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Published on July 21, 2012

Author: abhisheksngh555


ABHISHEK SINGHVIII “B” abhishek singh

Welcometo Math Magic abhishek singh

abhishek singh

Power in NumbersPick a number between 1 and 9Multiply your number by 9Multiply your new number by 12,345,679We will guess your number… abhishek singh

Power in Numbers How it WorksThe steps:Pick a number between 1 and 9Multiply your number by 9Multiply your new number by 12,345,679We will guess your number…The Trick:Simple (or not-so-simple) arithmetic! Note: We multiplied our number by 9 and by 12,345,679 abhishek singh

Age AnalysisMultiply the first number of your age by 5Add 3 to your new numberDouble that figureAdd the second number of your age to that figureAnd the result is… abhishek singh

Age Analysis How it WorksThe steps:Multiply the first number of your age by 5Add 3 to your new numberDouble that figureAdd the second number of your age to that figureSubtract 6 from that resultAnd the result is…The Trick:Another arithmetic trick! Numbers are sooo cool! abhishek singh

Do You Feel Lucky?Select a three-digit numberEnter it twice in the calculator (e.g. 123123)Double that figureThe number is divisible by…The number is divisible by…Do you feel lucky?The number is divisible by… abhishek singh

Do You Feel Lucky? How it Works The steps: Select a three-digit number Enter it twice in the calculator (e.g. 123123) Double that figure The number is divisible by 11 The number is divisible by your original 3-digit number Do you feel lucky? The number is divisible by 7 AND 13 And the result is…The Trick:Entering a three-digit number twice (e.g. 123123) is equivalentto multiplying it by 1001. Since 1001 = 11 x 7 x 13, the six-digit number will be divisible by 7, 11, 13 and the originalthree-digit number. abhishek singh

Curious Math Pick a number from 1 to 9 Subtract 5 Multiply by 3 Square the number(that is multiply the number by itself—NOT square root…and yes, you can square 0. 0 x singh 0) abhishek 0=

Curious MathAdd the digits until you get only one digit(e.g. 64 = 6 + 4 = 10 = 1+ 0 = 1)If the number is less than 5, add 5 Otherwise, subtract 4Multiply by 2Subtract 6 abhishek singh

Curious MathMap the digit to a letter in the alphabet (e.g. A=1, B=2, C=3, …)Pick a name of a country that begins with that letterTake the second letter in the country name, and think of a mammal that begins with that letterThink of the color of that mammal abhishek singh

Curious MathYou will be amazed…Are you ready…Here we go…You have a gray elephant from Denmark! abhishek singh

Curious Math How it Works…or at least you probably have a gray elephant from Denmark.The trick:The first half of this magical problem is another arithmetic trick.You will (it is certain) map a letter to the number 4 to get “D”).From there we are not certain where you will go, but your answeris quite probable!e.g. You could have selected another country that starts with “D”such as the Dominican Republic or Dominica or Djibouti…but it isnot probable.You also could have selected another animal that starts with “E”such as an elk or an ermine…but that’s not probable either : ) abhishek singh

kinds of mathematicians-- those who can count and those who cant. abhishek singh

Thankyou!! abhishek singh

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