Mauis Dolphin

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Information about Mauis Dolphin

Published on November 10, 2008

Author: lenva


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Maui's dolphin - Wikipedia

Maui's dolphin or popoto (Cephalorhynchus hectori maui) is the world's rarest and smallest known subspecies of dolphin. They are a subspecies of the Hector ...
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Maui's dolphin | WWF

Maui's dolphin, found off the west coast of North Island in New Zealand, has recently been identified as a subspecies of Hector's dolphin. This subspecies ...
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Maui Dolphin - Aotearoa Maui / Mauis Dolphins imminent ...

Maui Dolphin Imminent Extinction in New Zealand Aotearoa Last Chance for our precious dolphin, only 42-55 left, only 12 breeding females, and almost no ...
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Hector's and Maui's Dolphin SOS

Hector’s dolphins and their close relative the Maui’s dolphin live only in New Zealand and are both the smallest and rarest marine dolphins on earth.
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Maui's Dolphin ! by Shannon Brennan on Prezi

Scientific Name: Celphalorhynchus hectori maui General Description . Body Length: 1.2 - 1.4 meters Weight: It weighs up to 50 kg Coloring: The Maui’s ...
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Māui dolphin: Marine mammals - Department of Conservation

Māui dolphin are a subspecies of Hector’s dolphin, the world’s smallest dolphin. they are also some of the rarest dolphins in the world.
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Maui’s Dolphin Facts

Maui’s dolphin (also known as Popoto) is the smallest known dolphin in existence. These dolphins are a subspecies of Hector’s dolphin, which prior to ...
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Maui Dolphin

Maui Dolphin site is for our Taonga of Tangaroa, our Popoto. Maaui, Maui, Maui's, the NEW ZEALAND DOLPHIN from our homelands. We are celebrating the last ...
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Facts about Māui dolphin

A recent estimate of the Māui dolphin population indicated that approximately 63 individuals over one year of age remain. Get information about this ...
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Maui-Delfin – Wikipedia – offizielle Website zu Maui-Delfinen des Department of Conservation, Neuseeland. wwf.panda ...
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