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Published on March 18, 2014

Author: nunezjesus



A general overview of how to implement Puppet in a masterless way.

Masterless Puppet (Decentralised architecture) Jesus Nunez Sydney puppet users group March 2014

who is Jesus Nunez? - Software Engineer - Enjoys continuous process improvement - 15+ year developing software - Have worked for Government, Telco and Finance industry - Puppet enthusiast - Currently helping to automate as much as I can… especially my Job !!!

What makes up Puppet? - Puppet DSL code - Ruby libraries - Execution services => knowledge => engine => trigger

Execution services in Master-node mode for each node { node wakes up every X time master receives node’s signal master compiles node’s catalog master sends instructions to node node applies changes and go to sleep }

Execution services in Masterless mode for each node { remote executor sends command to node node pulls Puppet code from git central repo node compiles catalog node applies changes }

Distributing the knowledge - The Puppet code will be held in each node rather than in a Puppet Master server. - Node local git repo will have the node’s puppet code.

librarian-puppet Ruby library to manage Puppet modules. The Puppetfile has the list of modules to pull from internal or external repos. mod "apt", :git => "git://" mod "my_web_server", :git => "ssh://repos.git.mycompany/infra/my_web_server.git" :ref => “v1.0”

SSH remote execution A remote executor server will trigger on one or more target nodes: 1. Code update via librarian puppet 2. Puppet apply command

How do we get there? - Puppet installed in the nodes (no need for certificate and daemon) - Install remote executor - Remote executor SSH key distribution - ENC file(s) - Puppetfile generator - Puppet modules with Hiera data

ENC file and Puppetfile generation git_repo: ssh:// - web_server_node: &WEB_SERVER - apache: version: "v1.0" ... - mysql: version: "master" ... - auth_node: &AUTH - open_am... - open_idm... - open_dj.. - type: *WEB_SERVER - type: *WEB_SERVER - type: *AUTH Node types Nodes declaration

ENC file and Puppetfile generation # and mod "apache", :git => "ssh://repos.git.mycompany/infra/apache.git", :ref => “v1.0” mod "mysql", :git => "ssh://repos.git.mycompany/infra/mysql.git" # mod "opean_am", :git => "ssh://repos.git.mycompany/infra/open_am.git" :ref => “v1.0” mod ….

Putting it all together Remote Executor Send remote command Git Repo Pull code > Puppetfile generation > Librarian-puppet install/update > Puppet apply command

Multiple Environments DEV Remote Executor Git repo Nodes TEST Remote Executor Git repo Nodes PROD Remote Executor Git repo Nodes

Pros - Distributed processing - Distributed knowledge - No single point of failure - Less moving parts Cons - Reimplement remote execution and/or job scheduling - Reimplement ENC

Remote Executors - Command line - Rundeck - Bamboo - Jenkins


thanks :)

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