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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: markowallin



Discussion about modern technologies, bring your own device (BYOD), Generation Y, the new challenges for IT managers and imagining our future workplaces.

1 Master Your Business in the future Cloud meetings, virtual offices, flying desktops? created by Jessibri , MTW, XceptN …JMX team

2 Further information The Project Master Your Business

3 Master Your Business – The project  The project:  12 nations, 18 people, 2 different Fujitsu devices – multifaceted perspectives!  That’s the essence of the brand ambassador program Master Your Business by Fujitsu. Go to to find out more!  The task:  Modern technologies will help us to improve efficiency, personal productivity and the quality and security of our daily business. But they also mean new challenges for IT managers. What will the future look like?

4 Impacts on daily business  Modern workplace technology

5 How modern technologies influence our daily business

6 Influencers  An example: paper post-it bye bye! Welcome virtual post-it ;D  With the advent of smart phones and tablet generation, ever lighter and more powerful, humankind was freed from the bondage of post-it notes.  No more post-it avalanches invading our office, our desk, our message boards, and, sometimes, even ourselves.  With free applications on the Android OS as Google Keep and Gnotes you can create virtual sticky notes, store them in separate folders, add photos, audio, video, colors, alarms and much more.  The virtualization of post has significantly reduced the ecological footprint of our notes ;D

7 How modern technologies influence our daily business

8 Influencers  Mobility  Work is not tied to certain place  Light but still powerful tools always with you  Collaboration tools  Easy to arrange meetings  Saving travel and costs  Ecological  Flex space offices  Flexible space to better support team work and collaboration  Wireless technologies, no need for cables

9 How modern technologies influence our daily business

10 Influencers  Business demand  Reachable  Access business information • PC • Web • Mobile devices  Anytime & anywhere  Calendar & To-Do Lists  Multiple calendars  Team sharing  Meetings • Receive requests • Attend conference/video calls  Arrange tasks & events • Anytime • Anywhere

11 Challenges for IT managers  Modern workplace technology

12 What kind of challenges face IT managers today? Data storage/management SECURITY

13 Challenges  Data security management  Once upon a time: • archives consisted mainly in paper folders stored in huge rooms. To ensure the security of the data was sufficient to monitor these spaces. • employees ran their work on paper and documents rarely came out of the office.  Today: • the archives are mostly digital; documents managed by employees are also predominantly digital and are increasingly managed from a variety of mobile devices. Archives and documents, if not carefully protected by reliable systems, can be subject to attacks from the outside.  With Managed Mobile Fujitsu gives full control over the diverse and geographically dispersed mobile infrastructure, standardizing and easing the management of all the most popular device platforms.

14 What kind of challenges face IT managers today?

15 Challenges  Managing BYOD  Multiple platforms: • Windows, Mac OS X, Linux; iOS, Android, Windows Phone  Ensuring security, reliability and performance  Replacement devices: quickly restore user productivity  Data & information management  Storage: Secure your business critical data  Backups and syncing data between devices  Availability: • Information available whenever & wherever you need

16 What kind of challenges face IT managers today?

17 Challenges  Quality of the experience  Fast network (even with VPN)  10000s of users accessing data  Scalability with high concurrency  Access auditing  Mutually exclusive access  Conflict resolution  Who accesses what  Multiple Platform  PC • Windows • Linux • Mac OS  Tablet/Smartphone • iOS • Android • Windows Mobile

18 Future ways of working  Examples

19 How modern workplaces could look like in the future

20 Future workplaces  Multitouchscreens and holograms  I'm an urban and environmental planner and I often work in team having briefings, working together on a project with the need to show and share the job made.  The best future workplace for me would be characterized by the usage of : • light and thin tablets (A4 dimension); • multitouchscreen-desks and walls where more people could work together; • holograms to see and analyze the projects.  I’m sure such technologies will really improve the way to collaborate and share ideas

21 How modern workplaces could look like in the future

22 22 Future workplaces  Technology shouldn’t feel like technology  More people-centric  Ubiquitous: computers don’t ask us to sit down and pay attention  Holographic projections  Augmented Reality  Wearable Computer  Artificially intelligent operating system  From “telling what to do” to “personal assistant”  Conversational interfaces, voice user interface  Adaptive and context based

23 How modern workplaces could look like in the future

24 Future workplaces  Ultra-light mobile hands-free terminals  e.g. Google Glass, intelligent gloves, no-terminal  Holographic projection  Increased depth of work and interaction  Construction with matter interaction - wearable designs  Houses/offices with smart windows  Extremely wide screens (window size)  Touch & camera based interaction  Voice interaction

25 Further information For further information about modern workplace technologies and solutions please visit: #masteryourbiz

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