Mayan Civilization

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Published on January 7, 2008

Author: trowshanbakhtfardian


Mayan Civilization:  Mayan Civilization By Tannaz Rowshanbakhtfardian FOOD:  FOOD Farming Corn Maize Squash Beans Peppers Slash and Burn:  Slash and Burn Cutting and burning of trees Fertile ash/soil Cleared land for farming Resulted in problems later Other Techniques:  Other Techniques Terracing along mountainsides Prevented erosion Planting in the same plots Make the best usage of land Raised planting beds in marshy areas Better water supply Main Ingredients:  Main Ingredients Corn/maize Squash Beans Peppers Main Foods:  Main Foods CORN Tortillas Posol Cornmeal BEANS Tacos Fried beans SQUASH Baked squash PEPPERS Side dish HUNTING?:  HUNTING? Not much hunting Bald dogs or turkeys were kept as pets Later MAY have been eaten GODS:  GODS Sun Moon Control crops Gave power to the king Basis of Mayan art and writing Each god represented a different aspect of live (crops, weather, animals, etc.) Sacrifice:  Sacrifice Performed by the king Organs and bodies were burned to release the skill and power to the gods Usually performed in public Led to the making of temples Sacrifice:  Sacrifice To the gods in order to appreciate and give The more painful, the better Many were sacrificed alive Most of the power was said to be in the heart People Sacrificed:  People Sacrificed Best fighters/warriors Successful farmers Animals Royal blood Blue=sacred Writing:  Writing Hieroglyphics Symbolism Alphabet was words or phrases instead of letters Pronunciation of different words put together Writing and Gods:  Writing and Gods Symbolizing the gods What each god represented What role they played in their everyday life Kings were often represented like gods Writing About:  Writing About Sacrifices Weathering conditions Crop Harvest Battles Fighting with each other and animals Illness Death Visions Art:  Art Building temples Unique structures based on the sun Decorating weapons Engraving in temples Designing jewelry The Mayan Calendar:  The Mayan Calendar Based on the sun and moon Very accurate Based when to plant the crops Were able to predict eclipses Last day of this living cycle December 23, 2012 Trade Centers:  Trade Centers Mainly built for farming Controlled trade Better organization Rapid trade Burst in economy Storage Longer lasting Burst of Trading:  Burst of Trading Different minerals and trading goods Pyrite Jade Quetzal Stronger Tools and Weapons:  Stronger Tools and Weapons Better defense Protection for people More fighting options More farming options Stronger and better community Warriors:  Warriors Fierce Violent Brutal No mercy Piercing:  Piercing Piercing showed ability to take pain Pierced lips, tongue, ears, chin, nose, etc. Pierced with bone, wood, or stone Designed the accessories Weapons:  Weapons Used strong and damaging weapons Clubs Spears In paintings shown using blow guns Fighting:  Fighting Fighting another tribe Fellow Mayans Wild Animals Settles disputes Structure:  Structure City-states Each ruled by a king Large city-states had multiple kings Resulted in disputes The King:  The King Was head of everything Most power Best communication with gods Judged the consequences they would have to face for wrongdoings Tribes:  Tribes Lived with families Little tribe-like groupings Stick together Usually moved with each other Reasons For Fighting:  Reasons For Fighting Fight to settle disputes Respect Praise Power Collapse:  Collapse Good farmers Good fighters Unknown reason for the collapse of Mayans DECEMBER 23, 2012:  DECEMBER 23, 2012 THANK YOU!

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