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Published on October 14, 2008

Author: aSGuest876


Have you thought about doing a maths lesson by PowerPoint? : A little about me: I have been using PowerPoint for under one year. I have been playing with computers for a while. Some of these lessons have taken me 30 minutes, some a few hours. I have used some lessons with multiple classes with some changes. I have left these lessons for students when I have been away. Today I have assumed that many have little knowledge of PowerPoint. (If we all have some knowledge we will go faster.) You will start your own presentation before we leave. Have you thought about doing a maths lesson by PowerPoint? Before you start : Before you start Before you start you need to think about a few things: Do you have access to a data projector? Do you have access to a laptop? Can you book a computer room? Is there someone at school to help you set up? Is the topic appropriate for PowerPoint? Graphing without a good graphing package is hard. Geometrical diagrams can be very time consuming. Other things you may think about include: What size font will you use, this is 24pt, remember to change the font size in equation editor as well. The colours you use. Some colours I have used look great on the screen, but you can’t see them in the class room. Customising PowerPoint (and other MS office products) : WHY customise PowerPoint? Are there tools etc that you use regularly that take several mouse clicks to access? The tools I use include: Insert sound Equation editor Insert symbol Align or distribute Customising PowerPoint (and other MS office products) How to customise PowerPoint (and most MS programs), click on: Tools Customise Commands Select a category Select the command you want Drag the command to a tool bar You can also remove unwanted icons from your toolbar by dragging them onto the customise menu. You can move icons around so that they are in a better order for you. Some hints for PowerPoint (and other MS office products) : I tend to use keyboard shortcuts as they are quicker than a mouse. Hyperlink ctrl + K allows you to go to another page Copy ctrl + C Paste ctrl + V Cut ctrl + X Undo ctrl + Z one of my favourites Print ctrl + P Save ctrl + S PLEASE, PLEASE save regularly Save as f12 Select all ctrl + A Find and replace ctrl + H change a word throughout a document Spell check f 7 (thesaurus in word is shift + f 7) Some hints for PowerPoint (and other MS office products) Some hints just for PowerPoint : Blank the screen B blank the screen during a presentation Stop presentation esc Start a presentation from the start f 5 Start a presentation from the present screen Slide Show button Some hints just for PowerPoint Some more hints for PowerPoint (and other MS office products) : Some more hints for PowerPoint (and other MS office products) You can reduce the size of the pictures in your presentation to reduce the document size. Another method of copying and pasting is to Right click on the photo/picture Select format picture Press the compress button Select web or screen Select all pictures in the document for maximum compression Hold the control key Click on the object you want to copy Drag it towards where you want it. You can select multiple objects holding the control or shift key and clicking on the objects. Doing this in word will give different results for control and shift. Some things I do : Some things I do I would normally use equation editor one line at a time. I like things lined up, so I use the align or distribute buttons, which I have placed on my drawing toolbar. If I use music I place the icon just off the screen. When drawing diagrams I normally use the grid, zoom in for difficult sections, Group the drawing to allow easier movement etc Animation : How do you make things appear in a particular order on the screen? By using custom animation Turn on the Task Pane (View → Task Pane). [This is another button I have added to the tool bar.] Select the custom animation Pane. Select (click on) the item you want to animate. Click the “Add Effect” button, “Entrance” then chose the method. I normally only use appear, but I lack imagination. The option you may want may not appear, click on “More effects” The items you have selected will appear in order on the right. You can change the order by clicking on an item and dragging it up or down or using the up/down arrows towards the bottom of the pane. Check your order by pressing the “Slide Show” button. Animation Animating text boxes : Once you have animated a textbox, you may want individual lines to appear one at a time. Select the item in the custom animation pane. Click on the drop down box at the end of the selected item. Select “Effect options…” Select the “Text Animation” tab. Click on the drop down box at the end of the “Group text:” line. Select “By 1st level paragraphs” If you are using indented text such as this you have 2 options “By 1st level paragraphs”, all these points will appear at once “By 2nd level paragraphs”, these points will appear one at a time. Remember to check your order by pressing the “Slide Show” button. Animating text boxes Your first presentation Pt 1 : This is not meant to be the start of your first lesson next term (or though it could be), but just a chance to practice some skills so that you can do some lessons when you get back home. Open up PowerPoint. Select a text layout from the slide layout pane, I use “Title only”. Select the slide design. You can have different designs on each page. Beware you don’t create a distraction by using to many backgrounds, you may use one for revision and another for new work. Some of the colours are not classroom or student friendly. Normally I would say SAVE at this time. Type in your title. Add a text box. Your first presentation Pt 1 This is the same in word. Your first presentation Pt 2 : Your first presentation Pt 2 Type in 2 or 3 lines of text, pressing return at the end of the line. Change the task pane to custom animation. Animate the text box so that each line comes up individually. Add a new slide I click on a slide on the left hand side, and copy (ctrl + c) and paste (ctrl + v). This give you the formatting, pictures etc of the previous page, which can be helpful if you want a picture/text on the next page. You can use ctrl + M. When do this you are given a new slide layout. Be careful as it can change your default fonts etc. Add two or three pictures or diagrams on the new page. Animate the new objects, remember to check your order by pressing the “Slide Show” button. Change their orders using the custom animation pane. Change the order of the slides using the left hand pane. Closing thoughts : Closing thoughts This is just what I, in my naivety, have been doing. Some of this I have discovered by asking “what does this do?” Depending upon your support structure, it may be quicker to ask someone “how do you do this?” rather than using help. Lots of stuff is able to be done, you just need to think of what it is you want to do, then ask the right question to the right person to find out how to do it. All the files for this presentation are on the computer you are using and you are welcome to take them with you, they will all fit onto a floppy. Thanks for coming this afternoon. Stuart Lord Mt St Joseph Milperra

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