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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: janetpareja



PERSIART information for APWH
Precolumbian Americas

MAYA & AZTEC Janet Pareja, Signature School, Evansville, IN AP World History

“Seed Society”

Receiving Tribute

Scribe Class

Accepted Social Inequality

- NOT TERRITORY - The measure of power as number of People over which one ruled & work that could be done: - Agriculture - Architecture

• Ground Sensing Radar • GPS • Archaeology/ Excavation • Historical Imagination, Extrapolation • Looting = Problem!! Richard D. Hansen, Idaho State University – Head of Mirador Basin Project in Guatemala

• • • • • • • • Palaces Royal Acropolis Temples Meeting Rooms Pyramids Squares (Plazas) Observatories Ball Courts

Regional Trade Currency = Cocoa Beans Salt Cotton Ceramics Tools Honey Vanilla Cocoa Jade Obsidian Feathers Animal hides Quetzel Feathers Basalt

Cotton cloth Cocoa beans Jade, Obsidian

7,500 people at peak

Classical mural from Bonampak

Lime White washing At the beginning of Each dynasty  Redecorated

Base 20 Concept of ZERO as Placeholder.

Solar Year Venus Milky Way Lunar Eclipses Moon Phases Equinox Solstice Constellations Sky glyph Sky Watcher

Written Language – Glyphs… written on paper with ink! Also on buildings in stone and paint.

Maize & Water Creation, Stories of Gods interactions w& Man

 Pacal as Maize God

Ritual & Solar Calendar Years 365-Day Solar Year Marriage of Math, Astronomy, Writing. 52-Year Convergence

Shield Jaguar Lady Xoc

Vision Serpent Appears to Lady Xoc

Ridged Field System NO WHEEL Accurate Calendar Rubber Paper & Ink – early 400’s CE Hieroglyphs Astronomy & Building technologies Mathematics

Cultural Diffusion • • • • Ball Game Religion Calendar Agricultural Products


Mexica migrated from North: 1325 Swampy Island in Lake Texcoco. 1427 Triple Alliance Three City States Spread: Trade Military Conquest Tribute Dependence on Central Power For Luxury Goods 1521 - Cortez Tenochtitlan 1519 High Point allied with Tributary states To Defeat Aztec

Central Rule Governors of Provinces Persian Model No Bureaucracy Professional Army- best of everything Heavy Taxation: Service Agricultural Goods Luxury Goods Tribute Products Sacrificial Victims


Nahuatl – written language & paper from Maya

Writing on Paper Atlatl  easier to throw A spear Aqueducts No Wheel Calendar Aztec Roads Chinampa Latecomers to Metallurgy No Iron or Bronze Rubber

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