/8 - The people of Anioma in Delta State met at the weekend with a call for the creation of Anioma State out of the present Delta State as a solution to the deep-rooted acrimony between them and ethnic groups in the "core Delta.” The Delta North Traditional Council led by the Asagba of Asaba, Obi Chike Edozien, also pleaded that "the ongoing National Conference should consider the plight of Anioma people along with the settlement of the Niger Delta crisis so that the current problems in Delta State may be settled once and for all." Slide6:  Issue 14 Page 6 5/8 -President Obasanjo's recent charge to the National Council on Privatisation (NCP) to conclude the privatisation of the NITEL by the end of September has come as a restatement of the commitment of his administration not only to its privatisation programme but especially a realisation of the need to bring the economy and, by extension, the nation out of the doldrums. The tardy and seemingly half-hearted implementation of the programme is seen by many observers of the Nigerian scene as a metaphor of the failure of his administration to effectively grapple with the problems created by three decades of military misrule. Apparently aware of public disgust at the lethargic state of this key programme the President is eager to show that "privatisation is a policy that has come to stay and it will be vigorously pursued." Being mindful of the strategic importance of the communication and energy sectors to the nation's economy Obasanjo was reported to have stressed that the successful privatisation of NITEL and the NEPA would send "clear and firm signals to local and foreign investors on the seriousness of the country's commitment to the privatisation.” The public is aware of the immense boost a privatised NITEL will give to the economy and to social life generally and has watched in disappointment the delay in implementing it. This delay has been caused by disagreements among the government departments entrusted with the task and between the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) and the management of NITEL. More Business News from Nigeria 5/9 - South Africa is in separate rounds of talks with Brazil, Nigeria and India on free trade agreements as it pushes ahead with attempts to change the balance of global economic power. It was crucial for South Africa to play a leading role in changing the trading system because it was among the largest trading economies in the developing world. Similarly, South Africa was campaigning to improve the plight of least developed countries, a key element of the Millennium Africa Programme. Business News from Nigeria 5/4 -It is a sad development that Nigerian importers prefer to do business in the ports of neighbouring countries instead of patronising the nation's ports. These importers argue that the port charges in Nigeria, both official and underhand, are the highest in Africa. For instance, all an importer needs to do to clear his goods at the Cotonou Port in Benin Republic is to pay a specified fee and fill in a single form. But here in Nigeria, payment is done in a dozen or so tables, and this gives room for the arrangement of corruption. We would want a situation where all goods imported by Nigerians for Nigerians are cleared at Nigerian ports and at reasonable charges. It is incumbent on the government to reduce the high port charges so that the importers would have no reason to patronise the ports of neighbouring countries thereby denying the country of needed revenue. Empowering the customs men and women at the borders to stop the smuggling of these goods into Nigeria has over the years proved ineffectual. The solution lies in making the Nigerian ports user-friendly for the importers and their clearing agents. There are so many under-uttilised ports in Nigeria such as those in Sapele, Koko, Warri, Calabar, Port Harcourt etc. The Apapa Port in Lagos is over-burdened, and even so, only the main-gate remains open for the passage of released cargoes. There ought to be two other exit gates, namely the Flour Mill Gate and the Dockyard Gate, but they remain eternally under lock and key. News from Nigeria - on the lighter side 5/4 -Civil and criminal matters can no longer be filed at the Lagos State High Court as a result of scarcity of official receipt booklets at the court registries. Evidence of payment is necessary to facilitate and complete processes involved in filing necessary papers before any case can be heard in court. But recently, lawyers could no longer file cases in court as cashiers at the court registries turned them away due to non-availability of receipt booklets. Speaking with P.M.News, a Lagos lawyer, Mr. Tola Amusan lamented the scarcity of receipts, saying litigants are left with the option of filing their cases at a Federal High Court which is usually more expensive than state high courts. He stated further that the development has left many detainees languishing in prisons since they cannot file any court paper for the enforcement of their rights. "Presently, if anybody wants to demolish your house, you can not use court to restrain him since there is a restriction on access to court," Mr. Amusan said. 5/14 - All is now set for Badagry 2001 black heritage festival; blacks in Diaspora are heading for Lagos. The Black heritage festival, a project for the home coming of Africans in Diaspora promises to boost the tourism potentials of the country. Many Africans whose forefathers were victims of slave trade in the 17th century have indicated their yearnings to be re-united and re-integrated to their lost African environments. 5/15 - Nigeria's external debt stood at $28 billion at the end of last March, Director-General of the Debt Management Office (DMO), Mr. Akin Arikawe said yesterday. Mr. Arikawe at a press conference on an international conference on, "Sustainable debt strategy," scheduled for Thursday and Friday in Abuja, said much of the debt was owed the Paris Club. Nigeria, he said, originally borrowed $12 billion from the club which rose to $21 billion even after paying $21 billion. Mr. Arikawe said at a point, the Federal Government had to reject about $500 million which its Western creditors tried to force on it. The debt, according to him was "contracted illegally." Slide7:  Issue 14 Page 7 More News from Nigeria A group of prominent Igbo men and women championing the election of an Igbo president in 2003 is planing a 10million-man march in the Abia State capital, Umuahia to lure Governor Orji Uzor Kalu into the presidential race. The President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN), Alhaji Mohammed Yaro Budah, has said that over N300 billion worth of pharmaceutical goods comes into the country unregulated. He said that out the N300 billion, about N200 billion worth of products likely to be fake and adulterated come in unregulated. Economic and social activities are witnessing a lull in Obudu Local Government Area of Cross River state following the decision of the indigenes of the area to lock up market stalls, shops, joints and retail outlets belonging to Igbo businessmen. Only Hausa, Yoruba, other Nigerians and the indigenes are now allowed to buy and sell in the entire local government area just as security operatives have been placed on red alert. The incident which has been on for the past one week, is sequel to an alleged desecration of the land and uncomplimentary remarks by the Igbo that they bought over Obudu for N30 during the Nigerian civil war, therefore the land belongs to them. Based on this, they (Igbo) were alleged to have become domineering, oppressive and have taken over all business ventures in the locality, forming cartels which arbitrarily fix the price of goods and also checkmate the investments of non-Igbo businessmen. The police in Enugu have arrested 22 members of the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) over an alleged plan to mark today as the new Biafra independence anniversary in the former Eastern region capital. MASSOB activists allegedly travelling to Okigwe last Friday in their bus were arrested along Agbani road following a tip-off. Docked in their caps, vest and other Biafran insignia, and singing the anthem proclaiming a rebirth of the defunct republic, the activists were said to have been arrested and distributed to the various police stations in the state. The police yesterday cordoned off their headquarters with armoured tanks though the state police commissioner was not categorical on the arrest of the group, he, however, appealed to the public to be law-abiding and report any suspicious characters and movements to the police. He pointed out that they have received intelligence reports on alleged moves to destabilise the region, but said the police would not allow that. Earlier in a statement, MASSOB said they would observe today (May 22) as the new Biafra independence anniversary throughout the former Eastern region. It advised all markets and schools in the region to remain shut from 7.00am to 3.00pm, as peaceful rallies and procession will be held in all MASSOB zones today. The release also said that a formal independent speech and ceremonies will be delivered by its leader, Chief Ralph Uwazurike, at the Biafran Freedom Square, Faulks Road, Aba. He said the celebration would be rounded up with a football match between the Biafran Leopards and Biafran Ambassadors football teams in Aba. Good Morning America Runs Water Taste Test The booming sales of bottled water suggest that a lot of people think bottled water is better for them than tap water. But a recent study has kind of thrown some water on that belief. A report from the World Wildlife Fund found that bottled water is no safer or healthier than what you get when you turn on your kitchen faucet. But does the expensive stuff at least taste better? Good Morning America's studio audience didn't think so. In fact, in a taste test administered by Olympic medalist and GMA contributor Dara Torres, the audience picked tap water as the clear favorite. The goal of the test was to see which water tastes better, and whether people can tell the difference between expensive water and tap water. #1: New York City Tap: 45% of the vote #2: Poland Spring: 24% of the vote #3: O-2, Oxygenated Water: 19% of the vote #4: Evian: 12% of the vote More information - The type of bottled water you buy makes a difference in its purity level, the World Wildlife Fund says. Here is how the group breaks down the different types of water. Natural mineral water: In Europe, natural mineral water must meet strict criteria. It is wholesome underground still or aerated water protected against pollution hazards and characterized by a constant level of minerals and trace elements. It cannot be treated, nor can it have any flavors or additives. In the United States, natural mineral water must meet a minimum level of 250 parts per million of total dissolved solids. Spring Water: In Europe, spring water is also underground water protected against pollution hazards. It cannot be treated, but it doesn't need to have a constant mineral composition. Water from different springs can be sold under the same brand name. In the U.S., spring water is derived from an underground formation from which water flows naturally to the surface of the earth. Purified water: Purified water is surface or underground water that has been treated in order to be suitable for consumption. It differs from tap water only through the way it is distributed, bottles rather than pipes. It also costs more. — Slide8:  Issue 14 Page 8 Umunna Contact Information Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 1312, Indianapolis, IN 46206-1312 Our email address is: Submit information through snail mail to the above address or email, no later than the 20th of each month. Our Web Address is Please visit and provide your feedback for improvements. World Cup 2002 Qualifying Updates Africa Group B - One country will qualify Team P W D L GF:GA PTS. Liberia 6 4 0 2 8:6 12 Nigeria 6 3 1 2 8:3 10 Sudan 5 3 0 2 5:5 9 Ghana 5 1 2 2 7:5 5 Sierra Leone 6 1 1 4 2:11 4 June & July Schedule 06-30-01 Sudan vs. Nigeria 06-30-01 Liberia vs. Ghana 07-14-01 Sierra Leone vs Liberia 07-20-01 Nigeria vs. Ghana Sports News from Nigeria 4/27 - After days of suspense over the fate of Super Eagles' Technical Adviser Bonfrere whose team failed to qualify for next year's World Cup in Japan and Korea, the Nigeria Football Association (NFA) yesterday terminated the appointment of the Dutch man after what is considered as his insubordination. In reaching the decision to sack Bonfrere, the FA alluded to the former's decision to travel to his native country Holland without permission soon after Nigeria's World Cup qualifier match against Ghana in March.Second Vice Chairman of the board Nwabufo Obienu who briefed the press after the seven-hour meeting, also said that coaches Shaibu Amodu, Stephen Keshi and Joe Erico have been mandated to take over the team "with immediate effect.” "Bonfrere's appointment was terminated due to his insubordination to the FA which ironically is his employer. Soon after our match against Ghana, he was asked not to travel out of the country but rather than obey the FA, he insisted on visiting his native country thereby ensuring that the team did not prepare well ahead of the Sierra Leone match," Obienu said, adding that the board had applied section 16 E of Bonfrere's contract in effecting his dismissal. 5/2 -With the abrupt termi-nation of Bonfrere's contract as the Eagles' technical adviser, Nigerians may have seen the last of foreign coaches in the next 2 years if the NFA sticks to its decision. Trustsport learnt that the NFA had at its emergency meeting last Thursday, resolved to rest the issue of foreign technical advisers for the national teams in the next 2 years. The board observed that the presence of foreign technical advisers have rather been detrimental to the growth and development of indigenous coaches. Consequently, the board resolved to stick to the trio of coaches Ahmodu Shuaibu, Joe Erico & Stephen Keshi as the Eagles technical crew for the next 2 years. 5/6 - Nigeria is confident that Saturday's 2-0 victory over Liberia has put the team back on course to qualify for the 2002 World Cup. "I don't know how to describe our feelings right now. This is just the start of our journey to get it right by winning our remaining two matches and clinching the World Cup ticket," Nigeria captain Sunday Oliseh said after the game in the southern city of Port-Harcourt. The Nigerians had suffered a shock 1-0 defeat by Sierra Leone two weeks ago which had severely jeopardized their chances of qualifying for the 2002 tournament in Japan and South Korea. Headed goals by strikers Nwankwo Kanu and Victor Agali, however, secured the victory over Liberia that kept the Nigerians on course for their third consecutive World Cup. They now lie second on 10 points, two points behind surprise group leaders Liberia. 5/8 - Glory Alozie, Olympic silver medallist in the womens 100 metres hurdles last year, will decide whether to race for Nigeria or Spain in two weeks time, the president of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Adeyemi Wilson, said. "I have spoken to her (Alozie) on the phone and she has given me her word that she will make a final decision in two weeks time,". "It's important we know her final decision because we wish to include her on the team for the World Athletics Championships in Canada. We're positive she will remain a Nigerian," he added. Top Nigerian track star Falilat Ogunkoya had said officials could talk Alozie out of taking Spanish citizenship because she is yet to make a final decision. Ogunkoya said Alozie "is Nigeria's brightest hope of winning a medal at the World Championships". Alozie had complained about the handling of the death of her fiancee, Hyginus Anugo, who was killed in Australia in a road accident before opening of the Sydney games. Group A Team Agg. Points Cameroon +8 15 Angola +2 11 Zambia +1 7 Other African Group’s Leaders - 5 teams will represent Africa in World Cup ‘02. Only the leader of each Group will make it Group C Team Agg. Points Morocco +5 12 Senegal +6 9 Egypt +4 9 Group D Team Agg. Points Tunisia +10 13 Ivory Coast +5 10 DR of Congo -7 8 Group E Team Agg Points South Africa +5 12 Guinea +4 7 Zimbabwe -3 6

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