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Published on May 7, 2007

Author: Santoshmehta


PUZZLES TO PUZZLE YOU:  PUZZLES TO PUZZLE YOU TCY Learning Solutions (P) Ltd By: RAKESH KUMAR Solution::  Solution: Solution::  Solution: Slide6:  Necklace You have four chains of three links each. How can you join them into one 12 - link necklace (a closed loop) after cutting and joining only three links? Solution::  Solution: Slide8:  Hidden Hats Middle, Rear and Front are standing in line. An eccentric millionaire challenges them to a game. Choosing randomly from 3 white hats and 2 black hats, the millionaire will place a hat on each of the men. If a man guesses his hat color correctly, he receives one million dollars. If a man is wrong, he owes one millions dollars. Rear who can see two other hats, declines to give an answer. Middle, who can see one other hat, also declines to give an answer. Finally, Front, who cannot see any hats, states the color of his own hat? How? Solution::  Solution: Rear Middle Front W W W W W W B W B W W B B B W W B W B B B W Solution::  Solution: Slide13:  Solution: Solution::  Solution: Solution::  Solution: Alice, Counselor Alice Alice, Brad, Counselor Brad Brad, Candice, Counselor Brad, Candice Brad, Candice, Alice, Counselor Solution::  Solution: 0 2 6 7 8 1 0 1 2 3 4 5 AND 6 is for 9 Solution::  Solution: Solution::  Solution: Solution::  Solution: Solution::  Solution: Solution::  Solution: The girl could reach the elevator button for the first floor, but was too short to reach the button for the twentieth floor. Solution::  Solution: Let x = rate the car travels in the next mile The total time to travel 2 miles is 1/30 + 1/x hr So, (60 mph) (1/30 hr + 1/x hr) = 2 miles 2 miles first mile second mile Simplifying, we get 60/x = 0 Impossible !!! Solution::  Solution: Working Backwards: Peanuts left: 1 Before: 2(1) = 2 Before: 2+1 = 3 Before: 2(3) = 6 Before: 6+1 = 7 Before: 2(7) = 14 Before: 14+1 = 15 Solution::  Solution: Suppose that Laura’s cosmic twin ran up the mountain exactly as Laura had, but exactly 24 hours later. With Laura running down the mountain, the two would have to meet . Solution::  Solution: Bachelor 1 : Not me. Bachelor 2 : I am. Bachelor 3 : Not Bachelor 2. Note that the statement of Bachelor 2 and Bachelor 3 are CONTRADICTORY. This implies that one of them must be telling the truth. This makes Bachelor 1’s statement FALSE. Therefore, he is the TALLEST. Solution::  Solution: The four weights are:

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