Mavenir: Network Transformation for 5G Services

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Published on June 14, 2019

Author: mavenir


1. Network Transformation for 5G Services June 2019 BEJOY PANKAJAKSHAN Chief Strategy Officer

2. Agenda Flexible business models Network automation framework Preparing IMS for end-to- end transformation Network Transformation for 5G Services Cloud Native Network End to end network slicing Copyright Mavenir 2019 2

3. Mavenir at a Glance Leading Provider of Mission-Critical Network Infrastructure Software to Mobile Network Operators Copyright Mavenir 2019 3 Leading, Blue-Chip Installed Base Market Leader with Scale Culture of Innovation Mavenir by the Numbers 250+ Global MNO Customers Across 140+ Countries 17of Top 20 Global Tier 1 MNOs 11+ Years Average Customer Relationship 550+ Patents 60% Employees in R&D / Innovation >3B Mobile Subscribers on Magnum Platform 75% Of U.S. Tier 1 Operator VoLTE Launches Largest Fully Virtualized Network Deployment Over 1/3 of VoLTE deployments in Western Europe 75% U.S. RCS Market Share Mavenir Overview  Software-focused, end-to-end mobile network infrastructure solution provider  Fully virtualized, 5G ready, cloud-native  Global presence with more than 250 MNO customers across 140+ countries and six continents  HQ in Richardson, TX | 550+ patents

4. Network Transformation Objectives Copyright Mavenir 2019 4 • Enabling Digital services marketplace with onboarding automation • NF onboarding process from many weeks (6-8) to a day • Programmable network in real time (NFV, SDN, automation, etc.) • Automated service delivery and activation • Policy & Analytics-driven closed loop optimization • Design for failure (No single point of failure, minimize manual intervention, rolling upgrades) • Optimal capacity planning • Dynamically adjust capacity & Allocate resource when/where needed • Lower aggregated spare capacity Increase Value of Network Reduce Capex Reduce OpEx

5. Network Transformation for 5G Services Copyright Mavenir 2019 5 Scalable E2E LeanAutomated Cognitive Deployment at Scale RRH E2E Virtual Network Tailored and Optimized for specific Tenant 5G/4G Core IMS Services vRAN External Network 4G/5G Applications End-to-End Network Transformation Private Edge Hybrid Cloud Native Network Network Automation Flexible Business Models Public End-to-End Network Slicing

6. Copyright Mavenir 2019 NFVI Network Architecture Evolution Strategy Legacy Packet Core • Custom Hardware Platform • Proprietary • Costly • Inflexible 5GC • Fully Programmable • Hyperscale • Rapid Innovation vEPC • Monolithic • Bolted onto Pseudo-Infrastructure • Vendor Silos • Still Customized Custom Hardware Virtualization (VMs) Web Scale (VMs or Containers) NE 1 Application Compute Network Storage NE 3 ApplicationCompute Network Storage NE n Application Compute Network Storage NE 1 NE 3 NE n Virtualization Layer - Hypervisor Compute StorageNetwork NF 1 NF 3 NF n VMI Virtualization Layer – Container Manager Compute StorageNetwork How to handle Data growth and Service Agility 6

7. Cloud Native Principles for Network Transformation Cloud Native Principles Enable Transformation to Web-Scale • Life cycle automation with auto-provisioning, auto-scaling, self-healing • Closed loop service assurance with AI/ML • One-click deployment make it easy for service agility – multi-tenant service offering with network slicing Copyright Mavenir 2019 7 • Decomposed, Stateless • Services Based Architecture • Open API • Service Mesh & Discovery Micro-Services • Deploy Anywhere • Data Plane Acceleration • Open Source based PaaS Containerized CI/CD Automation Cloud Native Database • Monitoring, Logging, Tracing • Real-Time Data Ingestion • Integrated Probes Observability & Analysis • Application Aware storage • Automated Data Management • High performance at Scale • Guaranteed QoS

8. E2E Virtual Network Tailored and Optimized for specific Tenant End to End Network Slicing RRH CU-CP CU-UP AMF SMF UPF AUSF PCF UDM REG MMTEL RMS SCC SBC WRG 5GC Network Functions IMS Network Functions BackHaul C-RAN Functions RAN Network Slice Subnets Core Network Slice Subnets Service Network Slice Subnets Transport Slice Subnets E2E Network Slice Instances E2E Network Slice Design Verticals MVNOs Slice Request Attributes: Service Type, Latency, Throughput, Reliability, Mobility, Geography, Security, Analytics 5G Core IMS Services 5G User Plane BBU External Network External Network 5G Applications Copyright Mavenir 2019 8

9. Flexible business models Copyright Mavenir 2019 9 Massive Sensor Mgmt. Virtual Reality Autonomous Cars Autonomous Drones Enterprise IoT Consumer Legacy BSS New BSS Voice & Video Messaging Voice & VideoMessaging  Multiple Networks per Vertical  Limited Static Use case  Fixed Business Model  Network Slicing  Multiple Dynamic Use cases  Newer Evolving Business Models New Use Cases & Business Models require transformative approaches at the BSS

10. Network Automation for Cost Reduction Copyright Mavenir 2019 10 NFV/Orchestration Service Agility SDN Controller Network Programmability 1 2 34 5 6 Real-Time Data Ingestion Importing, Transforming, Loading and processing data Service Assurance Performance Management Fault Management Policy & Rules AI/ML based Analytics Network Insights Big Data Platform Data Distribution System

11. Preparing IMS for End-to-End Transformation Copyright Mavenir 2019 11 RRH 5G/4G Core DU CU-UP CU-CP 3GPP defined SBA Cloud Native Access Network End to End Transformation incomplete without evolution of IMS Services to Cloud Native Architecture Voice & Video vRCS Business Benefits  5GC Native IMS deployment for Enterprises  End to End Network Slicing  Pre-Integrated Network Solution  Optimum Platform for Public, Hybrid Cloud Deployment Micro Services Stateless (All Active N+M) Services Based Interface Open APIs Cloud-Native Protocols Service Registry & Discovery Auto-Configuration IMS ServicesvRAN MaaP Multi-ID

12. Copyright Mavenir 2019 Thank You

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