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Published on May 21, 2016

Author: MaxCharlesAlperstein


1. The Passenger By Max Alperstein True Events Hollywood Impact Studios 2010

2. INT. DANCE CLUB, TIJUANA - NIGHT Four eighteen year old girls, HEATHER, ERICA, ASHLEY, and LINDSAY are jumping up and down next to the bar with shot glasses in their hands. HEATHER I can’t believe our High School days are over. ERICA Seriously it went by so quickly. ASHLEY I say this shot is for Mr. Wagner. Praise God we never have to see his face again. ERICA I second that. All four girls touch glasses and drink their shots. HEATHER Are you guys sure it’s safe down here? I know you didn’t like Mr. Wagner, but do any of you remember that speech that he gave us about how dangerous Tijuana is? LINDSAY Shut up. Why do you always have to be such a downer? Lindsay holds up her shot glass. LINDSAY This next one is for Mr. Wagner again because I don’t care what he had to say about Tijuana. This place is awesome. All the girls except for Heather scream, touch glasses and drink their shots. HEATHER O my goodness, what time is it? LINDSAY Who cares? (CONTINUED)

3. CONTINUED: 2. ERICA I think it’s 9pm. HEATHER (hesitating) Oh wow...I totally forgot I have to call Alex. LINDSAY Alex are you kidding me. Your thinking about him right now? This is a girls night out. HEATHER Whatever Lindsay. I’ll be back in a second. Heather walks out of the club. CUT TO EXT. DANCE CLUB, TIJUANA - CONTINUOUS Heather is pacing in front of the dance club with her cell phone in her hand held up to her ear. HEATHER Hurry Alex pick up. Hurry. ALEX (V.O.) Hello? HEATHER Hey baby, I am so sorry I forgot to call you. ALEX (V.O.) Where are you? HEATHER (hesitating) Um...I’m in TJ with the girls. ALEX (V.O.) What are you crazy? HEATHER I know we talked about me not coming down here, but it’s only for one night. You’re going to have trust me. (CONTINUED)

4. CONTINUED: 3. ALEX (V.O.) No way...This isn’t cool. I can’t believe you lied to me again. HEATHER I know, I’m sorry. ALEX (V.O.) No, I’m sick of this. This is the third time this month that you lied to me. I want you to come home right now. HEATHER Excuse me, you don’t control me. ALEX (V.O.) If you don’t come home right’s over between us. HEATHER That’s not fair. ALEX (V.O.) Life isn’t either. HEATHER I’m staying. ALEX (V.O.) Fine. Heather looks down at her phone and notices that the screen reads call ended. Alex hung up. Heather starts to cry. The cell phone rings. Heather looks down and the caller id displays Ashley. HEATHER (Sniffling) Hello? ASHLEY, ERICA, LINDSAY (V.O.) Get back inside! The loud music inside the club is blasting through the cell phone. Heather continues to cry. ASHLEY (V.O.) What’s wrong girl? HEATHER Alex and I just go into an argument and he broke up with me because I’m in TJ. (CONTINUED)

5. CONTINUED: 4. ASHLEY (V.O.) I’m sorry. HEATHER It isn’t fair. I don’t tell him what he can do and can’t do. Not to say that he would even do it, but still. I can’t believe he doesn’t trust me and he acts as if he owns me. ASHLEY (V.O.) You don’t deserve that. Don’t worry about it. He will come to his senses. Just come back inside so I can give you a hug. HEATHER I’ll be right in. Heather hangs up the phone. A Hispanic looking young man, MIGUEL, roughly twenty-five years old sees Heather and approaches her. He is dressed in blue jeans, black boots, and a white collard dress shirt which is open revealing a necklace with a cross which lays on his chest. MIGUEL Good evening, senorita you have come to the hottest dance club in all of TJ. You look gorgeous. Please come inside and let me get you a drink. My cousin owns this place so everything for me is free. HEATHER I’m fine thanks. I have to get back inside to my girlfriends. MIGUEL Well, if they are as beautiful as you are the drinks are on the house all night. Heather smiles. MIGUEL Come on. Come on. It will be fun. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. Tijuana is a dangerous place. Heather acquiesces.

6. 5. CUT TO INT. DANCE CLUB, TIJUANA - NIGHT Club atmosphere. Loud music playing. Color lights. Huge bar. Sofas and tables line the walls with bottles displaying. Heather follows Miguel to the bar. MIGUEL What would you like to drink? HEATHER Shot of Patron. Miguel signals to the bartender and orders two shots of Patron. Heather has her back towards Miguel as she is looking towards the dance floor. Miguel reaches for his pocket and removes a bottle and slips a PILL in one of the shot glasses. It quickly dissolves. MIGUEL Here you go. Miguel hands the shot glass over to Heather. HEATHER Thank you. Heather takes the shot glass from Miguel and downs it before Miguel can make a toast. Ashley, Erica, and Lindsay see Heather at the bar and run up to her. CUT TO INT. DANCE CLUB, TIJUANA - LATE NIGHT Lindsay looks at her cell phone and see its 1:40am. She looks around and finds Erica and Ashley. They look all over, but no sign of Heather. ASHLEY Maybe she’s outside. Ashley, Erica, and Lindsay walk towards the entrance of the club. DISSOLVE TO

7. 6. EXT. DANCE CLUB, TIJUANA - LATE NIGHT Lindsay, Erica, and Ashley are frantically searching outside the dance club looking for Heather. ASHLEY Heather must already be at the car lets go. CUT TO EXT. SUV, TIJUANA - LATE NIGHT Erica looks down at her phone. The display reads 3am. The faces of the three girls show worried expressions and look visibly upset. ERICA Alright, we can’t wait any longer. She’s not coming. She probably left with Miguel. You know, they were all over each other in the club. CUT TO FLASHBACK. INT. DANCE CLUB, TIJUANA - NIGHT Miguel and Heather kissing in the corner on the sofa next to the tables displaying bottles. CUT TO EXT. SUV, TIJUANA - LATE NIGHT ERICA So, what should we do? ASHLEY We got to get back to my house. My parents are going to freak. We are already later than we were going to be. LINDSAY We can’t just leave her. ASHLEY When she calls in the morning we can come back and pick her up. (CONTINUED)

8. CONTINUED: 7. ERICA I have a bad feeling about this. I don’t think we should just leave her. ASHLEY Erica get in the car now. This conversation is over. Lindsay and Ashley get in the SUV. Erica reluctantly follows. The SUV drives off. CUT TO EXT. MEXICAN / AMERICAN BORDER LANE #4 - LATE NIGHT A few cars wait in line before approaching the inspection prior to crossing the border line. Erica looks out the window and to her astonishment she sees a girl in the back seat of a small towns car that resembles Heather. She looks to Lindsay. ERICA Lindsay, doesn’t that look like Heather in the car over there? Erica points her finger in the direction of the small towns car. LINDSAY Yeah it does. Ashley stop the car. ASHLEY I can’t just stop the car. Are you sure it’s her? LINDSAY It looks just like her. ERICA I think it’s her. Ashley pulls the SUV up to the Border Patrol Officer as he signals her over towards him. ERICA (CONT’D) Ashley tell the Border Patrol that Heather is in that car. (CONTINUED)

9. CONTINUED: 8. Ashley presses the window button twice and the window rapidly goes all the way down LINDSAY I hope it’s her. BORDER PATROL OFFICER #1 It’s awful late for you three ladies to be out especially around here. Where are you headed? ASHLEY Home in San Diego. ERICA Officer our friend is in that ca... BORDER PATROL OFFICER #1 Excuse me ladies please quiet down. Can I please see your Drivers License? Ashley reaches for her purse that is in the backseat. ERICA Ashley, tell him about Heather. ASHLEY Just hand me my purse. I’ll tell him. Erica hands Ashley her purse. Ashley finds her wallet. She removes her License and passes it to the Border Patrol Officer #1. He inspects it, reads it, and passes it back to Ashley. Lindsay punches Ashley’s leg. Ashley mouths "I will hold on." BORDER PATROL OFFICER #1 Well, drive safely and have a good night. ASHLEY (hesitating) Officer, I know this might sound crazy, but you see we are missing our girlfriend Heather who came with us and we think she might be in the backseat of the car in the next lane over. Is there anyway you (MORE) (CONTINUED)

10. CONTINUED: 9. ASHLEY (cont’d) could check to see if it’s her? Please? BORDER PATROL OFFICER #1 Of course. Hold on. The Border Patrol Officer radios in the other Border Patrol Officer. BORDER PATROL OFFICER #1 Hey do me a favor check the car that’s approaching you now and ask to see the driver and passengers ID cards. There’s a girl in the back seat who might happen to be Heather and her girlfriends are over here explaining to me that she’s missing. BORDER PATROL OFFICER #2 Sure thing. CUT TO EXT. MEXICAN / AMERICAN BORDER LANE #5 - LATE NIGHT In the lane over the small towns car approaches the Border Patrol Officer #2 as instructed. The driver rolls down his window. BORDER PATROL OFFICER #2 Good evening. May I please see your Drivers License? The driver holds up his wallet displaying his Driver License. BORDER PATROL OFFICER #2 Can you take it so I can see it? The driver hesitantly looks down then slowly removes the Drivers License and hands it over to the border patrol officer. The Border Patrol Officer inspects it, reads it, and hands it back. BORDER PATROL OFFICER #2 Thank you sir. Now, may I please see your passengers Drivers License or ID card. (CONTINUED)

11. CONTINUED: 10. The passenger sitting in the front seat reaches behind in his back right hand pocket and removes his wallet. Takes out his ID car and hands it to the driver which then hands it over to the Border Patrol Officer. The Border Patrol Officer inspects it, reads it, and hands it back. BORDER PATROL OFFICER #2 May I see the ladies Drivers License or ID card in the back seat? The driver hesitates then looks to the passenger sitting beside him. He then looks in the rear view mirror. He sees that she seems to be asleep. He glances back to the passenger seat then back at the Border Patrol Officer. DRIVER Sir, I’d hate to wake her. We’ve been driving all day and it’s late. Is there anyway you don’t have to see it and let us go? BORDER PATROL OFFICER #2 Please wake her up. The driver signals to the passenger beside him and the passenger then unbuckles his seat belt and sits up. He leans over to the backseat and touches the girls knee. The girl doesn’t move. He touches the girls knee a little harder and she still doesn’t move. DRIVER Sir, is this necessary? You see she’s sleeping. BORDER PATROL OFFICER #2 No, please slowly exit the vehicle. Border Patrol Officer # 2 radios to Border Patrol Officer # 1. BORDER PATROL OFFICER #2 Sir, can you please come over. I need your assistance. BORDER PATROL OFFICER #1 Be right over. CUT TO

12. 11. EXT. MEXICAN / AMERICAN BORDER LANE #4 - LATE NIGHT The Border Patrol Officer #1 signals Ashley to get out of the vehicle. BORDER PATROL OFFICER #1 Mam, please come with me. Ashley looks to Erica and then to Lindsay and unbuckles her seat belt and opens the drivers side door and exists the SUV. ASHLEY Is it Heather? Is she okay? BORDER PATROL OFFICER #1 We don’t know as of yet, but we will know shortly. Please stay close to my side. The Border Patrol Officer #1 and Ashley walk over to the small towns car in Lane #5. The driver slowly gets out while looking over the the passengers seat. They are both looking nervously towards each other. Border Patrol Officer #1 approaches. He signals to the passenger in the passengers seat to step out. The Border Patrol Officer #1 looks to Border Patrol Officer #2. BORDER PATROL OFFICER #2 Driver please go over to the other officer and sit on the curb. The driver slowly walks over to the other Border Patrol Officer. The Border Patrol Officer#1 signals to the driver and passenger to sit on the curb. Border Patrol Officer #2 opens the back door of the small towns car. BORDER PATROL OFFICER #2 Wake up, Mam I need to see some identification, please. The girls doesn’t budge. She is wearing a dress and has her head down. The Border Patrol Officer #2 shines his light at her. Still there is no sound or movement from the girl. He nudges her arm. She doesn’t move nor awakens. He bends down and flashes his light while looking up at her face. She looks unconscious. He reaches over her and unbuckles her seat belt. He begins to lift and pull her out of the (CONTINUED)

13. CONTINUED: 12. vehicle. He looks down and feels his shirt is getting wet. He lowers the girl down to the ground and looks down to his shirt. It’s bloody. He checks her to see where the blood came from. He lifts up her dresses and see’s the her insiders have been removed and stuffed with what looks like pills of some sort. He grabs his radio and then reaches for his gun. BORDER PATROL OFFICER #2 Code Red! Code Red! Need back up on lane #5. I have a body of a young woman looks to be in her late teens eighteen to twenty-five. She’s been cut open and her organs have been removed and replaced with pills of some sort likely ecstasy. Need an ambulance now. Border Patrol cars and Officers swarm the scene. Ambulance is seen driving up to the small towns car. Ashley hears the radio call coming through to Border Patrol Officer #1. Ashley immediately runs over to the Border Patrol Officer #2 which is hovering over the body. The Border Patrol Officer #2 moves and Ashely sees Heather laying there on the ground. Erica, and Lindsay jump out the car and run to the small towns car and see Ashley beside it then they see Heather’s body. All of them drop to the ground and tears fill their eyes. The hug each other and Ashley looks to Border Patrol Officer #1 and confirms that it is Heather. FADE OUT

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