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Information about Matter and Energy by LoRen

Published on April 10, 2014

Author: mrhaneyrhes


Energy in everything By: LoRen Seagrave

Intro Energy and matter make up everything in life here is energy in different forms I hope you enjoy my power point.

Potential Energy Rule: The higher an object gets the more potential energy it or you will have. Potential Energy: Amount of usable energy within a body in rest. Potential energy is energy that is stored because of an objects position. Any object that goes higher has more potential energy.

Kinetic Energy Rule: the faster an object goes the more kinetic energy it or you will have. Kinetic energy is obtained by the faster the object goes. Any object that is going faster and faster is gaining kinetic energy.

Airplane question If you go higher and faster that mean the airplane is going up. If it is decreasing then it is going down.

Physical properties Physical properties are: volume, mass, density, texture, hardness, size, weight, boiling and freezing point. You can identify physical properties with you five senses. They are reversible. Some physical properties are: slicing bread, fresh lemonade, glass breaking, boiling water, mowing lawn, cracking eggs, ice melting.

Chemical properties Chemical properties are: flammability, rusting combusting, reaction with another martial. when we change the matter with chemical properties, we change the matters identity. They are irreversible. Some chemical properties are baking a cake, fireworks, toast, digesting food, lighting a match, roasting marshmallows, rusting nails, frying eggs.

Radiation Radiation is the transfer of heat in the form of waves. Examples of radiation is the heat from the sun warming your face. Heat from a light bulb. Heat from a fire. Tips and tricks:“Ray”diation

Conduction The transfer of heat from one substance to another by direct contract. Some examples: touching a hot stove. ice cooling in your hand. boiling water by trusting a red piece of iron into it. Tips and tricks: conduct=touch and direct contact= DC.

Convection Convection is the transfer of heat though a fluid [liquid or gas] caused by molecular motion. Example: warming air due to heat rising from earth and boiling water. Tips and tricks:“convey”ction.

The End bye have a great time

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