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Published on June 27, 2007

Author: Wanderer


A Moodle Environment for Mathematics :  A Moodle Environment for Mathematics MARIA ROSA ESTELA Civil Engineering School UPC SEBASTIÀ XAMBÓ DESCAMPS Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics UPC Online Educa Berlin WebALT Workshop November 29, 2006 Slide2:  Teaching and Learning Mathematics using Maple TA and WIRIS in a Moodle environment A longer title Slide3:  Maria Rosa Estela Abel Pau Ramon Eixarch Daniel Marquès Bruno Martínez Eusebi Jarauta WebALT The people Slide4:  Challenges Aims of project Timeline Moodle Integrating WIRIS Maple TA About the hands-on session Index Slide5:  To enhance learning with technology Focus: mathematics at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) Current target: 1st year students (with special regard for Calculus) Challenges (1) Slide6:  How to make sure that students have, at the end of a program (project, subject, course, degree), the competencies (including knowledge) aimed at by the program. It is assumed that programs have an explicit description of aims and assessment methods (procedures by which the competences will be measured). Scope of this talk: teaching Mathematics (mainly catch-up mathematics) in science and engineering schools, for students beginning a university degree (or at the end of Secondary school). Challenges (2) Slide7:  Is the old way the best way? My Turn: Forget the Fads—The Old Way Works Best What will fix public education? A teacher, a chalkboard and a roomful of willing students By Evan Keliher NEWSWEEK [2002] The plain truth is we need to return to the method that’s most effective: a teacher in front of a chalkboard and a roomful of willing students. The old way is the best way. We have it from no less a figure than Euclid himself. When Ptolemy I, the king of Egypt, said he wanted to learn geometry, Euclid explained that he would have to study long hours and memorize the contents of a fat math book. The pharaoh complained that that would be unseemly and demanded a shortcut. Euclid replied, 'There is no royal road to geometry.' Slide8:  To improve support to the students 1. Self-assessing exercises 2. Virtual laboratories To enhance learning by integrating online experimentation in regular classes Aims of project Slide9:  2003/04 EVAM WIRIS exercises 2004/05 BasicMatWeb HTML Content + WIRIS 2005/06 Moodle Atenea UPC institutional platform 2006/07 MapleTA exercises Practice in 3 Schools 400 students, 10 teachers Timeline Slide10:  Slide11:  EVAM Slide12:  WIRIS Slide13:  MAPLE TA Slide14:  MAPLE TA Slide15:  Maple TA exercises Matti Pauna Maple TA multilingual exercises Abel Pau TextMathEditor Glòria Casanellas Hands-on Slide16:  R. Eixarch, D. Marquès, S. Xambó WIRIS: An Internet Platform for the Teaching of Mathematics in Large Educational Communities Contributions to Science, 2 (2), 269-276, 2002. S. Xambó Block Error-Correcting Codes: A Computational Primer. Universitext, Springer-Verlag, 2003 Other references Slide17:  O. Caprotti, M. Seppälä, S. Xambó Novel Aspects of the Use of ICT in Mathematics Education CISSE 2006 Other references Slide18:  Promotes several key competences Supports individual and team work, with or without teacher supervision, with or without grading. Fits well the ESHE Ending remarks Slide19:  Thank you!

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