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Published on March 13, 2014

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How do you identify if you have a money issue? What is your money type and how does it affect you? We want to help you to find out how you fit and to help you get more financially fit!

Your starting point is about letting others know how much you have. You already play the part of the success story even before you have attained the success. This isn’t a bad thing, at your best you have more energy and the drive to make things happen! If anyone can meet the challenge of gaining control of money by cutting back on nonessentials it’s YOU! You should still to be able to afford SOME luxury items, but you need to learn how to set some to the side for the future to make it

Ostriches define themselves as being baffled, intimidated or embarrassed by money. You believe you’ll always survive even though it’s hard for you to deal with money on a day-to-day basis. You may feel confused or even angry about how you deal with your finances. Possibly even have the state of mind that you can’t learn how to master money But no worries YOU CAN!

Be it from over spending or under funding, you always come up short. Possibly from losing your job and having to spend beyond your limit to survive or to having a shopping habit to have the feeling of security of having stuff. You can work your way out of debt and prove to yourself that you can manage money. Remember: It’s your money, and you deserve to have it work for you, not against you!

You are probably the most financially stable of all the types. You are a person who can cope and are thriving. You are probably doing better than most types we have listed here. You don’t have much of a money crisis, but there is a few things that can make a huge difference. You are well organized, responsible, and focus on stability. You probably have done some retirement planning. But you are stuck a bit in a rut. You aren’t challenging yourself by passing up on opportunities that can better you for the future. While you are financially healthy and happy, you could be a lot more prosperous You are hard workers but maybe need a bit more motivation To make some important changes to make your money work better for you.

You are most likely found gambling around a table, a dream to build a business, or playing the stock market on a margin. When you enter a high-risk deal or playing in a casino, you are more the type person to blast in guns blazing and all or nothing. You tend to get into trouble when you regularly take risks without a safety net and you get a rush from it. You are an awesome candidate to learn how to manage your money better because you Are willing to test limits and roll with your risk-taking impulses. You can do it but what will be hard is learning to limit yourself a little bit and keep your awesome spirit.

Your motivation is fear of loss. Sadly, you are cheating yourself. You have a secret fear of losing everything and believe that you never have enough. When the fear you have is to it’s worst, you will hoard. You fail to see a balanced picture of money opportunities, nor are you willing to understand that you can actually be losing money by not making an attempt to improve your financial situation. Since you are awesome at saving money you need to learn how to invest it safely and smartly.

You can change your money type and how you manage your money very simply, but the first thing you need to do is want to break free from where you are now and become what you aspire to be. Yes it may be a little painful, but like exercising, you are sore in your muscles because you are getting tronger!

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