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Published on November 28, 2007

Author: Moorehead


Welcome to the Winter Quarterly Partner Briefing :  Welcome to the Winter Quarterly Partner Briefing Agenda :  Agenda Business Overviews: Small Business Specialist Community: Education: State & Local Government Update: Marketing Update: Office Update: Microsoft Dynamics Update: Windows Server R2.0 Update: MSPP: Developer Tools Update: Wrap Up: Business Review SMS&P :  Business Review SMS&P Both NCA SMS&P TEAM:  NCA SMS&P TEAM Business Climate?:  Business Climate? What are you seeing? How was your year end? What is your outlook for 2006 (Q1/Q2)? We were challenged in calendar year (Q3/Q4)? CIO Summit Spring 2006 :  CIO Summit Spring 2006 CIO Summit Spring 2006 Date:                   March 6th – 8th Location:            Redmond campus and Westin Hotel in Bellevue, WA Audience:           Primarily targeted to UMM customers (including EA Prospects, Red Carpet Accounts, current SEM Q3 hot deals) Agenda:              Still in draft but will be in final next week.  Keynotes:  A few penciled in names of Steve Ballmer, Kevin Turner, and Ray Ozzie - these are not final or an exhaustive line-up. Registration:       OPEN now through February 17.  Attendees can register by going to  Must use RSVP code MMCIONCA when Leading Market Intelligence Firm Ranks Microsoft Partner Program at Top of Industry:  Leading Market Intelligence Firm Ranks Microsoft Partner Program at Top of Industry Microsoft recognized for Opportunities and Benefits for Partners IDC, the premier global provider of market intelligence for the information technology industry, has released a report that names the Microsoft Partner Program as the industry leader in strategy and opportunities for partners. See handout of the write-up Microsoft Incentives (  Microsoft Incentives ( FY06 H2 Focus:  FY06 H2 Focus PG2 Execution (Office, IW, BI ) Competitive Wins / Squeeze Plan funds/looking to invest! MS Business Applications (CRM, GP, Axapta etc.) Selling the Stack New Business Marketing (campaigns, road shows, CRM launch, Office, SBS, etc) Pipeline Velocity (moving the pipeline) EPG Business Update :  EPG Business Update Enterprise Business Overview:  Enterprise Business Overview Business Health Customer Satisfaction at higher level (CAS 7%^, GSM 10%^) Business growth trending toward a 25% growth yr over yr Deployment / Adoption – 87% Windows XP, 49% Office 2003 Windows Server Market Share Resources Significant number of additional MSFT resources to leverage Partner Wins could be higher MCS/Premier Penetration ^ Customers Focused on business value of technology solutions Have money to invest not spend Collaboration is the buzz word Want “Trusted Advisor” relationships Office 12 and Vista have very high interest Small Business Specialist Community :  Small Business Specialist Community Small Business Specialist Community: SBSC:  Small Business Specialist Community: SBSC Ask yourself.... Does your company specialize in small business solutions using Microsoft technology? Does your company specialize in Small Business Server, Small Business Accounting, MSCRM, Retail Management System? Is your focus on customers with 50 or less PCs? Small Business Specialist Community: SBSC:  Small Business Specialist Community: SBSC If you answered Yes to any of these questions.... Then you should seriously consider enrolling in the SBSC program. How does SBSC Fit into MSPP?:  How does SBSC Fit into MSPP? Registered Members Certified Gold Cert Small Biz Specialist Partners Competencies A vertical “flavor” cutting across the partner taxonomy Similar to a competency though it scales to Registered Members Shows your focus on Small Business Benefits of SBSC:  Benefits of SBSC Greater exposure to potential customers due to priority listing in the Microsoft Resource Directory Specialized technical and sales training Access to Microsoft for support and resources Marketing tools to help you sell more effectively Use of the Small Business Specialist logo SBSC Logo dress shirts Plus, 25 Partner Points* toward certification when you enroll *See for more info on the Partner Points Five easy steps to enroll:  Five easy steps to enroll Enroll in the Microsoft Partner Program Pass the online Small Business Sales and Marketing Skills Assessment Pass one of two technical exams Technical: 70-282 or 74-134 If you are a registered member, subscribe to either Microsoft Action Pack Enroll as a Small Business Specialist Helpful links:  Helpful links For more information, visit: To enroll, visit: 6 Week Recorded Training Series to Help You Prepare for Exam 70-282 Wide range of trainings and preparation materials available to you at : State & Local Government Adam Wolfe:  State & Local Government Adam Wolfe Public Sector - State & Local Government:  Public Sector - State & Local Government Number of US entities: 88,411* Sales Projections: IT: Expected to increase annually by 6.8% (2003-2008) from $44.8 billion in 2005 to $50.8 billion in 2007 Software: Growing from 8.6% of the budget in 2005 to 9.3% in 2010 Services: Growing from 23.3% of the budget in 2005 to 30.9% in 2010 Top IT challenges: IT resources to manage and deploy projects Financial Integration Cross-agency collaboration IT and infrastructure security Solutions developed for specific industries: Finance and Public Administration Healthcare and Social Services Justice and Public Safety Transportation Industry landscape and the business opportunity * = Source Census Bureau 2002, includes 13K K-12 school districts) Public Sector - State & Local Government :  Public Sector - State & Local Government Adam Wolfe – Field PEM 314-482-7357 Mark Wernet – HQ PEM 800-426-9400 x11857 Steve Burger – Partner Technology Specialist 309-212-0081 Education:  Education Public Sector – K-12:  Public Sector – K-12 Number of US entities*: 121K public & private schools, 15K school districts, 60 MM students and teachers Sales projections: IT Spend: $7.06 B (4.74M is district and 2.32M is e-rate plus) Software $1.52 B; Hardware $2.64B; Staff development: $616 M Microsoft solutions – all can be located at Education Desktop -Learning Essentials for Office, Windows XP, One Note, Microsoft Student 2006, Encarta Academic Online Microsoft Learning Gateway – Integrated portal solution Learning Anytime/Anywhere - Bringing a computer to every student and teacher so they can learn anywhere in any environment (60 M computers) Academic Student Select Licensing The /Education site is the fourth most popular site on Industry landscape and the business opportunity Source = National Center of Education Statistics, 2003 Public Sector – Higher Education:  Public Sector – Higher Education Number of US entities: 4,168; number of employees (faculty and non faculty): 1M; number of students: 23M Sales projections*: IT Spend: $5.15 B Software 1.3 B (biggest growth area); Hardware -$2.4B; Services: 1.2 B Training : 242 million Average IT budget by institution type $727K for 2-year inst. ($154K in SW) $1.37M for 4-years inst. ($345K in SW) Top IT issues Administrative/ERP/Information Systems Infrastructure management E-Learning, distributed teaching and learning Enterprise level portals Industry landscape and the business opportunity Source: MDR, 2005, “The College Technology Review Public Sector – Education Team ( LRA ) :  Public Sector – Education Team ( LRA ) Jeff Olander – Field PEM 314-910-2087 Ben Choi – HQ PEM – MO, KS, TN 800-426-9400 x11376 Heidi Felker – HQ PEM - NE 800-426-9400 x11310 Partner Opportunity in Education:  Partner Opportunity in Education Total Market = $380 B in funding, 17,000 districts, 100,000 schools1 Educational software for 2003 = $900M2 Accountability and Assessment Solutions Marketing :  Marketing Agenda:  Agenda AMM Role Microsoft Incentives website Microsoft Partner Events Marketing Resources AMM Role:  AMM Role A filter and conduit between corporate, region and area Plug into corporate / regional activity Execute area-lead campaigns Support the partners and the field with marketing initiatives What this means to you: Your single point-of-contact for marketing Resources and tools easier to use and access Partner Marketing Community Help me understand your needs / marketing contact (survey) In-person “Marketing Meet & Greet” Monthly call to discuss campaigns, offers, partner needs Quarterly training on tools with marketing contact Current Microsoft Offers:  Current Microsoft Offers 20 current customer promotions and incentives One-stop-shop to learn about and take advantage of current offerings Organized by product groups and lists offer details, dates for purchasing and redemption Find out more through live chat / support call Microsoft Partner Events (MPE):  Microsoft Partner Events (MPE) Must be active Registered, Certified or Gold member of the Microsoft Partner Program to use site Use tool to plan events, manage registrations, content and demo library For stand-alone or with Microsoft events MPE training early February; look for invitation from me and your PAM; marketing contact should attend Keys to Event Success:  Keys to Event Success DEMAND GENERATION! Never assume or think it is enough. Call to action and “next steps” planned Lead follow-up game plan Diligent execution and RELENTLESS follow-through NO LEAD LEFT BEHIND! Top Marketing Resources:  Top Marketing Resources NCA Area Marketing Manager, Cindy Lewis: Microsoft Partner Events: registration, content, event planning Partner Marketing Center: campaign tools, content, resources Marketing Services for Partner: custom collateral content Technical Demonstration Toolkit: Pre-built solution demos MicrosoftIncentives.Com: current customer promotions & incentives Next Steps:  Next Steps Attend next Monthly Partner Call February 17 at 8:30 am CST Complete the marketing survey Note your marketing contact Pass presentation handout to marketing contact Questions & comments: TellSellWin Contest:  TellSellWin Contest Tell! Sell Win! 2.0:  Tell! Sell Win! 2.0 Tell customers about the Office Offers Sell customers on using your services Win cool prizes! Microsoft Dynamics Update:  Microsoft Dynamics Update Agenda:  Agenda Promotions and Incentives Competitive Win/Loss Analysis Resources to help you sell Promotions & Incentives:  Promotions & Incentives 19 Promotions currently available Step up is back!!! ERP & RMS Promotion 20% Rebate on average customer value of total customers added in H2, after reaching 2 more than the same time frame last year Top Partner Rebate Top 150 Partners in incremental revenue growth over H205 New & Existing customers will qualify Top partners will not qualify for Step Up Sage Migration Offer Existing users of qualifying products eligible for $200 - $500 off per seat Customer must have purchased Sage/Peachtree products prior to December 31, 2005 and provide proof of license upon request Competitive Information:  Competitive Information Q1 FY06 Trend Report – Primary Intelligence 30 Wins & 30 Losses in the US Less than 6 month sales cycle Microsoft is often invited to the table due to financial stability Need to prove we are equal to our competitors Need to prove we are different from our competitors Need to prove we are better than our competitors Microsoft Win Rates CRM – 71.4% Solomon – 66.7% Navision – 50% Great Plains – 33.3% Axapta – not included on this study Separate study being conducted as we speak Different customer criteria Different Competition Much longer sales cycle – 12 months or more Why were you seeking a new solution?:  Why were you seeking a new solution? Give customers a better experience Reporting Capabilities Growth Lack of accountability Key Competitors during this research period:  Key Competitors during this research period Sage/Best is the most commonly faced competitor Competed against them 22 times out of 60 Epicor Blackbaud – 75% Win Ratio Front Range – 50% Win Ratio 5 Top Marketing Activities – Influence on purchase decision:  5 Top Marketing Activities – Influence on purchase decision Consultant Recommendation Partner Web Site Article in Industry Publication Vendor Web Site Sales Agent Activity Purchase Process:  Purchase Process Recommendation of vendors to evaluate (need to advertise at the functional level with departmental value propositions) Executive Level Vice-President Level Sr Managers Evaluating the vendors (need to stress the value of the solution not just cost during this phase) C-level Executives Directors Managers Approving the vendor (decision has been made during evaluation phase) Executive Level Why they chose our solution Positive Performance Gaps:  Why they chose our solution Positive Performance Gaps Existing Relationship Familiarity with Microsoft Products Integration with the Microsoft Platform Integration with Outlook Financial viability of company Ability to Customize Technology Scalability Why they didn’t chose our solution Negative Performance Gaps:  Why they didn’t chose our solution Negative Performance Gaps Industry Knowledge Perceived lack of direction for financial systems Implementation time Ease of filling the gaps Solution Costs 2/3 of companies under $10M selected a smaller niche player Sales Pursuit Team Ratings When we lost:  Sales Pursuit Team Ratings When we lost Knowledge of Customers Business / -2.4 Understanding Business Needs / -1.2 Final Presentation / -1.0 Professionalism/Responsiveness/Relationship / +/- 0 Other customer comments…:  Other customer comments… Microsoft doesn’t appear to know their product Customer retention is at risk due to problems with initial implementation When Microsoft lost, 53.4% of the time the competition did not offer a discount Top Influencers on Sales that we can impact together….:  Top Influencers on Sales that we can impact together…. Professionalism of Sales Team Functionality Knowledge Leverage Existing Relationship Future Direction of Microsoft Knowledge of Customer’s Business Solution Cost – Value vs. Price Tactical Actions:  Tactical Actions Promote Microsoft’s stability In a world where companies often disappear, Microsoft is virtually free from that market pressure Take advantage of Microsoft’s ability to Customize Solution can be molded to fit their needs vs. changing to fit the solutions capabilities (Best practices play a large roles here) Improve the perception of Microsoft’s experience Lagged furthest behind in Industry Experience Demo’s must address the company need Familiarize yourself with customer industry & needs Strategic Actions:  Strategic Actions Eliminate the Mystery Share Microsoft’s Plans and Goals Dynamic Messaging Integrated Innovation Improve perception of Professionalism Poor preparations Poor sales tactics Poor Demos Improve Clarity around maintenance and upgrade fees What do fees include Who is first line of contact for support Know ahead of time customer’s business and needs Research customer ahead of time Tailor the presentation vs. generic Specifically show how solution can benefit customer Resources and Next Steps:  Resources and Next Steps Understand you prospects industry and issues Understand your prospects business Review their web site Understand and be prepared to talk about Microsoft's’ Integrated Innovation and Dynamics Positioning Work with your PAM’s to have one of our TS Resources assist you in preparing for you next presentation Customize for your prospects business and needs Practice the Innovated Integration Discussion Demo to Win and Present to Win Frame Work Look for upcoming Readiness Sessions in NCA Microsoft Applied Solution Selling Classes in NCA Slide59:  Manage a single identity across partner, web and UNIX apps Better connectivity, reliability, TCO – up to 50% WAN traffic reduction Better control over storage setup and 10% lower management costs Enterprise Edition & Virtual Server R2: The best value in server virtualization Slide60:  Physical Server Windows Server 2003 R2 Licensing running instances (new model) Windows Server 2003 R2 STD - # of licenses = 5 Windows Server 2003 R2 ENT, # of licenses = 1 Licensing installations (old model) # of Windows Server 2003 R2 licenses = 12 .VHD images containing WS 2003 R2 stored on hard drive License Running Instances versus Installations Include 4 Virtual Instances with Windows Server 2003 R2 EE License permits 1 running physical instance and up to 4 running virtual instances of R2 EE on a physical server To get more than 4 virtual instances, assign multiple R2 EE licenses Windows Server Family Use Rights - Virtualization Windows Server 2003 R2 App App App App Virtual Server Virtual machines running .VHD images on server Windows Server 2003 R2 Windows Server 2003 R2 Windows Server 2003 R2 New Virtual Server 2005 R2 Pricing:  New Virtual Server 2005 R2 Pricing Virtual Server 2003 R2 Standard: $99 (4 CPU) Enterprise: $199 (32 CPU) Virtual Server Host Clustering Now Available Check out link to video on Microsoft Partner Program US Reenrollment Update :  Microsoft Partner Program US Reenrollment Update Agenda:  Agenda US Partner reenrollment status What Partners Need to Know to Successfully Reenroll US Help Resources for Partners US Reenrollment Stat’s:  US Reenrollment Stat’s 83% of the Gold and Certified Partner base has an anniversary date of January 31. Below are the reenrollment metrics for partners who are within their “open enrollment” window. Stat’s as of 1/23/06. Slide65:  Core Program Benefits Based On Your Program Level The Partner Website Presents Benefits by Business Cycle and Type Membership Center Home Displays Benefits Based On Program Level 1. Understand Your Status:  1. Understand Your Status Use the Partner Membership Center to: View Program level? View anniversary date? View Status 2. Earn Partner Points:  2. Earn Partner Points 3. Re-enroll On or Before Your Anniversary Date:  3. Re-enroll On or Before Your Anniversary Date The Re-enrollment Process consists of the following high-level steps: Agree to and sign the legal agreement. Acknowledge / accept your Organization Profile. The partner does have an opportunity to view and update the Organization Profile prior to checking the “I acknowledge” checkbox. If the partner is re-enrolling into Gold or Certified level, then the partner must complete the invoicing process. If the partner is re-enrolling as a Registered Member, they must click the <FINISH RE-ENROLLMENT> button to complete the re-enrollment process. Help Resources:  Help Resources Partner Resource Desk— open-ended, general questions e-mail Phone 1-800-426-9400 Press 1 ► 81797 for Platform, 81792 for MBS Regional Service Center– MSPP-specific questions e-mail Phone 1-800-765-7768 Web Seminar Training MSPP 2006 Changes and Enhancements. View any of several sessions on-demand at Where to Start Re-Enrollment Process Slide70:  Developer Tools Agenda:  Agenda Visual Studio Team Suite Upgrade Promotion Why Visual Studio Team System? Team Foundation Server Update (TFS) Open to Open Value Consolidation Promotion Partner Discount Update Visual Studio Team Suite Upgrade Promotion:  Visual Studio Team Suite Upgrade Promotion Purchase a qualifying Visual Studio Team Suite role by March 31st Upgrade By June 30th Upgrade for the SA Cost Only! Does not apply to open licenses or licenses acquired thru MSPP Team Foundation Server (TFS) Update:  Team Foundation Server (TFS) Update Scheduled to release CY 06 Q1 Estimated Retail Price is $2799 Brings the role based products together and launches our SDLC tool offering Includes Work Items Open to Open Value Consolidation Promotion:  Open to Open Value Consolidation Promotion Licenses purchased thru the open program are not eligible for the Visual Studio Team Suite Upgrade promotion You can merge certain agreements of two or more open licenses into open value agreement Open value licenses are eligible for the upgrade promotion Partner Discount Update:  Partner Discount Update This is a permanent SKU Applies to Empower, Certified and Gold Partners (Registered Not Eligible) Orders no longer have to go thru the partner help desk. You may contact your reseller directly and provider your MSPP number. It must be noted in the comments section for the order. This is approximately a 20% discount Partner Discount Update:  Partner Discount Update Slide78:  Questions??? Slide79:  Wrap Up Partner Award Nominations:  Partner Award Nominations MSUS Field Partner Awards Program Award Consideration Form Submitter: Submitter’s Company/Organization: Submitter’s Contact Info: Email: Phone: City: Award Category (Check one) Teamwork Satisfaction & Experience Loyalty Compete Marketing Excellence Competency Description: Background situation: Business objectives: Solution: Results achieved: Contact if you have any questions. Wrap-up :  Wrap-up Please fill out your evaluations See you in April!!!

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