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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: NiszaNagari



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SITUATION ANALYSIS: • Description of where we are todaty, internal and externar, business and IS STRATEGY FORMULATION: • Description of where we want to be, business and IS STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION: • Plans how we are going to get there from an IS standpoint PLAN COMPONENTS GAP ANALYSIS

Future Business Operating Vision IS Mission Goals IS Strategies Current System Assesment PLAN DEVELOPMENT Computing Architecture

Conceptual Level 1. VISIONING 3. DIRECTION •Initiate and manage the project •Understand business situation and vision •Document and confirm the business analysis •Develop IS vision and direction •Develop IS plan •Identify IS projects Phases of the planing process 2. ANALYSIS 4. RECOMENDATION •Understand current IS situation •Analyze current IS situation •Develop recommendation, solution alternatives •Develop roadmap •Develop business case •Communicate the plan Detailed Level PLANNING PROCESS

INITIATE PROJECT BUSINESS REVIEW ANALYZE BUSINESS Initiate and manage the project Understand busuness situation & vision Document and confirm the business analysis •Finalize objective, goals & scope •Identify resources, roles & responsibilities, interview participants •Confirm deliverables templates •Announce the project, conduct project orientation •Establish ongoing project governance, communications, status report •Review business documentation •Develop business interview questions, surveys, workshop structure •Schedule business interviews & workshops •Conduct business interviews & workshops & surveys •Document business interviews and workshops & surveys •Document current business description, vision, values, goals, strategies, direction, operating vision, business projects & inititives •Document industry business trends, business and customer requirements •Document business strengths, weaknesses, opprtunities, and threats •Document business impact on IS Review & confirm project plan Review & confirm business input Review & confirm business situation understanding PHASE 1, VISIONING PHASE

IS REVIEW Understand current IS situation ANALYZE SOLUTIONS Analyze current IS situation Develop recommendations, solution alternatives •Review IS documentation •Develop IS interview questions, surveys, workshop structure •Schedule IS interviews & workshops •Conduct IS interviews & workshops & surveys •Document IS interviews & workshops & surveys •Document current IS situation •Conduct industry benchmarking •Identify IS industry trends, competitor profiles •Review information needs, data context model •Review business processes, use of applications •Identify high level functional requirements & gaps •Develop IS SWOT, risks, technology opprtunities, business enablers •Develop IS assesment scorecards, rate with team Review & confirm IS situation Review & confirm IS analysis PHASE 2, ANALYSIS PHASE •Develop business application options, recommendations •Develop infrastructure options, recommendations •Developorganizational options, recommendations •Develop IS process options, recommendations Review & confirm recommendations

IS VISION IS PLAN IS PROJECTS Develop IS vision and direction Develop IS Plan Identify IS projects •Develop IS vision, mission •Develop IS goals, strategies •Determine IS balanced scorecard, metrics •Develop business application direction •Develop e-business direction •Develop technical infrastructure direction •Develop organizational direction •Develop IS process direction •Develop prioritization process •Identify IS projects (business applications, infrastructure, organization, & process) •Estimate IS costs •Identify business benefits •Prioritize IS projects Review & confirm IS vision and direction Review & confirm IS plan Review & confirm IS projects & prioritization PHASE 3, DIRECTION PHASE

ROADMAP BUSINESS CASE COMMUNICATION Develop roadmap Develop business case Communicate the plan •Document detailed roadmap •Summarize costs •Summarize organizational impact •Identify risks, concerns, risk mitigation, readliness assesment •Summarize business benefits, business case for action •Develop communication plan, presentation summary •Develop on-going planning process, steering committe •Finalize detailed plan document •Develop summary presentation Review & confirm roadmap Review & confirm business case Present plan, discuss PHASE 4, RECOMMENDATION PHASE

3. Phase 2: Analysis 4. 5. 6. Current Business Situation • Information • Direction • Operating Vision • SWOT Analysis Business/IS Link • IS Implications • Key Business Measures • Key Business Requirements • Business Process Improvements Current IS Situation • Business Application • Technical Infrastructure • Organization • Processes • Budget IS Industry • IS Industry Trends • Manufacturing Industry • Benchmark Statistics • Competitive Profiles IS Assesment • Strengths • Weaknesses • Opportunities • Threats • Scorecard • Survey results • Recommendation PLAN CONTENTS 7. Phase 3: Direction 2. 8. 9. Phase 4: Recommendation Phase 1: Visioning TABLE OF CONTENTS IS High Level Direction • Vision • Mission • Goals • Strategies • Scorecard, Metrics • E-business direction • Prioritization Process IS Direction • Business Application • Technical Infrastructure • Organization • Processes Implementation Plan • Projects • Roadmap • Costs, Investment • Organizational Impact • Business case, Financial Funding Model • Next Steps • Communication Plan • Planning Process 10. Appendix 1. Executive Summary

► The planing process should proceed as quickly as possible. ► The lenght of time affected by: • Depth of plan • Number of individuals interviewed • Involvement of the organization • Focus and priority of the effort PLAN SCHEDULE

More 8 – 10 weeks 10 – 12 weeks 10 – 12 weeks 12 – 16 weeks • Involvement • Focus Less More Less • # Interviewed • Depth of Plan FACTORS IMPACTING SCHEDULE

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