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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: jcibewise


Do You Want to Get Lucky? (Creating Your Own Opportunities) Patrick W. Knight KnightVision Seminars 5436 S.W. 191st Terrace Miramar, FL 33029 Phone: +1 305 389 0707 Email: Skype: Website: 1

Do You Want to Get Lucky? (Creating Your Own Opportunities) Course Description: In this course, you will learn to create your own opportunities for your career, in organizations and in your life. Luck does not put you in the right place at the right time. You need to look for openings, create opportunities and be ready to capitalize on them. Today, we will discuss proactive promotion of ideas and projects. We will analyze out-of-network analysis of ideas and how to spot divine connections that can help you achieve your goals. We will identify tips and techniques for creating relationships with these connections and finally, we will analyze the positive decision making process. Don’t be lucky, be better! Objectives: 1. To evaluate the process for proactive promotion of ideas. 2. To discuss methods of creating opportunities outside your immediate network. 3. To identify steps needed to find people who can open doors for you. 4. To analyze techniques for establishing meaningful relationships with these divine connections. 5. To assess decision making skills necessary for positive advancement toward your goals and objectives. Rules for Participants: - Please turn off cell phones or set them to vibrate. - Share your ideas and techniques with the whole room to help us learn. - Keep an open mind and an open heart. - If you disagree or would like to debate a point, we welcome your opinions. - Try to meet as many people as possible in this seminar. - Smile often and have fun! 2

Introduction: What does it mean to be lucky? “Luck is an accident that happens to the competent.” - Albert M. Greenfield “There’s nothing remarkable about it. All one has to do is hit the right keys at the right time and the instrument plays itself.” - Johann Sebastian Bach Part One: Proactive Promotion of Ideas NOTES (A) The Secret to Successful Promotion: The secret is simple: birthday parties. Think about the last time that you invited some friends over to celebrate your birthday or the last time you organized a group to go out for your birthday. What techniques did you use to make sure that you had a good number of cool friends, co-workers, family and acquaintances coming out to celebrate? (in the space below, write down the things you did to ensure a good turn-out) 3

NOTES (B) Creating Ambassadors for Your Idea: • Give them social currency to use • Find ways to remind people to talk about your idea • Make them passionate about it • Give them a story to tell (trigger an emotion) Learning point: You already know the secret to successful promotion of an idea. It is proactive promotion using a variety of creative techniques and follow-up. Moreover, you begin to create ambassadors who can help you sell your idea to other people. Learning how to promote and sell your ideas in an effective manner, will go a long way in helping you to create new opportunities for you in life. Identifying those people who can help get your idea off the ground is imperative if you want to realize your goals. Essential questions to ask yourself (1) Do I care enough about this idea to proactively promote it? (2) What is the “hook” to get people excited about the idea? (3) How do I make this idea relevant to other people? (4) Why would these people want to be an ambassador for me? (5) What story illustrates my idea in action? 4

Part Two: Out-of-Network Analysis of Ideas NOTES After opening your mind to the possibilities of proactive promotion, your next steps are: (1) to visualize your idea by making sure it is fresh and clear; and (2) to determine who else would care about your idea. These steps apply whether you want to write a book, start your own business or become CEO of your company. Most people have an idea and they either keep it to themselves or they tell only their closest friends and family. These actions stifle most opportunities available to you. Instead, you need a plan to get out of your immediate network in order to perfect your idea and then bring others on board to act as your ambassadors. (A) Using outside influences to refine your idea -Goal is to develop fresh ideas that will appeal to others -Sit with new people -Hang out and speak with the masses -Read books, watch speakers -Look for ideas from other companies or organizations -Become an “expert” on an issue -Visualize the idea so you can paint a picture of it Activity: Now write down one opportunity you want in your career or life. Or, write down one idea that you really want to make happen. ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 5

(B) Figuring out who else would care about my idea NOTES Once you have refined your idea, the next obvious step is to figure out who else would be interested in the idea. Start with your immediate network and slowly work beyond those people, considering anyone in the world who might have an interest in what you are doing or in seeing your idea come to fruition. Example in your industry/company: - Read publications in your field - Look for unique issues and articles to share with others - Find a mentor in the office - Find a mentor outside your office - Turn your research into an article for a publication - Create hand-out, newsletter or memo for co-workers - Become the “go-to” person on certain issues - Apply for awards/recognition for your company or team - Be aware of who is “making news” in your industry - Analyze how these people are “making news” Essential questions to ask yourself (1) Who else might want to know about this idea? (2) Who to meet in the field pertaining to my idea? (3) How could they benefit from my idea? (4) How do I find these people? General Discussion: Giving a leadership seminar in Miami, Florida (USA) • Who might want to know about you going to Miami? • How can they benefit from your trip? • Where can you find these people? • Can you partner with these people? • Will they promote your effort? 6

Part Three: Finding Divine Connections NOTES Divine Connections are those people who have come into your life and who can help you get to where you want to go or they can help make your idea become a reality. They key is to figure out where these Divine Connections come from and how you can find more of them. Activity #1: Think of one major accomplishment in your life and go back through all the people that played any role in getting you to that point. First, write down the names of as many of these people as you can remember. Then, answer the following questions for one or two of those people: Names of Divine Connections: (1) How did the relationship start? (2) What message did they deliver to you? (3) What did you do next? (4) How did you cultivate that relationship? 7

NOTES Activity #2: Go back to the original thing you wrote down (something you want). Who are the people that you know right now who might be of help to you in getting this thing? Next, if you had to think of the title, characteristics or other features of the ideal person who could help you get there, what would that person be like? If there was on person you admire who might mentor you, who would that be? Have you ever discussed your dream with that person? Essential questions to ask yourself Fill in the blanks below: People I know right now who can help me: (1) (2) (3) People I do not know personally, but who could help me: (1) (2) (3) In addition, the kind of people who can also help me have the following characteristics or the following job titles/positions: (1) (2) (3) These are two people that I could approach to mentor me with this idea: (1) (2) Learning Point: Don’t wait for fate to drop these people into your lap. Figure out a plan using proactive promotion of your idea (or of your personal brand), that will bring you into the same network as these people. Sometimes, you need people to help you open doors. You know where you want to go now, the next step is finding the people that can help you get there. In essence, Divine Connections are not necessarily brought to you by “divine intervention.” You can make it happen yourself! 8

Part Four: Create Interest & Establish Relationships NOTES (A) Establishing credibility People are always sizing you up and trying to determine if you are the kind of person with whom they should associate or bring into their network. When you approach your Divine Connections, who are typically very busy, they will make certain judgments about you based on the initial contact, the information they already know about you, and the stories they hear from others once they start to ask about you. Thus, it is important that you put your best image out in the general public whenever possible to gain credibility. You must also be ready for an unexpected encounter with a divine connection. With some simple planning, you can make this seem effortless, while being very effective. Illustration: The Interview Think about your last interview. The person conducting the interview wanted to size you up in a short period of time. They want to know how you acted in real situations in the past. They want to know if you are a team player and what you can offer the company. In order to do this, you typically research the company to bolster your image, you try to share stories that put you in the most positive light, you offer nuggets of wisdom regarding your knowledge for this job, you are concerned with small details of the interview and you generally practice with a friend or spouse ahead of time. Interviewing Consultants often suggest that you develop several personal stories to share during an interview to show your value to this company: (1) Story that shows you made or saved money for your current company; (2) Story where you can show how you overcame a huge challenge or crisis; (3) Story that illustrates you can be a team player; (4) Story when you took the lead on a project through completion; (5) Story that shows you can be creative and innovative. 9

NOTES What can I do to create relationships with my Divine Connections? Do your homework - Show them that you have followed their work - Find their “hot button” - Research your question before asking it - Don’t sound naïve - Know your stuff ahead of time Appear smarter with nuggets of information - When you know a topic is going to come up, research it - Stay well read about issues that matter to your Divine Connection - If you only know one thing, throw it out early - Ask questions related to their answers Be prepared to sell yourself - Think about interesting stories about you from your past - Think about your recent trips and adventures - Think about what you like most about your current job - Think about some stories similar to the “interview” stories - Think of a few clean jokes you can tell (write them down) - Practice how you will sound during an ice-breaker - Think about your favorite cartoon, fruit, TV show, special talent, interesting thing about yourself etc. Creating a connection with the Divine Connection - Ask questions about them (use Positive Seduction techniques) - Practice the conversation in your head - Practice the conversation with your spouse or a friend Use honey, don’t be aggressive - Don’t appear pushy - It is always better to appear ambitious but humble - Thank your Divine Connection at each stage of the relationship - Show sincere appreciation and foster the relationship genuinely 10

NOTES Essential questions to ask yourself (1) Have I identified all my possible Divine Connections? (2) Am I prepared for a meeting with any one of them? (3) Do I know how to sell myself? (4) Can I clearly and concisely sell my idea? Learning Point: Consultants offer all kinds of advice regarding how to do effective research on a company for an interview, the technique for a powerful hand-shake, the dress code for an interview and the various ways you can practice for a natural sounding exchange of information. These are some of the same techniques you can apply in creating a relationship with your divine connection. Be prepared to sell your idea and turn a Divine Connection into an ambassador. Activity: Picking one of the people that could be a divine connection, practice a conversation you might have with that person if they were sitting in this seminar with you. Find a partner and your partner will play the role of the other person. Give your partner some information about that person, so that they can play the role effectively. 11

Part Five – Positive Decision Making Activity: Two boxes and one choice. Which one do you want? (1) How to Always Make the Right Decision: - Analyze the issue; - Consider the alternatives; - Gather information to assess each alternative; - Do what you think is best for you; - Never look back. NOTES: Summary and Closing: (1) Proactive Promotion is the key to creating ambassadors for you. (2) Out of Network Analysis helps develop the idea and find a champion of the idea. (3) Divine Connections will help you open doors. (4) Creating Relationships and Being Prepared will make sure that you do not lose out on a chance. (5) Always Make the Right Decision and stay positive! 12

References: Jonah Berger, Contagious – Why Things Catch On (Simon & Shuster, 2013) Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point (Little Brown 2000) Sonja Lyubomirsky, “Research and Studies on Happiness”, Psychological Bulletin, January 2005. E.J. Mundell, “The Sweet Smell of Happiness?”, Mental Health and Fitness, December 19, 2005. Richard Wiseman, The Luck Factor: A Scientific Study of the Mind, (Century Books, 2005). About the presenter: Patrick Knight is a civil litigation attorney working as a senior trial specialist for Victor Rams & Associates in Miami, Florida USA. In 2005, he became one of the youngest attorneys ever to pass the Board Certification exam for trial attorneys in Florida, which is the highest level for an attorney. He is also the President of KnightVision Seminars speaking and presenting seminars internationally. In the scope of his representation of various clients over the years, Mr. Knight has attained a vast and unique knowledge base about the inner workings of his corporate and insurance clients. Learning the entire process form top to bottom for each client is essential to expertly defend them in trial or train their employees in a seminar. Understanding corporate finances and vision is a must. This rare insight has proven invaluable to Patrick as a consultant and trainer. Representative clients have included: Lloyds of London, Nokia, Sears Roebuck, K-Mart, South Motors - Ford Motor Company, the Baltimore Orioles baseball franchise, Scottish Insurance, Honeywell, Home Shopping Network Inc., Holiday Inn Management, Allstate Ins. Co., Best Buy Inc., Trammell Crow Company, Kelly Tractor, Zurich Insurance Co., Miami Management Inc., The Concord Fund, Florida Power & Light, and many other large companies. In JCI, Mr. Knight served as the 2011 JCI Training Chairperson for the world and is a former National Legal Counsel for JCI USA. In 2007, he served as the JCI Met Net Conference director. He also served on the 2004 JCI Strategic Planning Commission. As a local JCI President in 2001 and 2002, Mr. Knight revitalized the organization leading the chapter to be recognized as the Most Outstanding JCI Chapter in the United States in both years. In 2002, the chapter was also recognized as the most outstanding chapter in the Americas. With more than 200 members in the chapter and a 25 person Board of Directors, Patrick used the exact techniques taught in this seminar to create opportunities in both JCI and his career. Patrick is a Certified International Training Fellow (ITF #102) in the JCI Training Institute and has taught more than 350 seminars in twenty different U.S. states and thirty other countries around the world. He has authored numerous leadership articles and manuals, including Jumpstart Your Chapter, Legal Issues for JCI Leaders, Positive Seduction, Metro Synergy, Teach, Coach, Train! and the Leadership Series. He is also the author of Blessed to Survive – The Thanksgiving Day Massacre, a book that details his triumph over tragedy as a victim in one of the worst shootings in Florida history. ( 13

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