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Published on June 13, 2008

Author: jteacher


Upfront Texas Association of Journalism Educators May 2008 Stepping out of the shadow TAJE P.O. Box 5554 Austin, TX 78763-5554 Cypress Falls High senior follows in brother’s footsteps to become National High School Journalist of the Year Lori Herbst President 972-539-1591, ext. 141 As a sophomore, Alex Benito wasn’t sure he ibly tough. You’re up against the top student wanted to continue in his high school journalism journalists in the country. I feel Alex stood out program. His brother, Marcelino, was named because he exemplified what we’re trying to be Sheryl Floyd National High School Journalist of the Year that at the college level, a multi-platform journalist. President-Elect 512-594-0500 year, and Alex wasn’t sure he could live up to He was probably one of the most rounded win- his brother’s accomplishments. ners JEA had seen.” “ “My statement to him was, I did not expect him Alex’s portfolio was forwarded to the national Lisa Van Etta to be journalist of the year but to just give 100 per- committee after he was named Texas High School Secretary 281-856-1071 cent to the program and do his Journalist of the Year. best,” Cy Falls adviser Lisa Van “It was during the Etta said. “I was expecting noth- [school] announcements Cindy Berry ing more from him than I would The online newspaper when they announced my Treasurer 940-627-6495 any other staff member.” was basically a one-man name Alex said. “At win- as the [Texas] cindy.berry@ What Van Etta got was an- ner,” first, other award-winning editor. show, ‘The Alex Benito I couldn’t believe what I Alex was named National Show,’ with guest was hearing. Then all my Susan Duncan State Director Journalist of the Year at the classmates started cheer- JEA/NSPA convention in Ana- appearances by the 903-295-5031, ing and congratulating ext. 265 heim April 20. me. I was ecstatic, but the newspaper and “Winning this award has yearbook staff members feeling didn’t had to take a last too long Pat Gathright finally got rid of this anxiety considering I Convention Director to always be better than my contributing a few test immediately following 210-325-7793 brother,” Alex said. “I wanted stories and photos when the announcements. As you pgathright@ to win not to match the accom- can imagine, I didn’t do too “ plishments of my brother but needed. well on that test.” Brenda Slatton to prove to myself that I was Alex was the first edi- Lisa Van Etta Assistant capable of anything I put my tor-in-chief of the school’s Convention Director Cypress Falls adviser new online newspaper, mind to.” 210-442-0300, ext. 350 Marcelino referred to Alex Wingspan Online. as “the complete package,” “The online newspaper Sue Jett someone who had the skill sets was basically a one-man Assistant to do great journalism. show, ‘The Alex Benito Show,’ with guest ap- Convention Director 210-442-0800, ext. 262 “In my mind, Alex was never in my shadow,” pearances by the newspaper and yearbook staff Marcelino said. “What’s great about Alex is he members contributing a few stories and photos has a wonderful, amazing, unique personality when needed,” Van Etta said. “He takes his Peggy Miller that’s all his own. I’m sure people made him position as editor very seriously and continu- Past President 281-498-8110, feel like he had to break free of my shadow, but ously strives to perfect the paper’s appeal to its ext. 2460 in reality, all he had to do was stand up taller readership.” Peggy.Miller@ and believe.” Because his father is a journalist, Alex has been Marcelino accompanied Alex to the awards around journalism his entire life. Rhonda Moore ceremony in Anaheim and admitted he was “I basically grew up knowing what it takes Executive Director nervous for his brother. to be a journalist,” Alex said. “I would always 512-414-7539 “I really wanted this so badly for him,” Mar- watch him work almost to the next day, typing rmoore003@ celino said. “I knew the competition was incred- See ‘Benito’ on page 8

2 Texas Association of Journalism Educators May 2008 Ask no evil Ethical questions follow journalists of all ages “Your house has just burned down, me, and I was dealt a group of stu- publication staffs’ ideas and even the dents each year whose vision forces First Amendment. The ripple effects destroying everything you own….” “Your team has just lost the biggest them to push the envelope, to explore are extensive. For example, in this issue of the those tough issues and to tell the sto- game of the year…” ries of people who have gone through newspaper, we are running a series of “You have just been diagnosed with a stories about students who have cho- a variety of difficult events. debilitating disease…” My newspaper staff covers the per- sen different paths when dealing with “HOW DO YOU FEEL?” sex—one who Those scenarios and that ques- ils of random stu- abstains, one dent drug testing, tion—along with other questions like From the President who indulges gay bashing, the ef- it—are the main reason I ultimately (for lack of a fects of divorce, just abandoned my original noble goal of Lori Herbst better word), to name a few. Even being a professional journalist. I could Marcus High School and one who in yearbook, my stu- TAJE President never quite navigate the tenuous and regrets having dents always want blurry line between the public’s right to tackle the “deep” issues—grief, ad- indulged. They have all willingly to know and the individual’s right to privacy; I always erred on the side diction, risk-taking, for example—and gone on the record. “ But what about Mom and Dad? Is I had expected yearbook to be bright of privacy. and sunshiny with only positive their privacy also being invaded by I found it difficult—no, for me, im- content. No such their daughter’s decision? And will possible—to intrude the young woman—girl, really—re- luck. on someone’s grief, So I’m right gret her decision to go public? At 16, to publicly expose Not only are we deal- b a c k w h e r e I can she really understand the possible something he or she ing with students and started some 25- repercussions, no matter how clearly found shameful, to plus years ago, our reporter has gone over them? question someone’s their individual rights to Turns out, there is no one right facing the tough integrity in print. privacy, we are dealing issues and try- answer. That darned gray area again. People’s raw emo- ing to maneuver Turns out, the answer my students tion just felt so… with their parents and around the idea choose emerges from the thinking, the personal, and inter- with other “concerned” that some stories pondering, the debating, the playing viewing them about community members, will hurt some of devil’s advocate. those emotions was The bottom line is something it people’s feelings. at best awkward many of whom believe Some stories will took me a while to learn. When ap- and at worst, well, destructive—to me their ideas about what make some peo- proached responsibly, these stories or to them I never should be printed trump ple angry. Some will do good in the world. Not only “ stories will cause can they educate and inform, they can clarified in my own the publication staffs’ embarrassment help to create that very compassion I mind. ideas and even the First and even poten- was so concerned with in college. So I decided to If a reader can identify with one tial damage. How teach fledging jour- Amendment. do I advise my of our sources, can feel empathy nalists. Instead of students when for someone going through a tough succumbing to the they broach these time, can experience what it is like to “evils” inherent in pay the price for a certain decision, story ideas? what I conveniently labeled a nega- As high school publications advis- then maybe that reader will grow. tive and sensationalistic media, I decided to raise generations of ethical, ers, we are in a particularly delicate Maybe that reader will become a caring, compassionate young journal- situation. Not only are we dealing better, stronger, more caring person. ists who could restore the profession with students and their individual Maybe that reader will make a better to the ideal I had embraced. And as rights to privacy, we are dealing with decision than he or she would have a sideline reward, I figured I would their parents and with other “con- otherwise. Basically, I have learned a lot about never have to deal with those ethical cerned” community members, many of whom believe their ideas about making ethical choices from my stu- decisions from which I was fleeing. How naïve. Karma caught up with what should be printed trump the See ‘Ethical’ on page 8

May 2008 Texas Association of Journalism Educators 3 Fundraisers help to stretch budget for publications Need more money? Aren’t we all the holidays. Every student in the looking to keep our publications in school is welcome to participate. Susan’s choices for most the black? Selling just a few tubs gets money With book sales down and ad- off-- $5 off, $10 off, $15 off, $20 off promising/ vertising slim in many areas of the and free. The money needs to be state, staffs must find other kinds of collected up front before the cookie interesting fundraisers: revenue to augment their decreasing dough is ordered. 3 • Cow Patty Raffle funds. As anyone who knows me well Photos – Take photos with the • Cookies for all will tell you, I am such a pack rat, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus or your and because of school’s mascot, or • Photos State Director’s Report that, I have been take pictures of kids •Pi Day saving fund- dressed in Halloween Susan Duncan raiser ideas for costumes. You can in- •Decals or T-Shirts Pine Tree High School several years. If vest in a background TAJE State Director you are on the so they look profes- • Sell subscriptions JEA listserv, you sional. 4 •Buddy Photos may have seen some of these in the past, but I thought a condensed list Pi Day (3.14) – Bake and deliver • Events might be of use as we begin plan- homemade pies for a minimum $10 ning for next year. So, here’s a list donation on March 14. • Products 5 of Susan’s choices for most promis- ing/interesting fundraisers: Decals or T-shirts – Talk to the 1 principal of your campus or several Cow patty raffle – Create a grid campus principals (depending on person. Frames cost an additional $10 on a board or large piece of paper the size of your district) to get per- each. Post a cheap copy so that stu- to create 1,000 squares. Number the mission to sell window decals and dents can see the photos. This would squares and sell them for $2 each. T-shirts on their campuses. Set up an also work for random friend photos Get a rancher to let you use a piece order form that is distributed to all taken around campus. Post them, of pastureland. On a ¼ acre plot, the schools. Figure in a $5 profit on print them and rake in the profit. replicate your grid on the land us- all the items. It takes some organiza- 8 ing lime salt. The rancher then lets tion, but get a parent involved to help Events – Talent show, air guitar a cow into the field. Wherever the place the order. When the shirts come show, powderpuff football game, cow leaves a patty, that person gets in, bag them and put a copy of the Guitar Hero competition, Battle of a free yearbook and $250. If the patty order form on the bags, sort the bags the Bands, chili cookoff, steak dinner plops into more than one square, by campus and then deliver. 6 and silent auction. divide the money and give each of 9 the students a free book. For rural Sell subscriptions – During reg- Products – Coffee shop on cam- areas, this would be lots of fun. Can’t istration, sell subscriptions to the pus, sausage biscuit mornings, you see all the kids hanging over the newspaper for $25. Even with paying school store for school supplies. fence with cameras waiting for the for bulk postage, you should still winning plop? make a good profit. Don’t forget to al- 2 The possibilities are endless, and low time for labeling and sorting the if you can get staffs excited and Cookies for all – This is a fund- papers by zip code before mailing. 7 administrators willing, fundraisers raiser of sorts that is open to the can even be fun. Offer a product or entire student body. Kids can earn Buddy photos – Take photos of service that people need, and watch free or reduced cost yearbooks by friends. Consider charging $30 for the bank account grow. selling tubs of cookie dough around two people and $5 for each additional

4 Texas Association of Journalism Educators May 2008 Regional representatives plan workshops for next year ckeyserfanick@ Seven regional work- shops are planned for I members in August and Region VI September. Laura Negri Workshops will include Amarillo II Alief Kerr HS lunch, and participants Wichita Falls III 8150 Howell will receive a certificate for Ft Worth Sugarland Rd. in-service credit. For more Lubbock Dallas Tyler IV Houston 77083 information, contact your Waco El Paso V 281.983.8484 regional representative. Odessa/Midland VI Beaumont ext. 267- School The representatives and Austin 832.379.9924 - Home their e-mail addresses are Houston San Antonio laura.k.negri as follows: VII Region I Laura Smith Corpus Christi Canyon HS Region VII 1701 23rd St. Brownsville Janet Simpson Canyon 79015 Calallen HS 806.677.2740 4001 Wildcat Dr. Corpus Christi 78410 Lindale HS 915.780.1100 361.242.5649 - School Region II P.O. Box 370 ext. 6203 - School 361.877.7387 - Home Mary Beth Lee Lindale 75771 915.822.2513 - Home jsimpson@calallen.k12. SH Rider HS 903.882.6138 - School 4611 Cypress 903.534.5495 - Home Regional representatives Wichita Falls 76310 Region V will meet with the Execu- 940.720.3019 - School Christine Keyser-Fanick tive Board in June. Mem- 940-232-1589 - Home Region IV John Paul Stevens HS bers with questions or con- Pat Monroe 600 N. Ellison Dr. cerns for the Board should Burges HS San Antonio 78251 contact their regional repre- Region III 7800 Edgemere 210.397.6450 - School sentative byMay 31. Mikyela Tedder El Paso 79925 210.681.6819 - Home ATPI to host summer workshop for advisers July 16-19 The ATPI Summer Workshop for ceive a certificate for hours earned. 27 with a credit card. Contact the Uni- Instructors will be held July Participants can stay versity Inn at 1-903-886-3165 to make 16-19 at Texas A&M Univer- at the University Inn in reservations. sity in Commerce. Commerce, less than five The classes to be offered include The $225 registration fee minutes from the campus. Adobe Photoshop Intermediate, covers the workshop, all The hotel has free wireless Convergence Made Simple, Funtog- lunches, dinner on Wednes- Internet access to all of raphy: Holgas, Dianas, Toy Cameras day and Friday evenings the rooms. The rate at the and How I Found My Soul Again, and other fun items. Teach- University Inn is $53.99/ Visual Communication, and Where ers who have attended the night (single or double) Do I Start. For more information, Summer Workshop in the plus 7 percent city tax. including full class descriptions, go past who bring one new Make sure to bring a to person with them this year state sales tax exemption Workshop supporters include can register both individuals for $175 form in order not to pay the 6 percent Olympus America (John Knaur), the each. state tax. Photo Imaging Education Association All workshop participants will re- Rooms must be reserved by June and Stan Godwin Photography.

May 2008 Texas Association of Journalism Educators 5 The urge to converge Time to renew membership New media finds ways to attract audiences Invoices for TAJE I’m about to wind up this year and get More and more, Americans are turning to membership for the 2008- ready for my 34th year of teaching journal- non-traditional sources to get their infor- 09 school year have been ism, and—call me crazy—but I am ready to mation, and the challenge is for journal- mailed. toss out every production schedule, every ists to continue providing a professional Members should check job description for staffers, every procedure product with accurate information when the invoice to see when there is so much unfiltered data available I’ve ever used and start over. Why? their membership expires. to the public. I’ve got the urge to converge. Those who do not need A recent Pew Center survey says 55 Yearbook staff? Gone. Newspaper staff? to renew TAJE member- “ History. Web staff? See ya later. Photo staff? percent of the American public get its ship this year may use the news online. They may get it from other Bye bye. Video staff? Out the door. invoice to join JEA, ATPI sources as well, but Yet every staffer is still or SIPA. 55 percent of them on board and is now a vi- Members who need turn to the Internet tal part of the new Travis to join JEA may do so Media Team, and each A journalist who can at least part of the through TAJE. TAJE time. Some may be one will learn to “do it receives a rebate from JEA all” before they leave the handle it all is very going to sites run for each member who by traditional me- journalism program. joins JEA through TAJE. valuable to the news dia, such as CNN. Each student will be responsible for one or organization. Of course, com or NYTimes. Clip contest more beats (how tradi- many, if not all, journalists com or CBSNews. winners com. Some are go- tional can we get?) and will cover his/her beats will specialize at some ing to independent announced point, but if they know the blogsto get another or political from start to finish. Stu- blogs dents will visit their con- Certificates for clip con- tacts weekly, put their process, how it works and perspective. This test winners were mailed “ activity has caused events in a futures book, to schools in February. blog about the events, what works best for which all news media to A complete list of win- revamp their ap- research and write more element, they will be the ners can be found on the proach to telling in-depth stories, come TAJE Web site at up with sidebars, take editors of the future. the story. Network and pictures, write captions, Dates set for local news stations record video and create have Web sites. yearbook spreads. They 2008 Fall Fiesta will know their beats inside and out and Newspapers and magazines have Web convention won’t be scrambling for material to fill sites. All incorporate videos, interactive yearbook pages at the last moment. They polls and reader feedback capability. will pull from the resources they have They make use of social networking sites The 2008 Fall Fiesta already gathered. Hopefully this next to promote stories and events. They have convention will be held year, but definitely within the next couple developed software to allow people to get Oct. 25-27 at the Crowne of years, we will also incorporate a DVD their news on their cell phones, PDAs and Plaza Hotel in San Anto- supplement into the program using their even iPods. nio. So today’s journalist must be savvy materials. Hotel information can “Convergent media” is the new reality enough to recognize which venue would be found online at taje. of American journalism. It is a marriage of be best for telling a particular story. Maybe org. video, print and the Internet, and it makes several venues should be used. Perhaps Speaker forms are also use of resources and technology that were one aspect of the story would best be on the Web site. Members unheard of as recently as 10 years ago—so- shown through a visual approach, such as are urged to sign up to cial networking sites, blogs, podcasting, a video package. Maybe another portion present a session at the iTunes, iPods, PDAs, cell phones, DVDs. convention. See ‘Convergence’ on page 9

6 Texas Association of Journalism Educators May 2008 Trailblazer Award Nomination Form Purpose: To recognize individuals/staffs whose initial risk-taking efforts and subsequent experiences (whether wholly successful or not) to expand the scope and capabil- ity of Texas scholastic journalism benefit others who follow their lead. Eligibility: Those who endeavor to “push the envelope” of conventional scholastic journalism to new venues or methods. Entries must be postmarked no later than June 15, 2008. Mail nomination forms to: Rhonda Moore TAJE P.O. Box 5554 Austin, TX 78763-5554 Name of Nominee: School: Please explain this individual’s contributions to the field of journalism on a separate sheet of paper. Include examples of how he/she has helped to improve scholastic journalism in Texas and how these improvements have benefitted others. Attach this form and send both to the TAJE address. Signature of TAJE member nominating

May 2008 Texas Association of Journalism Educators 7 Friend of Journalism Award Nomination Form Purpose: To note outstanding contributions to scholastic journalism by persons/organizations not directly involved in the daily instructional process (i.e., outside the classroom). Eligibility: Those whose instruction, service and/or assistance, financial sponsorship or personal dedication and advocacy toward the betterment of scholastic journalism in Texas deserves recognition. Entries must be postmarked no later than June 15, 2008. Mail nomination forms to: Rhonda Moore TAJE P.O. Box 5554 Austin, TX 78763-5554 Name of Nominee: Business/Organization: Please explain the contributions of this individual/organization to scholastic journalism on a separate sheet of paper. Attach this form and send both to the TAJE address. Signature of TAJE member nominating

8 Texas Association of Journalism Educators May 2008 Benito receives national, TAJE scholarships state awards as top journalist presented in April TAJE presented the following Alex said taking photographs is his scholarships at the ILPC convention Continued from page 1 favorite part of journalism. in Austin April 20: away only to make the next deadline. “I consider myself a photographer I guess my interest in journalism was above all else,” he said. “My favorite Alex Benito something that formed watching my part of journalism is probably being Cypress Falls HS dad work over the past years. I like able to tell a story through both my $1,500 Bill Taylor to think journalism is simply in my pictures and my stories.” Memorial blood.” Van Etta agrees photography is Scholarship In his four years of high school, Alex’s strength. Alex went from an inexperienced “Alex’s personality shows in his Lisa Winston photographer as a freshman to a pro- photos,” she said. “When viewing his Cypress Falls HS fessional photographer shooting for photos, one sees the intense, serious $1,000 a wire service. side of Alex as he captures the pain Bobby Hawthorne “I always thought Marcelino’s and agony on an injured player ’s Scholarship work to be very impressive and face. Yet his contagious laughter and couldn’t imagine there could be much unique humor can clearly be seen in Michelle Ward better out there,” said Fatima Ramon, his candid feature shots of students Marcus HS managing director of EFE Photo Ser- and friends. ‘Sweet photos,’ as Alex $1,000 Jim Davidson vices, North America and Caribbean. refers to them.” Memorial “I’m pleased to admit I was very Van Etta said two years ago she Scholarship wrong. Alejandro’s improvement wanted to find a way to clone Mar- over time has been extraordinary. celino, but now she knows better. Chris Hunt His product is selling. He provides a “I didn’t get a clone,” she said. “I Westlake HS keen, new eye in the execution of his got an original Alex Benito. I have $1,000 photography. His pictures uncannily learned that an original is always bet- DeWitt C. Reddick tell the story of whatever even he ter than a copy or clone.” Memorial happens to cover.” Scholarship Ethical questions can teach Hillary Kunz students to have compassion Westlake HS $1,000 Julia Jeffress Memorial Scholarship thing positive to the world, they are Continued from page 2 dents—perhaps more than they have succeeding. Summer workshop scholarships: ever learned from me. Yes, there are It is interesting to watch them Courtney Garza journalists out there who just want to dancing around those same lines that I Leticia Vazquez make a name for themselves. And yes, did in college. It’s interesting to watch Sheila Buenrostro there are publications that just want them suffering through a particularly Alief Hastings HS sales and scoops. But those aren’t my difficult decision—to print or not to journalists. print. And it is incredibly reward- Amy Hillberry Mine are the ones who want to ing to watch them thinking deeply, Flower Mound Marcus HS tell people’s stories. Mine are the contemplating consequences for their ones who care about those people’s sources, and coming to decisions Will Ritchie stories but don’t let that compassion based on “the greater good.” I’m so Gregory Uribe blur their ultimate goal of keeping proud that I have had a small part in Mansfield Legacy HS the public informed and educated. their growth in these areas. Sometimes my students suffer from But please don’t ever let them telling those stories, but as long as witness a disaster and ask, “How do they have the goal of adding some- you feel?”

May 2008 Texas Association of Journalism Educators 9 Convergence media gives staffers chance to be well-rounded journalists “ I have to credit Jake Palenski of Continued from page 5 of the story, dealing with dull, bor- NCompass Media with getting me ing statistics, could be brought to life The students will have so fired up over this. During one staff through an interactive infographic. development day in February, I went many opportunities for Still another part of the story works to a meeting of journalism teach- best in print. ers, very down and ready to seek a criticial decision- A journalist who can handle it all transfer or look for another job out of “ is very valuable to the news organi- making not only on what district. I was tired from having the zation. Of course, many, if not all, equivalent of 10 preps. I had one class to cover, but how best to journalists will specialize at some with newspaper, broadcast, Journal- point, but if they know the process, ism I and photojournalism all at the cover it. how it works and what works best same time. I was frustrated. I was for which element, they will be the focusing on the product, and there editors of the future. were too many products at one time Many colleges are already produc- keep a broadcast component in the to focus on. ing convergent journalists to meet this journalism department. Jake asked us what we’d like for need in the industry. The students will each learn to him to talk about. I had taken his And we in high schools can use Web resources, video and still convergent media class one summer strengthen our programs and make cameras. They will all write and edit at the ATPI teachers’ workshop, and I them more valuable to the students for print, Web and video. They will was interested in the concept but not and the schools by doing the same design for newspaper and yearbook. so sure how to implement it. thing. They will learn, practice and take He just happened to have a con- This approach makes a great deal away with them skills that will work vergent media presentation on his of sense to me. How many of us have in so many different fields, not just computer, and he took us through the problem of a newspaper staffer journalism. Most importantly, they it, and by the end of the presenta- having to be enrolled in the yearbook will have many opportunities for tion, my mind was going 90 miles a class because there is a conflict with criticial decision-making not only on minute looking at why this approach another class? How many of us expe- what to cover, but how best to cover would work for my school. I haven’t rience down time on one publication’s it and what aspects of the story would looked back. class time, and while it would be a be covered best by which specific For now, the current course names great time to work on another publica- approach. will be used, but it doesn’t matter tion, we don’t have the right students Down time will definitely be re- which the students enroll in. TEKS in the room? How many students duced. Students will stay busy mak- are closely related enough that we can enroll in one class and see what the ing sure that their beats are covered meet them all for all three production other publication is doing and wish thoroughly. classes. We plan to keep photojour- out loud that they could have signed The teacher’s life should be easier, nalism and Journalism I separate up for both classes? especially if he or she has dealt with because they are basic skills classes, With a convergent approach, it having multiple publications at the not production classes. If the concept really doesn’t matter if they enroll in same time. Instructional time will works well and enough schools take newspaper or yearbook. Depending be geared toward all students at the this approach, it might be worth it to on how many things you want to con- same time. When you decide it’s time propose a convergent media class to verge, even broadcast journalism can to teach yearbook layout, everyone TEA in the future. be included. If the broadcast journal- will be focused on that, not on 100 Jake’s presentation is online at ism class is producing a daily show, other things. in a new section called, aptly it might not work as well, but other Convergent media will cause us enough, “Convergent Media.” There students can do video projects for that to focus on the process rather than are also some other resources and class to use. In my own situation,, the the product. If the process is done ideas for implementing new technol- morning news team is moving to the correctly, the product will take care ogy and media into our programs, technology department, but we will of itself. and more will be added soon.

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